Another month or so on and it’s time for a Toy Haul post. What treasures await this month?

mirthful march haulage toy batfan transformers multiverse

Straight Outta Gotham it’s some McFarlane DC Metal Batman, Robin and The Drowned figures.

batman metal mcfarlane damian drowned

Also along for the postal ride a couple of the recent Legends Hand Ninja’s. I only ever got one of the Joe Classified red ninja, so made sure to at least get two of these undead idiots to pit against say Wolverine or Deadpool and Daredevil.

marvel legends hand ninja

On the Transformation Train of Success is Earthrise Megatron. Not a bad toy, but not  a great one either.

Earthrise Megatron1

I picked up the Earthrise Megatron with his more fully developed chest, and swapped the heads with SIEGE Megatron. The SIEGE head on the Earthrise body looks great, so he’s my main display dude.

yo megatron

The other is just a spare Megatron to put wherever, but looks surprisingly good in his own right with that head that I did not like at all on his original body.

Earthrise Megatron2 head swap siege megatron transformers

Browsing the local shops I came across this Jazwares Halo Master Chief figure. I had no intention of buying any Halo stuff ever. I have not played a Halo game in ten years, but this figure was quite impressive looking.

halo master chief2

I went back next week and picked one up, and damn he is a really nice figure. He can’t pose for shit, but is a very nice display piece, and at least they made his arms able to come close enough to grip a large gun with two hands and I really like the gold finish on his visor.

halo master chief1

I had the recent Marvel Legends Thanos on order at Amazon, but then when it came time to ship I cancelled it and picked up this half price Old Man Logan set instead. Two figures, two heads, weapons and a hulk baby for the price of ONE normal RRP figure…. yes please!


The box design (now in the recycle bin) is nicely presented and I love the large art on the back.


Sadly, like many a Marvel Legends Wolverine, his claws were all fucked up. This time right in the box. Usually they at least wait until you open them before they go all crooked and then fall out.

claws crooked wolverine

I knew what to expect this around having bought other Legends Wolverine’s. So after losing one of the claws in the carpet for half an hour, and spending an hour re-attaching his completey fallen off foot that was jangling about in the box…that quired sitting in boiling hot water three times – I glued those fucking claws in. And left a spacer/wedge in between overnight to keep them straight and now he looks as he should…. fucking awesome as Old Man Logan who is Too Old For This Shit. He has one of my favorite Legends head sculpts yet that really captures his grizzled world wearly face beautifully.

old man logan MARVEL LEGENDS

A couple more MOTU Origins arrived. Trapjaw was an order from like five months ago and finally arrived. Teela I had ordered twice, but it sold out and then the second time I had no money, so third time around and I got one. Grabbed a second Battlecat for less than retail price, he will be display sans saddle and mask with Price Adam as Cringer, while my other one stays with He-Man. I also picked up Scarecrow from the Primal Age line just as a generic goon to go with my MOTU Origins.

motu origins1

One  more MOTU figure with Roboto this month. He looks great and his waist twist gear cog gimmick is neat.

motu origins 2

On the Cutimals front, picked up a couple more plush cuties, but mainly I got a cheap kit shelf to display them in and assembled it on a slow weekend.

cutimals 2

I’m pretty happy with these guys in their own space. I took them down and cleaned them all as they had gotten quite dusty. Sweep in a Superman inspired costume and Detective Pikachu are my favorites of this lot.

cutimals 3

From one side to the other, I love these Cutimals on display. I took a vertical kit shelf and just turned it on its side. The backing I added hence the different color, but in normal daylight it’s invisible, its just shows up here because of the camera flash. I considered putting wood stain on it, but it would have made it too dark to see in normal light. I’ve already added to this (not pictured) by cutting up and staining some old timber, just as solid blocks to act as risers and that also worked out well.

cutimals 1

And that’s it for the Mirthful March Toy Haul!

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