The Grossery Gang was a toyline from Moose Toys that followed on from their previous Trash Pack line. The main line was rubber Shopkins style miniature weirdos that came in blindbags and multi-packs.

grossery gang toy range1

The additional spin off line (of Grossery Gang) was these semi-articulated figures and a few small vehicles and mini-playsets. Unfortunately the later waves never made it onto any store shelves in Perth, some may have been in other states, but Perth being the ass end of the world (and a wonderful place thank you….) it’s pretty typical – the first couple of waves shelf warmed and went nowhere.

grossery gang box art promo imagery123

Adding brand confusion if you walked into a typical chain store here when these toys were released you would see a flood of blind bagged miniatures from a dozen different companies, many jumping on the Shopkins bandwagon that sold well to younger kids, but had played out by the time other companies crapped out their various clone products.

The Grossery Gang articulated figures were cheap around $10-15 AUD each, but a higher price point than the rubber multipack miniatures, not such an impulse buy in a floating aisle for the parents.

The Grossery figures may have an appeal to adult fans of say vintage Ninja Turtles, Toxic Crusaders, Mighty Max and other gross out weirdly detailed toys, but most adults don’t buy figures and if they do – it’s the icons like Star Wars and Marvel etc. Leaving the kids with the budget priced rubber miniatures, and not enough units moving on the semi-articulated figures to have kept the series going.

grossery gang donut homer simpson

Homaging the gross out disgusto brightly colored toys of the late eighties and early nineties – and more specifically the old Mattel Food Fighters line, the bigger Grossery Gang figures here clearly did not move enough units, with most of the later waves only turning up online and typically scalped on release at double or triple retail price, or just were not available at all. A shame.


With the line a bit of a failure and a year or two on – not being able to pick up any of the later wave toys whatsoever, now is a good a time as any to take a quick look at the early releases that I picked up here in Perth.

grossery gang vac attack fugitoid tmnt

I don’t really care for food themed toys in general, that part did not appeal to me at all. What did appeal to me was the day-glo colors in a non glossy finish combined with the disgusting, oozing putrid elements that made the Playmates Toxic Crusaders and Ninja Turtles lines so great.


Speaking of Playmates toys, that is where my Grossery Gang figures live, amongst my various lines of Turtle stuff.

meat sweats tmnt grossery gang

One of the stand outs is this disgusting pizza themed dude, it’s like something out of a Ninja Turtles’ nightmare, the pizza that tries to eat you.


Of the limited range of mostly excellent vehicles I picked up the Garbage Truck and a Motorbike. The garbage truck fits surprisingly well with Playmates style figures. The gimmicks are great with two side doors that open, a raising fork with skip and a level platform thing on the back, plus the front canopy opens to put small figures inside, and of course the wheels roll freely.

grossery gang garbage truck ninja turtles

The motorbike is rather excellent with slime green, bright purple, orange, black, silver and grey colors and a carry box on the back with opening lid.

Grossery gang bike 1

I repurposed it again for Playmates figures, Bebop is a bit big for it but…

grossery hog wild1

Fishface from the NICK Turtles line fits on their great, and his colors match the bike pretty well.

Kind of wish I had picked up a second one, as now these are double to triple price on ebay from the usual fuckwits who picked things up on clearance and never seem to actually sell anything on their shitty scalper ebay stores, and try to artificially jack the price up on cheap items, ignoring actual sold price listings.


This little vac dude is one of the bad guys apparently. There is some sort of story with a short animation that was on Youtube as a tie in, and some sort of phone app bullshit for the kids that I have never looked at.


This trash gutter mouthed weirdo is pretty cool. Is he eating the trash or vomiting it up? I don’t know, but I dig the slimy mutant colors and disgusting details.


A big crowd of mutated idiots mixing it up.

grossery gang vs ninja turtles

This tar baby looking chewing gum fella is pretty cool.


I had a barrel of slime around and took some pictures with him that turned out to be a fun bit of mucking about.

slime timer tar baby

Missing at the moment is this Banada dude, he’s around somewhere but damned if I know where. Luckily I had an old photo of him, as I forgot I even had the figure seeing as it’s been missing for months, no doubt in a storage tub somewhere.

casey jones green bat1 banana grossery gang

Currently my disgusting putrid trash pals live on my TMNT plasyset/backdrop and they fit in just fine.


