TOP 10 MARVEL LEGENDS Head Swaps in my Collection

Some head swaps result from me just randomly tying out different combos, while others I saw online and liked so much I bought another figure just to have the option.

Here then are my personal TOP 10 MARVEL LEGENDS head swaps in my collection so far..


10 Charles Xavier Patrick Stewart head on Black Suit Body

Most of the suit bodies work well with each other, and Charles is truly in charge with this stylish combo.

charles in charge 22


9. Joe Classified Scarlet head on MCU Rescue Body

The Scarlet figure is pretty crummy, but the head makes for a decent comic or movie style Rescue and I’m very pleased with it.



8. Captain Marvel alt movie head on Human Torch Body

This is a random select that I didn’t expect to work, but the transparent flame hair and bland face with glowing eyes make it work.

american skrull and torch


7. Punisher head on a Punisher Body

The War Machine Punisher (middle) works good with the camo painted face head

frank punisher war machine2

frank punisher war machine1


6. Magneto the White body with Movie Magneto McKellen Head

This one I randomly saw on ebay one day and then bought the white deco body the next day. It’s easily one of my favorites.

magneto movie thrree flavors


5. Old Man Hawkeye head on Magneto Comic Body

And if one Old Man Magneto was not enough… I saw someone tried the Old Man Hawkeye head on the comic Magneto body, and it goes down a treat.



4. Punisher 90’s Head on Old Man Hawkeye Body

The Hawkeye body is fairly geneic and suits a variety of heads I tried on it. I left it with my Joe Classifieds with the 90’s style bandana Punisher head.

punisher head old man hawkeye body


3. Matt Murdock Spare Head on Blue Suit Xavier Body

I bought a second blue suited Xavier just to make use of this Murdock head that comes in the animated retro carded armored Daredevil pack. You can put him on just about any suit body really, but I think the blue suits him well.

daredevil dudes2


2. Rhodey 90s Head on Movie War Machine Body

One of my favorites that now lives permanently as part of my comic Legends shelf. That square head look goes great on the bulky War Machine body.

mcu on shelf war machines iron man

war machines 3


1. Venomized Spider-Pig head on 90’s War Machine Body

Topping the list is this out of left field choice. I tried this head on loads of bodies and it just did not work. But when I tried this combo I knew I had found it’s new permanent home.

porkvengers assemble

With the 90’s Rhodey head finding a forever home on the bulky movie body, this War Pig is here to stay along with his pal Peter Porker.

porkvengers assemble44

pig man 1100


Along the way of trying all sorts of swaps you find some unintentional comedy ones, and stuff that just don’t look right.


The McKellen head on Sith body is okay, but his head is WAY too big for the body.


Daredevil movie head on a Joe Classified body is a bit of fun

d sneaky deadpool

Unmasked Fassbender Movie Magneto head on Dr Doom body. The head is a little small without the mask, but I still don’t mind it. It would also work as a fun Doombot if I can pick up a spare Doom. 


First appearance Wolverine head on X-Force Wolverine is some bad comedy.

wolverine head swap

And this one is part of my movie display, but not quite in my top ten as it’s just more guys in suits. Loki on Xavier body, Charlie on Loki TV body.

charles brown suit loki1

That’s it for the the swaperoo game this time around . Hope you found them interesting or got some ideas for your own figures.











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