big n beefy brigade marvel

First off the block this month is head of the Big ‘n Beefy Brigade – movie Legends Iron Monger. Overpriced and out of luck, I picked up this bad boy on sale as no way in hell was I paying the full price on this figure with wonderful details but utterly lacking in paint. Time to give the old Toy Biz Monger Man the heave ho.

monger monger

Next up some Pokedudes from the local store, and a Red Hulk from Red China. The Hulk was another stupid bloody Target USA exclusive and not sold internationally (if you don’t count the DOZENS of them scalped on ebay the week of release and for months afterwards.

1/3 the price, all the accessories from China and it’s great to finally have Red Hulk Ross in the collection, he is one of the few modern Marvel characters I really wanted, as I enjoyed Red Hulk’s brief comic run and time in the Avengers.

red hulk legends pikachu pokemon

Couple more Pokemon being the Gold/Silver starters that I have wanted figures of for many years. With new ones out in adundance could not resist grabbing all three.


Next up a Tech Deck build your own skate park pack. Seen these around for ages in stores and kept meaning to pick some up to go with my various Ninja Turtles figures, grabbed a couple on sale and very impressed with them. Great build quality and love the simple modular design.


A bit of Pikachude


And Mike getting in some skate time, great modular sets that fit together however you want them to.


Couple of DC grabs this month after I sold some old toys and picked up local JLA movie Supes and The Batman unmasked Catwoman – who looks derpy as fuck in the package but out of package is a good looking toy that poses well.


The Batman Bat-bike eluded me for a month as online stock was delayed, and then finally turned up in certain stores in abundance so was able to sell some more old crap, and buy more new crap.


Origins single card Skeletor was on sale, so picked up another to go with the various alt heads I have around here bringing the total to…SDC19319

Four Skeletor bodies… and six heads (including the Keldor head)


Over on the “what’s new this month shelf….” The Batman Batman is there, and also the new Transformers Generations Percy who is stunning and damn near pefect, and picked up an Extreme Dinosaur dude.

Never had any Extreme Dinos or Street Sharks as a kid, I would have been too old by the time they came out as a teenager to care and more interested in superhero comics and video games. But my younger Sister did have some Street Sharks and they were (and are) very cool fun toys. Also bottom left a little Army man I found while walking in the park.


Possibly my most anticapted toy of the year (due out ironically about a year and a bit ago) is Super 7 Rocksteady. It’s cheaper to grab the whole wave than individual figures, and with Bebop and Rock now here, I have the two essential figures I wanted from the line, everything else is a nice optional bonus.


Metal head is fairly decent with loads of accessories, but sadly does not have the light piped eyes on either head,and his gold color paint is a bit flat in person, and he can’t pose for crap just like the Super 7 core Turtles. The stand outs in this line are every figure BUT the turtles themselves.


Of all the April figures ever made from the vintage line up till today, I think the S7 one is genuinely the best April figure ever made. That is not saying much given how utterly horrible most April sculpts have been across every line in existence.  A genuinely nice sculpt and three decent head options with different hair color tones.


On the shelf and Super 7 Bebop and Rock tower over these other mutant goons.


On the what else is new this month shelf Red Hulk, JLA movie Superman and The Batman on his freshly unboxed bike.


The Red Hulk, Supes and Batman all look great and I’m very grateful to add them to the collection.

on the shelf red hulk etc

That’s it for Astonishing April.

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