The other stand out figure is that fly guy, possibly my favorite of this lovable munch bunch.


Wish I had bought several of the fly dude as minions, he is such a great little putrid pustule of a figure.

fly guy1 grossery gang figure baxter

That about does ‘er. I don’t know about you, but It’s good to know the Grossery Gang is out there, takin’ er easy for all us sinners.

YOUSE BUMS bebop scumbug grossery gang splinter


mickey mouse xmas mug1

December is here once again. I’d like to say it’s hotter than the sun here in Perth, but that status is typically reserved for January.

First up is a festive seasonal mug the Mrs found featuring Micket Mouse. WHAT? No, MICKEY Mouse, he doesn’t have rickets for fucks sake.

Next is some Beast Wars 90’s era reissues that I passed on at full RRP earlier in the year (super expensive here) but on sale I said “yes please” as they were more in line with other standard TF price points. Plus the gift card I got may have had something to do with persuading me.

beast wars ressiues 1

Primal, Megatron, Cheetor and Rattrap are very nice reissues. I’ve never owned the originals, but am familiar with them from various review videos and toy galleries, plus seeing them in stores back in the day.

beast wars reissues cheetor rattrap

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’d have to go with Optimus Primal being the stand out toy in both bot and alt mode. Megatron is nice in his dino mode, but his robot made is rather lacking and does not balance well. I can imagine kids back in the day immediately losing half the bits that come with or pop off of Megatron.

megatron dinosaur vs optimus primal gorilla

Picked up a couple of movie Joe ninjas to use as generic goons with say Marvel Legends or whatever. For xmas from the Mrs I got Dinobot Slag and evil future Hulk Maestro, who is not the classic 90’s Maestro, but another future variant from a different timeline in the modern comics who travels to the mainline MCU and fights Old Man Logan. Which is where he will live in my collection.

beast wars reissues 2021 joe maestro slug slag transformers

Grumpier Old Men is the theme here.

logan vs banner1

You can never have too many generic ninjas, so I picked up the sale goons to use with say Daredevil, Wolverine, Deadpool etc.

deadpool vs ninjas boot to face triple1

From ebay I picked up Trans-Metal Rattrap, when I got the reissue ratty boy, thought it would be fun to get  a shot of those two with the Kindgom version. All three have their strengths and weaknesses. The Transmetal one is just epic in alt mode while the vintage reissue has the best robot mode and I love these meeces to pieces.

rat traps comparison

From Popcultcha online I decided to have a go at the Devy Reaction minifigure to chuck on the wall, and it is super nice. I may get some more of the same line.

devastator super 7 minfigure

In the local shops I picked up this Jazwares Articuno figure that has full articulation, a super sturdy stand and the kind of quality deco and style you typically get on the mega Tomy style or Plamo figures. I had no idea the line existed, so far there are four figures in the line and they all look and pose great.

articuno figure jazwares unboxed pokemon

Some more xmas gifts from the Mrs included a Mando Mug, pocket LCD Pac-Man and the McFucko Joker I missed at retail a couple months back.

joker mcfarlane1

Another sale bargain was this Power Rangers Sphinx dude who was like 1/4 the price online. Super nice figure that they totally cheaped out on when it came to the paint, but he’s still fairly nice and super hulk heavy in hand.

mighty morphin king sphinx hasbro figure

Couple more sale bargains, picked up a 2nd and 3rd bird man dude from Power Rangers, and the Mrs got me the Koala and Kangaroo families she knew I was after.

sylvanian families koala kangaroo aussie australian animals

Better late than never, still catching up on this years NECA TMNT releases with Super Shredder 2.0 (diff darker deco) and Chromedome. Both are lovely and freakishly tall heavy figures that I adore.

neca super shredder chrome dome tmnt B

Up at the local shops I picked up some more sale bargains, put them on layby (lay away), sold some shit then picked them up about a week later – being these 3 Jurassic dorks who are very nice toys from Mattel.

