xmen animated book spiderman legends motu masters horde rhino heman skeletor toys

With loads of various toy pick ups this month let’s get cracking.

First up is the new legends Lizard and a JADA Creature from the Black Lagoon. I was pleasantly surprised by both figures that turned out great. The jada monster figures in particular have excellent paint and details, and retail at yesterdays prices compared to every other 6″ line on the market.

lizard legends creature black lagoon

Out of package these mean greenies are both excellent figures.

lizard legends creature black lagoon d

Another legend pick up was Rhino, and a Masterverse Mossman.

rhino legends marvel mossman masterverse motu

Couple more random things, Studio Series Wheelie and a bayala Schleich winged lion.

wheelie studio series bayala winged lion

I don’t like Wheelie at all, but you gotta have him in your movie figure cast. So here he is on the can, demonstrating how good a posable figure he is.

wheelies studio series on a toilet transformers

Super 7 time with Lion-O (Version 2 apparently?) and Mumm-Ra with Ma-Mutt.  I was surprised how big Mumm-Ra was, at nearly 9″ tall and very wide and stocky. Lovely lovely figures.

lion o mumm ra super 7 inch figure

More Legends and some Origins with two horde troopers and the renew your vows Spider-Man and Spinerret.horder troopers marvel legends spiderman spinneret

On the shelf I put my various Spider-Folk together. Still missing a 90’s style Scarlet Spider and no original Spider Woman.

spider man legends figures on shelf

This x-cellent X-Men Animated Series coffee table book was released end of last year, and is now on sale at a better price. It’s a fantastic book I look forward to devouring while I rewatch the entire run of the show this year.

xmen animated coffee table book 90s

Grabbed an Usagi Yojimbo saga book 2 volume on sale. Never read much Usagi and still deciding if I want more volumes. 

usagi trade yojmbo

More Origins with Kane, Mantenna, Pig-Head, 2002 Heman/Skeletor, another Horde Trooper and mini-comics deco Beastman. Plus Evil Lynn from Masterverse was on sale online.

kane mantenna pig man evil lyn motu masters heman skeletor horde beastman figures sept 2022

Still more Origins as this was officially He-Man month around these parts. Also Masterverse Triklops.

horder troopers flying fists heman skeletor masterverse origins

Filmation Mattel Classics Mantenna, Grizzlor and Modulok I picked up loose complete on ebay for a very reasonable price. I love their deco and look so much.

filmation classics modulok grizzlor mantenna

CLASSICS Star Sisters – also from the same ebay seller who gave me a really good deal on these three.

motu classics star sisters figure mattel

Out of package Battle Armor He-Man, Flying Fists He-man and Terror Claws Skeletor, plus Orko robot from the CGI kids show.

origins haul out of box

Clip and save these cool bits of art on the cards I say.

origins cart art

More card backs and figures unboxed from Motu Origins.

origins out of package

The mini comic page and profile art for KANE is very cool.


I started putting some of the card backs on the wall, and may take down my poster and fill up that space with the other saved He-Man card backs.

motu origins card art on wall

Got my Masterverse and recent first ever CLASSICS figures from the last month or so out of the tub just to them all together. I also had just received BOW from the Classics line bottom left there.


Spare parts on some recent He-Mans lead to this comical startled face head birthing the legend of Toilet Man.

comedy heman2

After the Mattel Creations Grizzlor fiasco this month – where they didn’t even mention they were going to allow international shipping, or that they made too few that sold out instantly and the next ones are a year away – most of which were bought out by scalpers – I picked up a vintage one from a fellow collector rather than not have any Grizzlor ever in my Origins collection.

I would still like an Origins Grizzlor, but I sure as fuck am not paying some scalper $150 AUD for a retail $20-30 figure.


Getting crowded in Eternia, but I would not have it any other way. Until next time, that’s it for this months toy haul.eternia crowd 800

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