muppets megazord rhinox hand ninja pokemon raichu fozzie kermit

Another monthly round up – the toys are piling up  I’m wading around hip deep in plastic and trying not to trip over action figures and tubs about the place.

Not really.

As far as you know.

A while back amazon au listed the Seeker Earthrise two pack with no actual ETA. To my surprise they actually shipped it and didn’t can it like they typically do with various erroneous listings. It’s great to finally have these two, and they are gorgeous figures in person fully deserving of their own post next week.

hasbro seekers two pack siege skywarp thundercracker

Picked me up a JW Spinosaurus on sale, one of the nicest dinos around in my opinion. I also grabbed some more Poke-mans and got the NECA TMNT Frogs set B from online.

spinosaurus pokemon neca frogs

Enjoying the heck out of the Kingdom Beast Wars toys, I picked up the Shadow Panther redeco, totally going against what I said I would not do a year ago (no beast wars, no non-core character redecos, no lint on the towels, no more poke-corpses in the yard).

shadow panther kingdom beast wars transformers

Having missed my amazon window on the pre-order for Dies-in-one-Movie-Fast-Guy, managed to pick up another one elsewhere, and then my local shops randomly had some old stock of the red Hand Ninja from out the back, they had them out 2-3 times previously, but moved them aside for newer boring ML shelfwarmers that are still there now. God damn it man, put OUT the good stuff! Stop hiding it fucking local shops!!!

quicksilver red ninja marvel legends

We never got Magneto and his rascal kids in the Marvel movies due to the Marvel / FOX movie divide, but that don’t stop me from putting them where they belong on the shelf. If they ever release the FOX Quicksilver with that American Horror Story Kid I’ll pick him up too as he was WAY COOLER than charlie-dies-too-soon.

magneto quicksilver scarlet witch marvel legends

Another online order I picked up was the Hasbro Zeo Megazord.

It’s a big ass figure that doesn’t pose too well, don’t combine and really it does jack shit, and Jack just left town.

It just stands there and it is not worth even half the asking price.

Even on sale……. a bad deal. I don’t regret it, but it’s woefully inadequate, very soft cheap plastic and mediocre in every way. It does look nice however the only saving grace.

power rangers megazord zeo hasbro figure

Inside the box you get a sword and five different helmets, plus the groin piece. The colors and paint are nice for once – on a hasbro product, who are typically allergic to spending more than ten cents on paint per year……. I bet those tight asses at Casa Del Haz-bro scrape the paint off of old toys and try to Vulcan-mind-meld it onto new ones.

I mean what in the actual the fuck are they doing there, their toys have less paint on them every fucking year, while the price increases sometimes twice in twelve months. They are laughing all the way to the fucking bank in Rhode Island.

power rangers zeo megazord hasbro

On the McFucko McFarlane bandwagon grabbed me the Batman ’66 Bats and Robin, who look lovely but are fucking terrible figures.

Just awful!

Also picked up MK11 Joker, Batman Beyond, Bizarro and Steppenwolf, all of which are pretty decent figures with no real complaints.

mcfarlane batman 66 joker bizarro batman beyond

The new McFarlane Batmobile is cheap useless trash. It doesn’t fit the new figures AT ALL.  I would NEVER buy it!

Luckily the Mrs gifted me the old Mattel-mobile a few years back, so I put these dudes in there and they look great. For once a shit figure works out as I don’t need it to do any sort of poses. They pose as much as a Re-Action figure or Kenner Star Wars figure.

batman mcfarlane 66 in mattel batmobile

Another Kingdom Maximal – my old mate Rhinox. And found on sale were some modern Muppet Babies, I got so distracted (overexcited) when buying Fozzie and Kermit that I totally forget to get the Ms Piggy on the same shelf. Couple more Pokemon with that purple weirdo and Sir Fetch’d – one of the coolest snootiest Pokemon around town.


Amazon actually delivered my Masterverse Battlecat on time despite the ongoing postal issues of Living in Australia and Buying from America that James Brown sure as fuck did not warn us about.

living in australia 800

It’s a giant beast of a figure and I specifically bought it to have the mask off and be cringer. The face sculpt is beautiful, it’s easily the best piece of the MOTU Rev line so far.

battlecat revelations mcfarlane bizarro zeo megazord joker waspinator jla

Yo dog, I heard you like cats on your cat! That face sculpt is just unreal, and the articulated jaw is tops. I’m currently writing my TOP 10 TOYS I bought in 2021 for my blog to be posted in December, and Rev Battlecat is definitely on that list.

cats on your cat rev battle cat shadow panther transformers motu

My MOTU Origins display is due for a shuffle up, for now Rev Cringer lives in the cat corner. I have two of the Origins Battlecat, so he is replacing the other mask off Cringer, which I may move on or trade.

cat corner rev battle cat cringer

Rounding out this months decrepitudes are some sale bargains I picked up online. Gen Selects G2 themed Ramjet, with gaudy colors to simply die for.

gen selects ramjet

And these ranger weirdos, I don’t know who any of them are, what they do and I do not give a fuck. The figures are nice and I just wanted some Sentai style characters to chuck next to some giant robots – and they suit that purpose just fine. I’d give away the alt / human heads to people that want them, but so far I have not found anyone that wants them – and they are damn nice head sculpts that I have no use for.

power rangers legacy collection

On the Legends shelf I busted out some hand ninja and Elektra / Daredevil action.

deadpool daredevil ninjas

I now have three red hand ninjas, I could go a fourth if I find one as they are really cool figures.

daredevil vs kingpin ninjas2

That’s it for this months Hauling of Ass.

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