stridor marvel legends motu spiderman

Another month, another toy haul. With Marvel Legends arriving super late as usual, it was nice to pick up a Sensational Spider-Ben, and Spider-Armor. Also appearing the mystic Dr Strange and spider-goons Shocker and Hobgoblin in their 90s toon decos and card backs.

My favorite toy of the month by far is the new Origins Stridor who comes with a fantastic well balanced stand, allowing him to be posed on all four legs or rearing up on his hind legs. It’s a simple toy with just a few articulated improvements but in hand is very nice and displays well.

stridor on shelf1

New Pokemon are out in force with multiple recent releases across the various lines, sizes and price points. I picked up a Gastly who come with a mini clear stand that really needs to be glued on as he keeps falling off. Grabbed the last posable Charizard from the local shops.

gassy charizard

This recent Pokemon Select line of articulated figures on sturdy stands is off to a great start, and I look forward to more releases in the line.

charizard posable jazzwares1

Picked up a Ponyta (Alolan?) variant that is quite nice.

ponyta pokemon

After a good six months of nay being able to buy any MOTU Origins found some second hand on ebay loose for around RRP. Buzz-Off, Ram-Man and Jitsu.

buzz off ram man motu origins heman

Jitsu is my favorite of the three, and I hope to pick up Fisto next month online.

stinkor origins jitsu masters heman

Having no intention nor interest in seeing The Batman in cinemas, a friend wanted to go and I went with him. I found the movie to be surprisingly good, and the next day picked up a Robat and a Riddler. Still after the modern motorcyle and unmasked Catwoman that hopefully I will find online next month as none are in stores.

the batman mcfarlane riddler figures

Arriving about two years later than people predicted and wanted, is a modern classic CHUG Blaster in the Kingdom line, and a restock of the Diamond Immortal Hulk meant I picked up that figure I missed out on last year on first release. Grabbed Titanium  Man whom I know nothing about just because he is big, cool and menacing and can fight my other Legends.

hulk blaster titanium man

Not being content with the recent WW2 era Red Skull in the green jumpsuit, I’ve been looking on ebay for a while to get this older release with Skull in more modern clothing and Hydra logos on the shoulders.

blaster red skull

Out of the packaging and Titanium Man is very imposing. I have no idea how tall he is meant to be in armor in the comics, and I don’t care. He looks cool and it is a quality figure.

iron man diamond dude

Also out of packet the Diamond Hulk standing next to a Legends Maestro and Riddler, putting the mean and green on your screen.


The final piece I picked up this month was another Bluey set with various mini-figures and playset pieces that can go on their own or mix it up with other Bluey set displays.


That’s it for the March Toy Haul.

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