SIEGE Sideswipe and Optimus Prime

Trucks combo optimus prime 1

After a fairly long delay, Wave 1 SIEGE Sideswipe and Optimus Prime are finally in my hands. These toys turned up super late at retail in Australia (if at all, some places never got Wave 1) but these were online pre-orders and took even longer to arrive, plus I bundled them with other pre-orders to get better overall value. To put things in context, Wave 2 is in stores by the time I got these in hand.

In hand I am so much more impressed with these two than with Hound. While Hound looks great, his legs being easily broken messes did not win him any favors with me. Having transformed Sideswipe and Prime repeatedly this week no parts popped off, nothing warped or nearly broke like with Hound, so I didn’t swear or scream at my toys, or have a ManTantrum like usual.

prime and sideswipe1.JPG

These two toys have a great look and a swell deco. I hate the battle damage oil spray bullshit, but that is easily removed with some isopropyl alcohol and a careful hand.

prime and sideswipe2.JPG

They are mostly enjoyable to transform, although Prime is more fiddly. Sideswipe however is genuinely enjoyable to transform over and over.

optimus prime close up siege.jpg

Up close and personal, both toys have really nice face sculpts and you can see how they have applied some of the design ideas from the MP line to these smaller toys.

sideswipe close up.JPG

Not content to just look good, this is the first Generations line in a long fucking time not to have joints all loosey-goosey.  Not only can they stand up and hold their own weight, but you can pose them like a genuine action figure. No blu-tack under the feet trickery here. It’s a really nice improvement, but really THIS SHOULD BE THE STANDARD, not the exception in  modern toys at any price point.

prime and sideswipe3

Sideswipe hanging out with mate old G1 Sideswipe and they do look good together.

sideswipe and sideswipe 600.JPG

Underneath and things tuck and tab in nicely, quite impressive.

sideswipe and sideswipe3.JPG

How does the new SIEGE Prime stack up in his alt mode?

rig parked badly

Well, it’s a fairly solid alt mode – but it does look a bit bit daft. Classics Prime is still the clear winner for me in truck mode.

prime and prime comparisons.jpg

Piles of Prime in Voyager scale. SIEGE Prime compares nicely to this lot and has the best articulation of all. The Last Knight Voyager Prime has some great articulation too, but doesn’t balance nearly as well – meaning he falls over if you try to actually get a decent pose out of him. Not so with SIEGE Prime.

Prime Time1

Primes and Grimlocks doing what they do with silly oversized swords.

Prime sword

You can never have too many good Prime and Dinobot toys in your collection, and these rascals look pretty cool together.

prime and grims 800.JPG

Striking a pose with some colorful CHUG style toys, and man this Prime fits in great with your Generations collection both official and mixed 3P.

prime and sideswipe4.JPG

Mixing it up on the old shelf and this SIEGE Prime goes well  with just about anything you can throw at him.

get along gang4 best

Back in space truck mode, he’s a nice size. Here he is with G2 Lazer Prime, Beachcomber and Sideswipe.

trucks 4 800.JPG

In the fashionable accessory department Optimus comes with his usual Blaster and a big ass Axe for when he has to ‘Axe You a Question. The sword is from a Last Knight Leader Movie Prime, it’s just on loan from the Baybot for silly photos.

prime axe.JPG

Sideswipe has a gun, and his red missile can peg into the front of it. There is an additional square tab to fit in his top mounted shoulder port, as well as the normal round gun handle. Good to have options.

Additionally there are loads of ports all over the sides of the SIEGE figures, and the bump on Sideswipe’s chest is for attaching the blast effects that come with the small scale weapon toys.

sideswipe gun missile.JPG

No matter what other impressive figures we get in the SIEGE line – I’ve pr-ordered around 2/3 of the whole line including Jetfire and Omega – these two remain mightily impressive.

SIEGE Prime and Sideswipe are EXACTLY what I want from a mainline modern  TF toy. I don’t collect MP, I want something I can mess around with that also doesn’t look shit as many modern mainline toys do.

So great deco, classic timeless look, great articulation and the new higher price point actually feels justified in comparison to the quality dive in Combiner Wars and Titans Returns – which were both great lines, but had serious compromises with hollow bits and lack of paint. Yup, enjoying these toys very much. Can’t wait for the Red Alert redeco of Sideswipe and my leader Magnus and voyager Megatron are due sometime soon too.

Brobot fist bump for the finish.

prime sideswipe fist bump.JPG


Disney Jim Shore Showcase Collection FIGARO MINI STATUE FIGURINE

Figaro Jim Shore Disney Collection1

There I was browsing the wild fields of ebay when I chanced upon a Figaro Figurine – not wanting to resist fine quality alliteration and darn good craftsmanship, I endeavored to purchase such a fine quality collectible comestible.

Figaro Jim Shore Disney Collection2

If you don’t know who this Cute Catty is, allow me to introduce you to Geppetto’s pet cat from the Disney film Pinocchio (1940)


Figaro at first is jealous of Pinocchio and later becomes his friend as all good cats do when given proper care, attention and love.

