Godzilla vs Godzilla vs Kong PART#2

godzilla playmates toy figure 2020 5

With Kong Mania in full swing around my joint, I managed to sell some more crap and go Back… to the Kmart! –  To pick me up some Gojira toys in the same line.

godzilla playmates toy figure 2020 3

2004 Godzilla is  the medium large chap with a classic look, and the toy I wanted the most in this line.

godzilla playmates toy figure 2020 2

The Large blue scaled light up version with the Zilla vs Kong movie look was also  too tempting to pass up.

a godzilla playmates toy figure 2020

In the same week I picked up an older modern Bandai version of mecha-godzilla, that I thought was the same size as the 2004 one when I ordered it. Guess not.  It’s made of a soft vinyl material rather than harder PVC and was very over priced, but it looks great so I’m not going to send it back.

godzilla playmates toy figure 2020 4

The big zilla and Kong both have light up eyes and several cool roaring movie sounds that are surprisingly good.

godzilla playmates toy figure 2020 6

Big ‘n Beefy Zilla styling and profiling.

godzilla playmates toy figure 2020 7

Is there is a flaw in these toys it is the ass ugly inescacapable screw and battery covers which stand out as they made no effort to hide the seams.

godzilla playmates toy figure 2020 8

The sequential light up tail and eye gimmick is very nice and quite bright.

godzilla playmates toy figure 2020 9

From snout to tail the big Godzilla is about 14″ long and 13″ tall, here he is with a toy biz era 6″ Spidey.

spidey 6 inch godzilla 2020 13 inch

Facing off with old and angry Kong, sure the movie was shit – but the animated bits were good and we got some cool non-shit tie in movee toys, so quit ‘yer complaining!

godzilla playmates toy figure 2020 10

The 2004 box labelled Godzilla had a nice classic look to him, mainly his face/head is different to the more rounder headed OG Godzilla in the Showa era.

godzilla playmates toy figure 2020 12

When I think of a generic timeless Godzilla, this is what I get in my minds eye, rarely if ever do we remember the truly early version of an iconic character like Batman, Superman, Astro Boy or Godzilla. We remember the amalgamation of the most popular iconic versions that have fused together in the pop culture lexicon.

godzilla playmates toy figure 2020 13

One more look at that light up scale tail gimmick, and damn it looks good.

godzilla playmates toy figure 2020 14

That’s it for a brief look at these Playmates release Godzilla toys from Bandai molds. Until next time, don’t go wrecking no metropolitan cities or laser’in up your enemies.

For PART#1 where I look at the kick ass Mega Punching Kong , click over here

momthra 300

…unless you want to to run and hide like a Mom-Thra, why not take a look?

Godzilla vs Kong ‘MEGA Punching Kong’ Toy “HAIL TO THE KING, BABY!”


blaster blasting at ya z

I recently picked up the Hasbro reissue of Blaster from Amazon, and the Takara reissue of Twincast from a collector friend locally.

blaster g1 reissue 2020 box front

The box on Blaster has the looks, but the cardboard is SUPER-thin, like too thin so prone to warping, tearing or being damaged in the mail.

On the front – the classic toy based art – and more on the back with one of the wonderful murals that littered the back of G1 boxes and really enticed your imagination with a world of excitement.

blaster g1 reissue 2020 box rear

On the sides of the boxes, some nice product shots that show off the toys. Note here the top flap on the Blaster box can’t even hold it’s own weight, so just sitting there it’s already causing a small tear and detoriating. The Takara box has normal thickness cardboard, the creases are from handling.

blaster g1 reissue box side broadcast

On the top of the boxes a nice visual of how to transform the toys. Well more an idea of it, it is not terribly helpful, and you could break the handle doing it that way.

broadcast g1 reissue box front top blaster

Out of the box, and this is the most pristine, complete, non broken Blaster I have ever had the fortune to own. As you can see I have several Blasters, from my childhood junker that was broken and second hand when I got it, to a more recent less damaged one I got just a few years ago.

blaster g1 reissue 2020 tapedeck boombox mode front

On the rear we can see Blaster’s telltale ears that are snapped off on the majority of vintage ones. Mainly as the design flaw has them hanging out past the edge of his back, if you lay the toy down vigorously or dropped it – snap goes those ears.D

blaster g1 reissue 2020 tapedeck boombox mode rear

A comparison with my Takara reissue Soundwave (I also have  a vintage Soundwave that I’m giving away now to a mate) and Titans Returns Blaster in front with his boom box mode.

blaster g1 reissue 2020 tapedeck boombox mode front soundwave titans

Up close with the reissue on left, and the typical vintage sticker wear and broken ears on the right. I didn’ break them, but received it like that.

blaster reissue vs vintage blaster broken ears

The other fail point on Blaster is the handle, often snapped or entirely absent on vintage ones, you can see on the new one (left) how it hangs down if you don’t fold it in, now imagine a kid running around with or dropping that. Goodbye handle!

