Time again this month to rejoice in the wonder of toys shiny and new.

Megatron Elita 1 netflix

First up it’s Elita-1 and shineitude Netflix Megatron that my Mrs gifted me at Christmas time. Both are pretty slick, but the backpack on Elita-1 is just terrible.

Moving along it’s giant sized plush Pikachu and another Transformer who need not be named nor introduced.

Pikachu prime optimus pokemon transformers netflix

In the “found it by accident” department hastily stuffed into some floating aisle cardboard thing, the very nice new Pokemon Battle Figures for Pangoro and Arcanine.


I searched for a good month hoping to find these with nothing showing up anywhere, then literally a whole pile of just these two in one store.

pokemon battle figure arcanine shelf

Straight outta Japan, some more Pokemon crap. Quality crap, thank you. Lugia model kit and that red legendary dude from Pokemon Ruby.


In the same HLJ package I got the little koala dude in from the mainline minis, and Meganium from the Pokemon Scale World line, who is easily my favorite of the Poke-haul I got from Hobbylink Japan this month.


Another Pokemon Plamo kit I picked up was this really cool sparkly deer dude, I have no idea of the name as it’s not in english and I only really know the name of the first couple of generations of Pokemon. The kits are very nice and have the typical quality of Bandai.


I hate putting model kits together even simple ones for kids, I find it incredibly nerve wracking due to my anxiety issues, and sometimes I break parts while trying to assemble them. Eventually I get them done, and once completed I glue on any of the looser bits so they won’t pop off once on display.

pokemon plammo shiny deer kit

At one of my semi-local stores they had some new Jurassic Park / Jurassic World stuff and I picked up Siats Meekerorum, who is just a fantastic figure.


Hopefully I can pick up other sweet dinos before they sell. There are so many in this line now and most of them are damn good.

kara jones sample3

I found most (well…all) of the Avengers Endgame Marvel Legends at a local store, but then the next day two of them sold before I could put them on a payment plan. So I had to find the two missing ones elsewhere.  A month went by and finally I got a good deal on the ones I was missing, completed the wave, built the gold armor Thanos and sold that cheap as I didn’t want it.

I’ve kept this Black Panther as my movie version, and put the spare unmasked head on the other older figure  I already had with his royal tunic thing with gold trim.

black panther legends bugbyte generations

Bugbyte is a nice Generations Select figure, but I decided day #1 I don’t want to keep it so it’s already on the sale pile. I wanted a redeco of VW Bee, but what we got was a white Cliffjumper with a Bee head, which is not too appealing as the VW alt mode is the best in the line so far for minibots.

its good to be the king of wakanda black panther

Another Gen Select that I was supposed to pick up ages back where I pre-ordered it at EB Games – Generation 2 Megatron. I’m very pleased with this figure, he works as G2 Megatron and he also works as a Beast Wars Second figure for fans of that shows comical second in command character.

megatron g2 generations selects

Couple more Legends, couple more McFarlane DC stuff. Punisher in camo was a figure I missed out on early in 2020, but they did another run so I was happy to pick him up. Batman is easily my favorite of the various McFarlane Batman’s so far. The earlier Arkham version was total crap, this new one is improved in nearly every way. The McFarlane Batman still can’t pose for shit, but at least it looks good.

marvel legends punisher camo batman arkham knight mcfarlane

Deathstroke looks decent, but nothing special – I’m a little disapointed in how vanilla he is, and the lack of weapons is just crap. Kingpin I am pleasantly surprised with, a really cool figure, that I will likely pair with Daredevil at some point (even though he started as a Spidey villain).

mcfarlane deathstroke kingpin legends

The Punisher figure looks great as is, and that second head can certainly be put to use in a one man never ending war on crime

punisher war machine marvel legends

While on a MOTU Origins kick, and still waiting two months on some silly non-delivered Amazon Origins figures, I decided to pick up a couple of the Funko DC Primal Age line. If you don’t know what it is, it’s DC characters done in the style of classic squat legged buff He-Man 80’s figures. Almost no articulation but decent sculpts and accessories. Most of them I think look bloody awful, but I do like the Mr Freeze who kicks ass on my ice dragon.

mr freeze

The Joker Beast mount is very nice. Zero articulation on the limbs, but it looks the part of a giant purple looking Goanna Dewback reptile thing. You can put any of the classic stlye MOTU figures on it fine, such as Origins Skeletor here. The saddle is removable too if you just want a giant beast without a rider.

skeletor joker beast motu origins mattel funko

While at the local shops picking up an order, I found some more Pokemon Plamo model kits. I was super stoked to find these as while they are double the prices of the one from Japan, I can get them now and make them on the weekend, and don’t have to pay shipping and wait for several weeks.

ho oh lucario riolo pokemon plamo kits bandai

Over on the “whatever” shelf I’ve put the Aristocats set of Disney miniatures the Mrs got me recently. A very nice set and perhaps my favorite so far of any in this long running line.


Also in the same series of plsatic miniatures, 101 Dalmations. You don’t even have to be a Disney fan to enjoy these lovely display pieces, they are just great looking dogs any animal lover can appreciate.

101 dalmations disney miniatures pvc set

That’s it for January, more articles up soon. Until then beware the Undead and don’t do anything Ash wouldn’t do…

ashy slashy 800

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