The Mrs found me a second Mickey Christmas themed mug, and a Soup Nazi mug from Seinfeld that is yes, real and spectacular.

jurassic park world dinosaur mattel toys mickey mouse mug

That’s it for December, a crazy month of bargains on sale and bonus xmas toys that left me in toy haul overload.



Generation Two was a Transformers toyline mainly known for the American relaunch of the Transformers toyline and media with new logos, branding and hyper stylized color shemes, the line ran from 1992-1995.

g2 logo1

The Generation 2 line and branding was somewhat of a failure, ending prematurely with various toys scheduled for release never actually being released, and under performance of products at retail, with many old units of stock sitting around for years afterward or ending up in clearance bins.

In Europe, things were a little different, as following the 1989/1990 mainline TF toy releases Europe continued with its own ongoing unique lines year to year while Transformers were considered dead in America for several years.

1993 Side 2 transformers uk catalog generation two 2

Part of the relaunched line was a truly horrible re-editing of the original Transformers Sunbow/Marvel 80’s cartoon that replaced the cool intros and iconic theme tune with ADVERTIZING FOOTAGE created for the G2 toys, in fairly crappy (even for the time) three dimensional limited animation.

It was a garbage show barely watched by anybody, and forgotten as reruns of the original show came back around the world in various countries for many years, mostly wiping the craptacular G2 re-edit show run from our collective memory.

g2 opening sequence transformers 3d animated

The G2 branded media line also included a short but memorable Marvel Comics Transformers Generation 2 run, that included some crossover issues with the Marvel G.I. Joe comic where Cobra are the ones who help Megatron reformat himself into the new green tank mode, after being heavily damaged in his original mode.

megatron optimus prime cobra commander g2 transformers marvel comic 1a

The comics were good fun, and the only place where we got any clue as to why Megatron was a tank now (shhhh, don’t mention toy gun laws, NOTHING to do with it……)


I remember seeing the various G2 themed toys on shelves back when I was a kid, and honestly not having any interest in the toys. To be fair, I was more likely to spend what little pocket money I had then on arcade games and comic books, rather than toys.

megatron attack g2 megatron

One of the most notorious and well known of the relaunched G2 line toys was the big green Megatron Tank that had lights and sound. It was a popular enough toy, but so many units were made and sat around for years on shelves unsold that I saw myself back then in multiple stores. The line just did not move the sort of numbers they did in the mid eighties.


The Generations Selects Tank Megatron here is a very nice toy. I like it better than the standard release Earthrise Megatron mold that was used as its basis. It’s a decent quality toy that happily checks the “homage to G2” box, while being fun to mess about with.

megatron transformers uk generation two poster insert marvel cropped megs only

The Green Selects Megatron was the most obvious choice for a G2 Megatron, but was the *second* release – after a very surprising release of a formerly concepted and prototyped G2 white camo Megatron that was never actually released in the 1990s.

The white /grey Megatron used the SIEGE Megatron mold, while the green and purple version used the Earthrise mold. Both are fairly nice. I may still pick up the white camo version at some point. The white tank was made into a test shot for catalog photos, but was never available at retail.

combat Hero megatron concept prototype G2 generations select

The original Generation Two 90’s Big Green Fuck Off Tank Megatron was repurposed in several ways.

Shrunk down for the purple water squirting version, unreleased but making into proto and test shot versions in catalogs for the Green/Grey camo version, and also notably released as new character – Megastorm – for the Japanese anime Beast Wars Second, where he fueded with and constantly tried to win favor with his older brother, the purple dragon triple changing Galvatron.

Both Megastorm and Galvatron were lunatics and Beast Wars Second is a terribly fun all ages show.

beast wars second ii megastorm panel grid1

I would happily have bought another redo of the Earthrise G2 Selects Megatron in the Combat Hero purple camo colors. It’s lovably daft and to die for, but sadly we didn’t get one this time around.

G2 combat megatron purple variant transformers

To the people who moan “I prefer Megatron as a Gun, actually” I retort

A tank is a BIG FUCKING GUN on wheels mate, get over yourself”

The next toy on the Homage-o-Rama fun run is a Gen Selects G2 themed Ramjet. This one has the classic aqua/purple/black con color scheme used on various uber cool bad ass bots back in the day. And sometimes on 90’s sneakers or wind breakers.


