klonoa ps4 pokemon masters clawful sludge anti eternia heman cheshire cat mug

One week into August and it’s time to get up my late JULY Toy Haul. First up a Klonoa two game one disc re-release for PS4, Studio Series Sludge who looks great but is a bit flimsy in person, a random Cheshire Cat coffee mug I found and an older release Pokemon Aerodactyl that I found online but never in stores.


Moving along I found some great Dinos this month with the Hammond Collection Triceratops, Gallimimus I pre-ordered two of, Therizinosaurus, Origins Fisto from old stock online and a vintage non-faded Panda Khan in very nice shape from the Playmates TMNT line I scored on ebay.


Still catching up wth older MOTU Origins figures where possible (hard to come be in Australia, it’s ebay and imports only) found Clawful and Anti-Eternia He-Man for RRP and not the usual inflated prices on ebay. Both figures are to die for.

origins clawful anti eternia heman masters universe-vert

Another old catch up Studio Series Sweep. I have two of the Scourge from last year, now one of the sweep release. Hope to get one more and that will do. I want 2-3 in bot mode, and one in flight mode for display.

Studio Series 86 Sweep transformers

Sitting and shelf warming at the local shops for over a year have been these lovely JADA diecast Optimus Primes. This is the smaller one where they cheaped out with no rear vision mirror. Still would like the big one at some point. So lovely and quite cheap, I may grab a second to keep on the wall in the box.

jada diecast optimu prime 1

Random find during my weekly browse at Kmart was this wooden unicron.. no wait… “UniCORN” cake set. I don’t know what the were smoking when they came up with this one, but it’s lovably daft and I dig it.

wooden rainbow unicorn cake set

Having resisted the wave 1 Masterverse figures, which were mostly awful aside from Skelegod and Cringer – I picked up a wave 2 Teela.  A very lovely figure and super pleased with it.

teela mastersterverse

On the opened up pile this month, reissue Raph. I never knew the weapon rack was a thing as a kid, so they got chucked. I still have my vintage toy and weapons, but I opened this one off my wall to have a go with the weapon rack.

tmnt reissue raph out of package weapon rack-vert

My vintage Raph is on the left (darker green) while the reissue is in that sickly lighter shade of green. Still a nice figure though.

Making space in the tubs, I opened my three pack Cyclops/Jean/Wolverine. The yellow Wolverine has been on my shelf for ages, but the accessories were still in there with other figs, so sorted all those, and opened Archangel and brown costume Wolvy, and put away the many bits that came with that lot.

unboxed men

Went back to my NECA tmnt boxes to fish out the Vernon figure, on the condition that I swap his head and hands into the rat parts. As I have never wanted a Vernon figure, but he came in a two pack with Rat King so might as well lean into it.

rat man1

Dinosaurs on parade. Moved my NECA TMNT from this spot to a shelf, making way for some kick ass Jurassic Parkers and Worlders. Super nice Mattel figures that I am proud to own.


And that’s it for this months toy haul. Well I guess I did get my order for Shredder’s Revenge on PS4 as well, so there’s that. And the Cowabunga PS4/Switch collection release has been bumped up from end of year til end of August.

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