blaster reissue vs vintage blaster broken handle

A wide shot with reissues in bot mode, two vintage blasters in the rear, titan blaster in front and a vintage cassette. The lion dude whose name I forget but I’ve had for about 25 years. The outer tape cover I think is from some other reissue, or might have been a spare with my reissue Soundwave perhaps.

blaster blasting at ya 4r

Out of sight, and standing up to fight, Blaster and Twincast with their gorgeous non-faded color schemes and no floppy joints or sticker wear. It’s the first time I’m seeing these things in person despite still owning my childhood beater since about 1987-88.

blaster and broadcast in the house1

Ready to jam or pop ‘n lock at any time, these thumping beats ain’t no crime.

blaster and broadcast in the house2

There are many fan pictures online of large toys holding Blaster or sitting him on their shoulder boom box style. So I had to try it before I give one of these Blasters away to a friend. The main one from my collection is being replaced by the reissue. I’d like to keep it, but hey let’s share the wealth I always say.

blaster blasting at ya 3 800

A quick look at Twincast’s box, his two tape buddies are recolors of Ravage and the Lion dude, who now has tiger stripes. Actually it’s the reverse if I pay attention to the box art. Black lion, orange Ravage, don’t ask me why he’s brown on the box art. These two will get their own article when I get all my tapebots together for some photos.

broadcast g1 reissue box front takara

On the rear of the box, Headmasters era art along with Horrorcons and Monsterbots. The revised legal mumbo jumbo sadly blocks out the bottom of the art, including the mighty Scorponok bottom left. But I have a big glossy hardcover book with all the box art anyhow, plus you can always find high quality scans of majority G1 vintage box art over at

Botch the Crab

to enjoy or download. Click on any image (at the link) to see them full screen.

broadcast g1 reissue box rear takara

There we go, much better, now you can see the art that was hiding under all that ugly text.

box_battle_87 visit botch the crab website

For a follow up I guess I better do a quick article on Blaster and Twincasts appearances in animation.

That’s it for this brief look at my reissue Blaster and Twincast.

Godzilla vs Kong ‘MEGA Punching Kong’ Toy “HAIL TO THE KING, BABY!”

kong c

This week I sold something old so I could pick up something new. In this case the Mega Punching Kong from the recent Godzilla vs Kong toyline.

I passed by the first wave of toys from this line and didn’t care for them at all. I found most of the sculpts bland and boring and dismissed it as another crap movie tie in line.

kong box 1

Later I looked up the full line on Youtube and saw that some of the toys are Playmates reissues of older BANDAI figures, meaning not complete and total crap, but still nothing grabbed my interest.kong a

Fast forward a few months and whether it’s a second wave or refresh of these toys, more were in store at my local Kmart. I noticed one of the Kongs had a much nicer head/face than the more vanilla release from months back, he also had a bigger, beefier muscular body.

kong faces12

This older skull island looking Kong face (he looks older, meaner and angrier than the smaller vanilla version) grabbed my interest.

kong b

I went back a couple weeks later and picked up the mega punching kong, they had at least two other variants in this 13″ height that I did not care for and some different Godzillas.

kong c

Hopefully I can sell some more crap this week and go back next week and pick up the movie version of Godzilla with the glowy blue scales from the VS movie, which I watched over the weekend after picking up this sweet Kong toy.

kong d

The Kong vs Godzilla modern movie had some awesome sequences in it, the human scenes and dialog were total garbage as was the story, so I fast forwarded over ANY scenes that did not have Kong or Zilla in them, easily cutting out at least 30 mins of the movie.

kong e

I busted out my Trexes for some fun photos with this movie Kong, and it was a good bit of fun. His size goes quite well with them, and when I get around to buying another full size shelf, he will be displayed with these two and whatever Godzilla I end up buying also.

kong f

The features are fairly decent with a waist twist gimmick not unlike a power punch He-Man, glowing red eyes, several nice angry roaring sounds, and his arms are quite well articulated, while his lower body does not move except for the feet. His jaw has basic articulation allowing it be open or closed.

kong g

The solid lower body is a boon for balance as it makes him VERY stable no matter how you pose him. I am glad they did not put any stupid knees into it. Below is King Kong with a 6″ Spider-Man for scale. Kong stands around 13″ tall and is fairly heavy. His fur is sculpted all over, while his colors are bland, it would suit a customizer well for a paint job etc – there is plenty of detail there.

spidey kong

I’ve been wanting a cheap decent size Kong for several years, and this fills that collection gap for me nicely. Next I am going to pick up the 6″ classic original movie Kong from NECA, as I have the same size OG 6″ NECA Godzilla to go with him, and never got around to buying that smaller Kong last year.

kong dino roar

I took many more photos in a sequence with two T-rexes attacking Kong, making for a fun “unboxing”, the rexes and Kong tearing his constraints apart in the process, below is just perhaps 1/2 the pictures in sequence. I had them wrestle for a bit too, because you don’t fuck with the King, baby.

kong unboxing 123

Overall I am very pleased with this budget priced Mega Punching Kong. It’s a proper toy that you can give to a kid, and it still fits in nice on a display shelf for older simian movie lovers such as myself