I’ve loved Transformers pretty much my whole life. Often older fans get accused of “Nostalgia”, but for me nostalgia is looking backwards, I enjoyed Transformers toys when I was a kid, and now as an adult. I tend to enjoy now and look forwards if anything. So the term “Nostalgia” is not really my thing. Well except for that big Nostalgic article I just wrote…

There was never a point where I stopped liking Transformers (the toys and characters) or had to “rediscover them”. It’s the same for me with Batman and TMNT. I’ve liked them pretty much always, and I don’t see that ever changing.

This blog then is a celebration of all things Transformers.

Generation 1 Box Art 2 1280 x 1024

Why “Multiverse”?

Because I want to embrace all fandoms, different generations of toys and the different shows, comics, “Lore” etc.

I’m a Generation 1 fan at heart, but have found something to enjoy in all the toy lines, shows and comics.
For now this blog will focus on my favorite toys from the past and present day. It will also focus on Transformers lore, philosophy and culture.

I’m crazy about the Fall of Cybertron and War for Cyberton video games, so expect a series of articles on those. I also dig the Marvel, Dreamwave and IDW comics, so I’ll be talking about those at some stage, getting into the themes and ideas discussed in those comics. I’ll also be talking about the different sub cultures and fandom of TF Fans.

I also write another blog about Batman over at https://numberonebatfan.wordpress.com/

called BATFAN on BATMAN for over two years now. This blog will be similar to that one, but a bit lighter in tone. I hope you enjoy it. Writing is a long term hobby for me, and has to fit in around other commitments. So posts will be infrequent. Check back every month or so and you’ll find new stuff. You can also subscribe via the thing on the side under my avatar on the right of the screen to get notifications of new articles in your email (or the bottom/ underneath the article on phones and tablet. That’s if you want mad passionate rambling articles about robots, which not all of us do really.

My favourite Transformers are Grimlock, Bulkhead, Omega Supreme and Doublecross.


Bulkhead and Prowl fan art by AilGara http://ailgara.deviantart.com/gallery/