mickey mouse xmas mug1

December is here once again. I’d like to say it’s hotter than the sun here in Perth, but that status is typically reserved for January.

First up is a festive seasonal mug the Mrs found featuring Micket Mouse. WHAT? No, MICKEY Mouse, he doesn’t have rickets for fucks sake.

Next is some Beast Wars 90’s era reissues that I passed on at full RRP earlier in the year (super expensive here) but on sale I said “yes please” as they were more in line with other standard TF price points. Plus the gift card I got may have had something to do with persuading me.

beast wars ressiues 1

Primal, Megatron, Cheetor and Rattrap are very nice reissues. I’ve never owned the originals, but am familiar with them from various review videos and toy galleries, plus seeing them in stores back in the day.

beast wars reissues cheetor rattrap

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’d have to go with Optimus Primal being the stand out toy in both bot and alt mode. Megatron is nice in his dino mode, but his robot made is rather lacking and does not balance well. I can imagine kids back in the day immediately losing half the bits that come with or pop off of Megatron.

megatron dinosaur vs optimus primal gorilla

Picked up a couple of movie Joe ninjas to use as generic goons with say Marvel Legends or whatever. For xmas from the Mrs I got Dinobot Slag and evil future Hulk Maestro, who is not the classic 90’s Maestro, but another future variant from a different timeline in the modern comics who travels to the mainline MCU and fights Old Man Logan. Which is where he will live in my collection.

beast wars reissues 2021 joe maestro slug slag transformers

Grumpier Old Men is the theme here.

logan vs banner1

You can never have too many generic ninjas, so I picked up the sale goons to use with say Daredevil, Wolverine, Deadpool etc.

deadpool vs ninjas boot to face triple1

From ebay I picked up Trans-Metal Rattrap, when I got the reissue ratty boy, thought it would be fun to get  a shot of those two with the Kindgom version. All three have their strengths and weaknesses. The Transmetal one is just epic in alt mode while the vintage reissue has the best robot mode and I love these meeces to pieces.

rat traps comparison

From Popcultcha online I decided to have a go at the Devy Reaction minifigure to chuck on the wall, and it is super nice. I may get some more of the same line.

devastator super 7 minfigure

In the local shops I picked up this Jazwares Articuno figure that has full articulation, a super sturdy stand and the kind of quality deco and style you typically get on the mega Tomy style or Plamo figures. I had no idea the line existed, so far there are four figures in the line and they all look and pose great.

articuno figure jazwares unboxed pokemon

Some more xmas gifts from the Mrs included a Mando Mug, pocket LCD Pac-Man and the McFucko Joker I missed at retail a couple months back.

joker mcfarlane1

Another sale bargain was this Power Rangers Sphinx dude who was like 1/4 the price online. Super nice figure that they totally cheaped out on when it came to the paint, but he’s still fairly nice and super hulk heavy in hand.

mighty morphin king sphinx hasbro figure

Couple more sale bargains, picked up a 2nd and 3rd bird man dude from Power Rangers, and the Mrs got me the Koala and Kangaroo families she knew I was after.

sylvanian families koala kangaroo aussie australian animals

Better late than never, still catching up on this years NECA TMNT releases with Super Shredder 2.0 (diff darker deco) and Chromedome. Both are lovely and freakishly tall heavy figures that I adore.

neca super shredder chrome dome tmnt B

Up at the local shops I picked up some more sale bargains, put them on layby (lay away), sold some shit then picked them up about a week later – being these 3 Jurassic dorks who are very nice toys from Mattel.

The Mrs found me a second Mickey Christmas themed mug, and a Soup Nazi mug from Seinfeld that is yes, real and spectacular.

jurassic park world dinosaur mattel toys mickey mouse mug

That’s it for December, a crazy month of bargains on sale and bonus xmas toys that left me in toy haul overload.

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