I’m Going to Eat Your Brains Kids – TMNT’s WYRM Playmates Figure

wyrm vs scumbug tmnt playmates toys action figure.JPG

Wyrm in package front playmates card art.jpg

One thing I love about the original Playmates TMNT toyline is the card backing art. The figures came in the usual blister pack – and behind the figure on the shelf we get all sorts of cool illustrations and bursts of color that would grab your attention in the toy aisle.

I really miss this old packaging -which had an average of three illustrations of the featured character on the front side of the card behind the figure, sometimes fighting another character while showing off the often bizarre accessories.

The wicked Wyrm – or just Wyrm – is a flatworm and truly one of the most disgusting character toys in the vintage Playmates TMNT line along with Muckman, Mutagen Man and Pizza Face.

wyrm front view playmates.JPG

Wyrm’s face and jaw are partly comical and part scary, and his colors are just outrageously gaudy in the best possible way.

Tilt his head back, and that jaw opens up (to munch on worms) and he looks downright frightening. His colors are a weird mix bright and gaudy blue, purple, green and yellow. It’s like they wanted to make something really disgusting, but still make it appealing to young kids with the weird color scheme.

wyrm mouth open playmates tmnt.JPG

Over in the Archie comics he was yellow, and rather fierce looking. He had a sort of vendetta with Scumbug in that he tried to eat him, but Scumbug disagreed with that menu plan.

Wyrm archie appearance yellow 1

He appeared in issue #10 of Archie’s TMNT Adventures, the cover I remember vividly to this day as it was one of the first ever ninja turtles comics I owned as a kid, and it’s still one of my favorite covers out of the whole run. For whatever reason it’s done in a Kaiju / Godzilla style with Wyrm and Scumbug appearing as giants smashing up the city and the Turtles trapped in the middle looking shocked and helpless.

scumbug vs wyrm tmnt adventures archie cover

Hey dude, stop trying to eat me!

wyrm wants to eat scumbug.jpg

The main visual differences from Wyrm the toy and animation model (he never actually appeared in the show, just toy commercials) to the Archie comics versions are the yellow color and his tail. The Archie version has a proper tail, while the figure has a weird tentacle leg and no tail, and of course the strange colors. Both versions have the bug out eyes, but the yellow comics version has a very Giger alien like extra mouth/tongue that can extend from his mouth to eat or impale things.

wyrm tentacle leg tmnt.JPG

The comic version of Wyrm turned up fighting Scumbug again in issue #52 on the cover and in the middle of the book in a big fight with a new character as well as Scumbug. Wyrm manages to be even more disgusting, and seems to have taken on some secondary mutation where he appears as lots of tiny flatworms that merge into one big one.

wyrm still wants to eat scumbug tmnt adventures.jpg

I find the Archie yellow version to be more threatening, while the toon version looks like he would fit in well with the Toxic Crusaders. Both looks I really enjoy, I’m glad we get the nutty cartoon/toy version AND the more threatening Giger Alien-like flesh eating comic version.

barrel of wyrm.JPG

Wyrm’s accessories (around here somewhere) are a bunch of weird random junk with cool names. The grossest is a bunch of small worms that go in his mouth for him to eat.

I’ve never seen Wyrm out of package before, I picked him up from another toy collector here in West Australia along with a couple other figures, and a Turtle Cycle. I was going to do a post on the turtle cycle, but I gave that away to yet another local collector who wanted it more than I did.

The other action feature Wyrm has is his bug out eyes, they move only a little. But it’s ca ool feature that doesn’t interfere with the figure in any way, and enhances it for me in just the right way, making him even more disgusting.

wyrm tmnt eyes bug out of head.JPG

While looking up other classic Playmates toys from this line, I found this wicked fan art by John Decampos playing up the old rivalry of Wyrm vs Scumbug, he’s done a bunch of other amazing TMNT related art, check out the link below.



Scumbug vs Wyrm by John DeCampos


Wyrm packaging image https://tmnt-ninjaturtles.com/figures/playmates-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-1988-1992-wyrm/


TMNT Mega Construx Classic Party Wagon [PART#2 of 2]

april shredder mikey tmnt mega bloks construx1 1500

So the Party Wagon is now complete, let’s take a look at what it can do and the mini-figures.


