menasor skull 1

With 2023 here already and 2022 on the back burner, time for a New Year, Old Year, Good Year, Care Bear, Pear Square, Voltaire, Swissaire Toy Haul.

First up a couple of bots in the hood with Dead End and Studio Series Hot Rod.

transformers studio series

Grabbed a Transmetal Legacy Megatron on sale and was suprised at how decent it turned out.

megatron beast 12

Dug out my old RID Build King, which I have never combined before just to mess about with it.

build king

Another sale deal Legacy Motormaster at nearly half price and thankfully no  yellowed plastic or damaged in box from manufacturing / defect plastic as was on many of the units produced.

legacy menasor 1

With my old shithouse Menasor making way for one a bit less shit, time to sell the old Combiner Wars ones on ebay, while I wait on my final bot to arrive on the Legacy one this year. Got my XTB bots in bot mode as I never completed that one, but it all works out. The XTBs make nice Voyager scale robots to go with my other Decepticons.

menasor 11

Picked up Bee Movie Ravage at half price on sale. The full RRP price of AUD $20 was garbage.

ravage bee movie toy

Red Robin on sale, meaning after prices hikes it’s basically the price of a toy from early last year.

red robin

Catching up on my Beast Wars with Tarantulas. A surprisingly nice figure.

tarantulas beast wars

Couple of new Marvel Legends with the What If wave Red Skull who fits in best on my movie figure shelf, and a new Ghost Rider. Been after a GR for years and this one is decent.

red skull ghost rider

Traded in my old model AOA Apocalypse at “ebay your toys now ya bastard” and picked up the new release same buck version in early 90’s toon/comics deco.


More Fist on the North Star volumes arrived, and I read all of V1-5 over a couple sessions in the back yard summer heat sitting in the shade sipping on cider or whisky while body parts exploded.

fist north star manga

New big ass Lugia figure found at the local shops that I love to pieces. In the Pokemon Select range that comes with nice display bases in a large scale  with basic articulation. apparently I got the X-Men Beast reissue as there he is on the side there. He had to clear the way last month to get the Christmas decorations out.

lugia 1

Found a nice Water Pokemon display base/stand at the shops. Bit overpriced, but  a quality piece that looks great on the shelf.

poke mon select water pokemon

The water Pokemon back on the shelf go down a treat.

water pokemon on shelf

Also in the last month or so picked me up some more wrestlers.

Ultimate Macho Man in early 90s outfit, with a basic Undertaker to use for the alt heads that came with my other Ultimate Undertaker.

macho taker

Couple of stone cold southern wrestler classics with Dusty Roads and the King, Jerry Lawler.

rasslers f

Finally found a ring at Target for RRP. Everywhere online was selling these for 2-3 times the price. It’s just a fucking plastic square you scalping morons.

ring 1

Unboxed my recent wrestlers pick ups with Dusty, The King, Mankind / Austin two pack and The Giant / Flair two pack. Great figures and at yesterdays prices as these are older figures bought new online from a retailer with plenty of inventory.

rasslers group photo mattel big show giant dusty flair austin king mankind

That’s it for this months toy haul. Apart from this 90’s Extreme Dinosaurs bike I picked up. You can use it for whatever pleases you. As long as it’s something green and mean.

hulk bike gang1


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