Another Monstrous Month down the hatch, let’s take a look at what this fool done catched!

First up is Power of the Primes Optimal Optimus, some old stock on a website for a toy that I never saw at physical retail.SDC16188

Originally I had no real interest in Optimal Optimus, but having bought it to go with my other new Beast Wars Kingdom toys, I am SURE glad I did. In reviews what was obvious was everything missing from it that was present in the original version. In hand, it’s surprisingly impressive and fun to mess about with, and just overall a very beautiful unique toy.

Next off the block, guaranteed to shock is Beast Wars DINOBOT, who is easily the most aesthetically pleasing of all the Kingdom Beast Wars toys, and has a head sculpt that must be seen in hand to be truly appreciated.SDC16185

From parts well known, about to be shown… Macho Man Randy Savage and Studio Series 86 Grimlock. Macho Man is a totally average figure in quality and build, but the presentation and look is just stunning. Grimlock is still a tad small in his dino mode, but his robot mode scales very nicely with the SIEGE line of G1 style bots, finally fitting in with Bee, Ironhide, Optimus etc instead of being too small like most other versions.cats

Filling out my MOTU Origins shelf, a second Zuru dragon – this time in red. A giant ass toy that looks fantastic at a super budget price.

zuru red dragon1

More for the MOTU lot, the Land Shark arrived in style. So much style that Amazon stuffed up and sent me two of the damn things so I moved the other one on to another local collector.SDC16425

On the shelf I have my blue dragon to the left and the new addition fire red on the right, and the Land shark down there too why not.


On the “I can’t believe it’s Not Mando” bandwagon, another Mandalorian, the Katee Sackhoff version of Bo Katarn. Great looking figure and they did an excellent job with the Katee Sackhoff likeness.


Better late than never is this silly Dark Knights Metal bone bike thing – it’s utterly lovably stupid and it finally turned up quite a few months later after being delayed at the start of the year.


I picked up the Splinter/Baxter Neca toon TMNT pack, it had been out for a while but not a priority. Kind of silly when I have the four Turtles, Shredder, Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady, but was missing Splinter. This figure is the first time ever for a toon accurate Splinter figure. A bit of unfinished business for sure for TMNT collectors.


Picked up my first ever Super 7 figure, a freaking HUGE Bebop done in the style of the vintage toys, but with loads of articulation. I chucked him for now with some NECA toon stuff on the top of this area, but later he will be in a dedicated TMNT figure display area.

neca toon on shelf

FUNKO make a whole lot of crap, and a few odd curios. I picked up these old stock of Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero and Scorpion done in the bow-legged vintage MOTU style. These are notoriously fragile and not recommended. Apparently the legs snap off REALLY easily. I was very careful with them and added them into my MOTU Origins display.


Last but not least is this super cool very large talking mario with cloth overalls. It makes a bunch of sound effects and says a few phrases, and was a gift this month from my wife-to-be for my birthday. I didn’t even know it existed and I love it to bits, it’s very nice and from JAKKS Pacific who also make the Mario minifigures.


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