The Turtle Van comes with April, Mike and toon Shredder. We get two nunchuks, two turtle-coms, three figure bases and a news camera, plus two instruction books of course.

april shredder mikey tmnt mega bloks construx1

Don’t they look lovely?

april shredder mikey tmnt mega bloks construx1 figure

Flipping the figures over, Mike has a metal shell and Shredder had a nice soft cloth cape. Shredder’s arm blades and bits looks pretty damn good.
april shredder mikey tmnt mega bloks construx1 rear figure

The Party Wagon is ready to roll. The wheels are on, the flip up doors and roof are all now attached.

april shredder mikey tmnt mega bloks construx1 party wagon

The front of the wagon looks stylish – that iconic sneering turtle mouth, the headlight eyes and sewer grate on the front, love it!

green machine 1500

From top down we can see the fold out doors, and a whole lotta green on this mean machine

party wagon front mega bloks 88

One side has the main sidedoor that folds down, you can have a figure here, or stash stuff inside the van. Also check out those cool roof missile things, or whatever the heck they are, plus that red thing spins around.

party wagon front mega bloks55

On the opposite side is the gunner/missile pod door that swings open sideways rather than vertically.

party wagon interior front 1

Mike is locked and loaded. Figures don’t fit so well here, bit fiddly – but once you clamp their little Lego style hand on the missile thing, they stay there just fine. Don’t let Shredder drive you fools!

party wagon mega bloks mikey side door gun

The rear two doors open up showing off the console inside, spare missile on the wall and a storage rack for Mike’s skateboard. I hope that pizza’s still fresh.

party wagon mega bloks rear doors

With the roof off, can see inside and there is a good amount of space and a cool console plus a radar thing with blips.

party wagon mega bloks interior rear

The monitor tells us who some of those blips are, while on the right side monitor it’s Ace Duck. A nice little bit of detail that I really appreciate.

party wagon mega bloks interior rear ace duck

With the roof back on, here you can see those doors in the halfway positions.

party wagon mega bloks side door closed

And down goes the side door. It works pretty well.

party wagon mega bloks side door red

The roof and front section clip and can easily be removed. The wheels roll really well and the main reason to take off the roof is to set up your figures inside the vehicle.

party wagon roof off top view mega bloks shredder april mike 22

This is the same picture below, but without the flash so you can see the natural colors a bit better.

party wagon roof off top view mega bloks shredder april mike

Smile Shred-Head, you’re on Channel Six Live News

party wagon shredder gets shredder

Escaping in style, nobody shreds like the Shredder


With this Classic Party Wagon set done, I’ve still got more stuff to build, and a shelf to organise.

party wagon box front mega bloks.JPG

Rocksteady’s Out of the Shadows tank arrived in the post today , this one I grabbed from Target Australia Online, nice! That’ll give me something else to build on my days off from work.

tanks a bunch1

tanks a bunch2

TMNT CLASSIC PARTY WAGON Mega Construx Set [PART #1 of 2]

party wagon front box mega construx

Party on Don! Party on Mike!

The Mega Construx Party Wagon or just plain old “Turtle Van” has arrived from Amazon.

Picked up a bunch more rubbish….er toys and can’t wait to build em all.

mega bloks construx tmnt despicable me lootz

The box is ridiculously big, one of those ones clearly made to look good on a shelf and appeal to  kids and parents as the contents take up maybe like half of the interior of the box.

The rear of the box shows some cool photos and gives you a good idea how awesome it will be when the build is done and then the party never stops I guess. The box was a real pain to get open without ripping it to pieces (even with a knife).  A pain for those of us that like to keep the boxes.

party wagon rear box mega construx

I dumped out the contents onto my bed while watching Avengers Age of Ultron, which runs for at least two hours or so. But then it finished and I got halfway through Baby Driver…….

party wagon box mega construx contents build

…and I was still not finished. But I did get most of the way there.  It was a race against the clock as I had to go to work in the afternoon.  A couple times during the build some stuff smashed/collapsed.

The two rear walls of the van are very fragile as they fall over easily. Once you get the roof on it’s not so bad, but still a bit iffy and not as structurally sound as other sets or Lego vehicles I built last week like the blue van and yellow van on the sides below.

party wagon turtle van tmnt mega construx 800

Next I’ve gotta finish the side doors. I built the roof, back section and clip on front section, but realized part of the build had gone wrong and had to pull several parts out again as I had put them in the wrong orientation (door clips were facing the wrong direction).

Very fiddly and not fun as bits go flying everywhere when you try to carefully take it apart. Oh well, hopefully will get it finished today, then I’ve gotta reorganize the shelf so things make sense again.

party wagon mega construx tmnt ninja turtles.JPG