It’s been a while between toy haul posts, so I’m rounding up the recent months into couple of brief posts to catch up. First up…

The Rock Says…buy my damn DVD combo pack, if you know what is good for your roody-poo candy ass!

Bought on ebay and 4 DVD sets repacked into some kind of cardboard slip thing. A bunch of random rock DVDs and a Wrestlemania where he fought Hogan for the first (or 2nd?) time.

Also picked up some Owen Hart and Bret Hart best of hart of Gold DVDs, good viewing any day of the week after an days honest work.

Next is best of WCW Monday Nitro volume #2. The other volumes have gone mental in price on ebay. I can watch them for nothing on my streaming subscription, but that does not effect the price of over inflated bullshit ebay dvd prices.

Next is some of the best of Royal Rumble DVD sets I picked up on ebay, I have Volumes I, II and III and will pick up volume IV soon. I have been enjoying the fuck out of these each night after work.


Picked up a Mattel Ultimate Hulk Hogan figure, and it’s damn nice with the classic look, alternate heads and accessories. We pay a god damned fortune for these in Australia, but I am glad to have it.

In the “will they ever make another fucking one” Marvel Legends list is Ghost Rider. Sure, they have made a bunch of them, but secondary market prices have prevented me from buying a Ghost Rider for around six years. For cheap re-bucked bullshit figure that are overpriced to BEGIN with, Marvel Legends hold some out fucking rageous prices on the secondary market that are often higher than fucking vintage toys of any era.

Finally, for part#1 of this toy haul round up is my Sailor Moon Blu-Ray box set that was just released for the first time at the end of 2022, or beginning of 2023 (depending on Where in Fuck in the The World You Live). It outclasses the former DVD box sets in value and superb picture quality with excellent dual audio english and japanese sound. Easily my purchase of the year, and I’m super happy to have it, as the redubbed show is unparalled par excellence.

Couple of shots of the what is in the Blu Ray Sailor Moon Box set.

The slip cover is nice, and the recent aussie BIG W release of Bandai Sailor Moon movie static figures will be in my next post. The art cards from MADMAN are a nice bonus.

That is it for part#1 of my 2023 Toy Haul. The next post will be up very soon.

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