Another month comes to an end putting us smack in the middle of the year. I finally finished paying off these Transformers releases from earlier in the year of Huffer, Inferno and Gen Select Deep Cover. All three are fantastic additions to the line imo.


Also along for the haul from EB Games was the most recent Wolverine in his brown costume.


I was due to pick up a Kingdom Ultra Magnus soonish, but luckily mid year sale time came around and they had loads of him half price at my local shops. But I had no money, having put away Kingdom Commander Rodimus to pay off the day before. I managed to sell a couple quick cheap toys, and BAM! Picked up my Magnus the next day.

kingdom ultra magnus box1

Out of box and Magnus is a very nice toy. Now I’m stuck with having to sell or keep my old SIEGE Magnus.

They are about 90% the same with minor cosmetic differences such as the white inner bot chest and combined clip on head now has the animated style transparent square-eye-sunglasses that go over top of the existing sculpt, and the plastic has a pure white rather than off white finish. Plus none of that damn horrible battle damage paint.

I may end up keeping both and having the white inner bot out, as it’s pretty worthless to try and sell Leader price point Transformers toys second hand, people usually will not pay even half of their value, even if they are complete like new with the box.

siege kingdom ultra magnus transformers 1

New Magnus inner bot next to Siege Magnus and MP Delta Magnus. I like all three a lot. You can never have too many variations of the Prime / Diaclone Convoy / Ultra Magnus designs.

siege kingdom ultra magnus 2

More More More Masters Figures! Hordak and Clamp champ are both excellent. Great colors and stylish as hell in hand. Clamp Champ gets two heads which is nice and the card art is cool. So cool I put Clamp Champ on the wall for now to open on a rainy day.


Better late than never I picked up a Battle Armor Skeletor after missing my previous two amazon orders. He sat for months on pre-order but when it went to ship I had no dollary-doos to cover it so had to pay more elsewhere.


Free of his packaging, Skeletor has a bone to pick with Prince Adam.

motu origins battle armor skeletor bone bike mcfarlane

More comics I’ve read multiple times, but first time owned in print – a couple of Punisher trades. One is a double to send to a friend.


My second Super 7 figure arrived. Jackalman from the much delayed Thundercats line. After being stunned with Bebop, I was expecting more than a cheaply reskinned MOTU classics body, and out of proportion off model effort at Jackalman from Super 7. I’m still torn on whether to get more. There are eight core characters I want in figure form – Lion-O, Tygra, Cheetara, Panthro, Mumm-Ra, Slythe, Jackalman and Monkian.


Don’t care about the annoying kids or side characters. I’ll likely get whatever is available next and then decide whether to continue as Jackalman feels like a cheap piece of crap in hand, not worth half the RRP. The articluation is also ham handed and from last century, meaning you are not getting him into any kind of natural or useful pose. It might as well be a PVC statue.

Also featured in this post, some Ninja Turtle badges from the 80’s that I’ve had since I was a kid, that apparently got left behind in New Zealand and my Dad posted them to me this month. I had no idea they were still there and presumed them lost to time, as I had previously shipped the last of my childhood crap to Australia 7-10 years ago.


Dad sent me a whole box of diecast Batmobiles and chucked these in the side, plus the old TMNT figure profile cards I clipt and kept as a kid that are still in great condition. I’ll do a seperate post as it’s too much crap to cover in depth here.

From an old friend I had not seen in over a decade and needed some space back in his apartment, I picked up a large haul of TMNT Nick era playsets, vehicles and a few odd figures. I kept about 70% of the haul, cleaned everything, and gave a considerable amount of quality stuff to the local non-profit op shop.


Above is small playset for mainline Playmates figures that collapses like a picture book into a Pizza shaped box. Below is the Chinatown playset from the Half Shell Heroes line for younger kids. It’s very nice, if it was for larger figures I would have kept it. There were about ten half shell heroes mini figures, and 5-6 vehicles that I cleaned up and off to the op shop they went.


Somehow in one month I’ve gone from having one of the RISE TMNT Playsets that came out  in 2019 to having three of them. I bought one locally very cheap and 90% complete. Then another one came my way for free from a friend, around 80% complete along with the other playsets I gave to the op-shop.

slimy sewer 1 tmnt playset

The plan is to use the three big sets for a super display somehow, but I have not worked out the logisitics of it yet. I may seperate some parts/levels so they can be like risers on  a shelf and leave the first two sets intact. Below is how the set looks all put together, bit crowded in that corner at the moment with accessory tubs piling up in front.

tmnt ninja turtles rise playset nickelodeon

It was a surprise to see the old TMNT Playmates bio cards from toys I collected as an 8-10 year old kid in the mail. I remember the turtle figures themselves as presents over a Christmas and possibly a birthday. The card art is rather horrific but improved on other later releases.

leo don raph mike tmnt playmates file cards1

These four Slash, Genghis, Fugitoid and Traag were the earlist figures I bought with my own saved up pocket money. Each one was around NZ$15, I got $5 a week, so three weeks saved pocket money meant one figure purchase. But then the stores stopped selling them so I could not get any more.

I also bought Fly Baxter Stockman first as I loved the sculpt of the monsters and mutant weirdos more thant the core Turtle figures themselves. No idea where his card went as I clipped all of them.


That’s it for this month.

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