Figaro 800

The Jim Shore collection is a highly stylized version of Figaro. In the classic Pinocchio film he is mostly drawn in a realistic way with his posture, movement and shitty disapproving, curious, fearful or hungry  looks.

Figaro grid 1 600

I was super excited to get this little cutey. I love cats, dogs, birds and most all kinds of animals really. If you said John, you’ve just won a ba-gillion dollars, what are you going to do? I would open some kind of animal shelter, hire the right kind of people and spend my time walking with and looking after animals and never work another day in my life.

Figaro Jim Shore Disney Collection3

This super-cutey has a unique pattern on his back, which is admittedly not for everyone. The Jim Shore collection (whoever he is, I have literally no idea) walks a fine line between classic animation style and being overly decorative for the fucking sake of it.

Figaro Jim Shore Disney Collection6

I prefer a “clean” look on most animation inspired things, fortunately this cool Figaro figurine walks just the right side of the line that I love it rather than loathe it.

Figaro Jim Shore Disney Collection8

One happy catty, it’s a hard choice now between picking up the white cat from The Aristocats, or the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland in this same collection. Also tempting my wallet is a very nice Disney style Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh.

Cats tend to be stand offish, independent and loyal to those they care for. So I’m very much like a a cat. Treat me well and you’ll have a friend for life, fuck with or mistreat me and it’s scorched earth.

Figaro Jim Shore Disney Collection9

I’m a patient (or persistent?) man, so there is no rush as I alternate from various figure lines such as NECA, Transformers and TMNT as well as timeless classics like Disney memorabilia and comics. I’m grateful to have so many options and such wonderful things to collect. And there is a heap of great Transformers Lore and toy articles coming up in 2019 on this blog.

Disney Talespin and Rescue Rangers Funko Figures – GADGET AND BALOO

King Louie Funko Disney Afternoons 1

Better late than never, I finally picked up Gadget from Rescue Rangers and King Louie from Talespin. For some reason this wave of Funko toys had weird distribution when I looked online at various places. Instead of sellers having all four figures from the wave most only had one or two, and often not even the same two.

So instead of buying all four at one place – I bought two lots of two, from different sellers a month or so apart. I was never a fan of either Talespin or Rescue Rangers – sure I watched a few here and there. But Duck Tales and Darkwing Duck were my favourite Disney shows, these later shows however my younger brother and sister got right into, so I tended to watch some with them.

Rescue Rangers Chip n Dale Gadget Funko Figure 1

The figures are as nice as the others in the line so far and I’m very pleased with them. There was a surprise release also last month of a Houie/Dewey/Louie three pack, but they are the first figures not to be up the to the quality of the others with weird off center eyes, and crazy eyebrow mistakes that have me thinking I will pass on them and use the smaller previous Funko versions of the nephews as stand ins. I’m usually pretty forgiving in figure flaws, but not so much with the new Nephew figures.

King Louie and Gadget figure2

Both of these latest figures have very basic but appropriate articulation. The legs move, but if you move them they will tip over, so really it’s all about the arms and head.

King Louie and Gadget figure3

Gadget comes with a small wrench. While a great looking figure – I never liked this character and found her pretty annoying in the show.

From the back and Louie is the stand out for me in these two. His colors, clothing and personality just shine through. I can smell a crummy deal going down already. Gadget’s tail is decent and you can see they painted her headband/goggles properly front and back.

King Louie and Gadget figure4

Louie is just such a mischievous character. I love how him and Baloo were reused from the old Jungle Book movie and it makes them more like actors (such as Mickey Mouse) appearing in different productions for the house of mouse.

King Louie and Gadget figure5

Lining up Gadget with her cohorts and they really do look fantastic. While not perfect – they have a super nice deco and paint finish that gives an authentic toon look that I  love. On the shelf they just have so much charm.

Rescue Rangers Chip n Dale Gadget Funko Figure 2

A bit of ducking and diving, dodging and weaving, wheeling and dealing Disney style with King Louie and Baloo. You know trouble is around the corner whenever these two get together.

King Louie and Baloo talespin figures

Some people have complained about the size of the figures. My response is “REALLY???” We get small budget price great looking basic figures of some beloved cartoon characters and you want to complain about size? I really don’t know what they are on about. I mean, do people want Baloo to be as big as an actual bear? He’s a cartoon. He’s not real.

Baloo doesn’t need to scale with anything as he’s neither a tank, nor a model ship. Yes he’s bigger in the show, but this is not a line of highly detailed 10 or 12″ scale toys. It’s a line of mini-figures where the biggest ones are never going to be that big. You know that going in. So it’s a silly and baseless complaint in my book.

rescue rangers s.JPG

I don’t know what other characters are around the corner, but my #1 right now is Monty from Rescue Rangers. While I didn’t care for the show a whole lot, I do love that character and hope to see him in the next possible wave.

Rescue Rangers character chart

On the Talespin side of things the choices are a bit more obvious for future toys. Baloo’s friends and family, plus the baddies. So far we have had no bad guys / villains in this line, but I do hope the figures sell enough to justify making some other side characters. Shere Kahn and any of the sky pirates are other obvious choices to make.

talespin characters1