First up in this toy haul is a lovely small dino and a sale price CGI Skeletor figure.

A Studio Series Ironhide / movie version and my second one after the first one shipped was broken in package due to some manufacturing defect in the shoulder joint.

Lio Convoy who looks beautiful and a JADA diecast Jurassic Jeep.

Picked up this heavy metal doll stand that can hold even larger figures like Optimus Primal, Hulk or even bigger DIAMOND Select figs.

Don’t go and crumble it’s time for best of the Royal Rumble. 1988-2002. With vol#4 on the way.

Masterverse Skeletor and Origins Skeletor comparing with the little CGI fella.

Tokka and Rahzar by NECA from TMNT II: Secret of the Ooze. It was around 2-3 years ago these were released, only in America and NECA stopped selling their products in Australia. So there was way too much overstock, that people kept buying and putting on ebay for $300 and upward. Even after all this time they don’t sell at that ludicrous ebay price. Luckily some overstock had been selling out of China, on Ali Express. In the original packaging, at NORMAL retail.

I’m so gratefeul to finally have these figures, as of all possible Turtle movie figures, I have wanted representations of these two since I was a kid, more than anything else from those movies.

Couple of Zurg bots got on sale for half price. A nice size to converted into X-Men Sentinels if I can get an alternate head down the track. Just need to find someone who can 3-D print a right size head for them.

The JADA diecast small stack of vehicles is getting higher. They look so nice in the box I figure leave them in there for now.


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