On this page you will find links to all the Transformers Characters Profiles I have written.

These are my versions of the classic Profiles that traditionally have been found on the back of boxes, in Marvel and Dreamwave comic books and DeviantArt over the years.

They do not appear anywhere else and I have written them based on my personal favorite version of the character, in whatever fiction they may appear in.

So your personal favorite might be something different to what I have written here. They are not meant to be definitive in any way, just an expression of the version of the particular character that meant the most to me.


OMEGA SUPREME PROFILE  – Not Just a Space Taxi

BULKHEAD PROFILE – If we can build it, he can SMASH it


SUPERIOR SOUNDWAVE – Communications and Intel specialist

SCORPONOK PROFILE – The Nigh Unstoppable Mighty Master of Chaos


SHOCKWAVE PROFILE -Resistance is Futile

KNOCK OUT PROFILE – The Handsome Devil and Narcissist by Nature


BIGHORN PROFILE -The Passion and The Fury



MISERY OF THE FLYING SHARK – Sky Byte/Gel Shark Profile