Ramjet is exactly the same as the Siege/Earthrise Coneheads, just in new fabulous colors and worth picking up in my book.

In addition to the *two* Generation Two Megatrons released in recent years, (actually…. 3! Titans Return had a shit version of the purple deco that was rubbish) there was also another unmade concept bot from the 90s, the Conehead/Seeker repaint called Sandstorm in a wicked desert camo pattern.

megatron g2 homage titans siege earthrise transformers generation two

I missed this first Gen Selects Sandstorm release unfortunately and every time it was online the price was outrageous. Originally I wanted this particular Selects deco, but the purple/aqua version won out for being available, not a totally shit price and it fits better with the Megatron and Bruticus I already had.

g2 transformers sandstorm jet concept generations select

My only other modern G2 homage is Bruticus from a few years back in the Combiner Wars toyline. My one is a KO/replica, but a fairly decent one that actually poses and stands a bit better than *any* of the three official CW Bruticus toys I have owned.

Why I owned three other CW Bruti-cusses (Brutici), well FOUR including a KO of that original deco too… is a tale for another day. A boring tale that shall never be revealed.


The tale of Fruiticus however… is one of pain and frustration.

I had a few old G2 90’s toys back in the day. Those damn pack in catalogs made me want a Combiner (hell, ANY complete combiner) so bad. I could never afford to buy the things as a kid, but an old friend gave me the big lot you see below, missing parts and such, but functional.

transformers g1 g2 random bots

Between you and me I actually shoplifted (and got caught) trying to get some more Combaticons for a bloody combiner. Not my best day.

“Those who act with few desires are calm, without worry or fear” – Buddhist Quote on Desire

I owned a few random Generation Two bots in the nineties, but they were loose incomplete second hand, missing parts and I never had any of the complete gestalts / combiners – so I mostly gave away this old pile around 2005.

Which works out well as the bloke who gave these to me (except Blot) when he had enough of them was a true blessing. I went from owning three Transformers ever to… well – that lot!

lazers transformers1

Generation Two was a crazy color rich demented line of day glo and alt camo patterened weird frightening colors on the shelf that were sometimes odd and ugly, occasionally beautiful with an over reliance on multiple gimmicks like color change, missiles, water squirters and more.

g2 jazzdd

But in context looking back was part of a trend in the early to mid nineties of bright gaudy colors that reached out into various toy lines including G.I Joe, Ninja Turtles, Toxic Crusaders, weird sneakers, T-shirts and tragically ludicrous fashion like color change Hyper Colors T-shirts. Where it started and why I don’t know, but  it was a very real trend for several years in clothing, toys and popular media.

1990s starter kit shoes shirt jacket

European Generation One toys continued in the nineties, with the first super bright and colorful toys that would lead into the Generation Two style appearing in Europe and later being rebranded as part of G2 for American releases featuring minimal new sculpts with the line mostly made up of repainted G1 toys.

1993 Side 1 transformers uk catalog generation two 2

The American G2 line mixed many redecos of classic Generation One bots along with new sculpts just for the line, as well as the previous Euro only early 90’s releases that became G2 for america, but were technically Euro-G1 re-releases.

slag g2 dinobot transformers

When Generation 2 played out, the following year we got the Beast Wars show and toyline. Beast Wars ran for four seasons (retitled Beast Machines for S4) and spawned two additional Japanese only anime shows Beast Wars Second and Beast Wars Neo, each with their own respective toyline. The Beast Wars show won awards and was much more succesful in the toy ailses and on television than the somewhat botched uninspired G2 line.

g2 grimlock seibetron gallery 1abc

The legacy of Generation 2 is the odd nod to toys past using a modern sculpt, and of course every line has its fans with the unpopularity of G2 toys making them somewhat hard to get hold of, where once they may have been cheap prices have soared for anything released pre-2000 with “Transformers” slapped on it. Making modern homages very desirable, and more affordable.


megatron transformers uk generation two poster insert marvel 3200

For more on G2, check out these great blog posts over at The Dragon Fortress that I found while looking up various details for this article.

the dragon fortress neon 90s bruticus transformers g2


G2 Sandstorm concept and official stock photography from

G2 Dinobot Slag image

G2 Grimlock image