Godzilla vs Kong ‘MEGA Punching Kong’ Toy “HAIL TO THE KING, BABY!”

kong c

This week I sold something old so I could pick up something new. In this case the Mega Punching Kong from the recent Godzilla vs Kong toyline.

I passed by the first wave of toys from this line and didn’t care for them at all. I found most of the sculpts bland and boring and dismissed it as another crap movie tie in line.

kong box 1

Later I looked up the full line on Youtube and saw that some of the toys are Playmates reissues of older BANDAI figures, meaning not complete and total crap, but still nothing grabbed my interest.kong a

Fast forward a few months and whether it’s a second wave or refresh of these toys, more were in store at my local Kmart. I noticed one of the Kongs had a much nicer head/face than the more vanilla release from months back, he also had a bigger, beefier muscular body.

kong faces12

This older skull island looking Kong face (he looks older, meaner and angrier than the smaller vanilla version) grabbed my interest.

kong b

I went back a couple weeks later and picked up the mega punching kong, they had at least two other variants in this 13″ height that I did not care for and some different Godzillas.

kong c

Hopefully I can sell some more crap this week and go back next week and pick up the movie version of Godzilla with the glowy blue scales from the VS movie, which I watched over the weekend after picking up this sweet Kong toy.

kong d

The Kong vs Godzilla modern movie had some awesome sequences in it, the human scenes and dialog were total garbage as was the story, so I fast forwarded over ANY scenes that did not have Kong or Zilla in them, easily cutting out at least 30 mins of the movie.

kong e

I busted out my Trexes for some fun photos with this movie Kong, and it was a good bit of fun. His size goes quite well with them, and when I get around to buying another full size shelf, he will be displayed with these two and whatever Godzilla I end up buying also.

kong f

The features are fairly decent with a waist twist gimmick not unlike a power punch He-Man, glowing red eyes, several nice angry roaring sounds, and his arms are quite well articulated, while his lower body does not move except for the feet. His jaw has basic articulation allowing it be open or closed.

kong g

The solid lower body is a boon for balance as it makes him VERY stable no matter how you pose him. I am glad they did not put any stupid knees into it. Below is King Kong with a 6″ Spider-Man for scale. Kong stands around 13″ tall and is fairly heavy. His fur is sculpted all over, while his colors are bland, it would suit a customizer well for a paint job etc – there is plenty of detail there.

spidey kong

I’ve been wanting a cheap decent size Kong for several years, and this fills that collection gap for me nicely. Next I am going to pick up the 6″ classic original movie Kong from NECA, as I have the same size OG 6″ NECA Godzilla to go with him, and never got around to buying that smaller Kong last year.

kong dino roar

I took many more photos in a sequence with two T-rexes attacking Kong, making for a fun “unboxing”, the rexes and Kong tearing his constraints apart in the process, below is just perhaps 1/2 the pictures in sequence. I had them wrestle for a bit too, because you don’t fuck with the King, baby.

kong unboxing 123

Overall I am very pleased with this budget priced Mega Punching Kong. It’s a proper toy that you can give to a kid, and it still fits in nice on a display shelf for older simian movie lovers such as myself

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