Another month winds down and it’s time for a toy haul post.

jakked up dudes11

First up is some very cheerful and fun JAKKS video games characters from the Mario and Sonic games.

I love this range, the figures are very simple with some lovely paint and colors and sell at a cheap price but I can rarely find anything at all despite being a mainline retail wave of toys.

At my local shops I picked up my first ever Mego figure, a Wrath of Khan Kirk that is very nice, and a Pokemon Plamo Pikachu kit.

kirk and pikachu'

I’ve never had any Mego anything ever, the posability is nice and the cloth clothing is very well done. I’m very impressed by it.

kirk mego1

I made a second trip back to Fremantle the next week where I found the Mario/Sonic figures and picked up a Boo and a nice discounted castle.


The castle is a cheap facade with nothing at the rear.


Three big pieces of plastic slot together firmly and it’s a nice display piece at a budget price. Sadly it only came with mini-figure of Bowser, and not the others pictured which was available overseas in another set.


It took all of five minutes to assemble, in addition to the castle you get two blocks and a flagpole. The castle comes with some stickers I have yet to open and a flat hanging background that it can be applied to on a wall or shelf with double sided hanging stickers (also included).


In the mail from amazon this month were She-Ra and Zodac. There is still not a single retail release of anything MOTU Origins in Australia – leaving collectors to import it if they want anything at all.


Another older figure turned up at an inflated but not totally unreasonable price – Mr Sinister for my X-Men collection Out of the package She-Ra is surprisingly nice, but the face is a little bland.


On the “been waiting since 2020 for these bastards” train is some more TMNT NECA shit. They look great of course but NECA have terrible quality in their figures so buyer beware. Don’t ever play with them and sure as shit don’t ever feed them after midnight or your house will explode in a fiery inferno of non-durable goods.


Toon based Triceraton two-pack, the Traag / Granitor set and the Triceraton warrior goon with Roadkill Rodney all showed up in the same week. These were supposed to be out 4-6 months ago, and were in the USA but even though I bought through importers they still turned up super late.


I love the deco on these figures, the robots I may or may not keep as a collector mate has a figure he doesn’t want so they may get traded to him as I don’t care about the robot cannon fodder from the mini-series and Konami arcade game.


Watching some more old toons this month I picked up the set #1 of Samurai Pizza Cats from Madman. The image quality is better than the digital files I have on my media tablet and PC, but  being long out of print there are ZERO copies for sale of collection #2 anywhere which rounds out the full run of episodes.

pizza cats dvd

I swore I would not buy any of the new Beast Wars as I’m not a fan of that show or the characters in general. But after six months of not buying any of them and seeing how excellent they were in online reviews, I decided to give them a go.

Transformers kb 1

I was pleasantly surprised at how excellent they are, being some of the nicest modern Transformers available. What also drew me in is that they are in a consistent scale, as in the SIEGE line. So I will likely pick up the core Beast Wars Season 1 characters, and maybe a couple more and ignore any redecos and re-releases.

Transformers kb2

Megatron I have yet to open but Megs, Primal and Cheetor are the most impressive so far to my eyes. I also picked up Air-Razor on the week of its release.

Transformers kb3

I paid off my layby (lay-away) on these Studio Series Movie inspired bots, and they are all very nice. Scourge is perhaps the best of the bunch.

Transformers kb ss 4

Of all the toys released in 2021 there was one item I craved more than any other. Can you guess what it was?


Having never owned any playset of any line as a kid, I never knew what I was missing and didn’t really care a whole lot as I didn’t have enough toys from any figure/character based line to put on a playset anyhow.


But this giant ass plastic green shell in two halves really ties the room together. The colors, design and accessories are great all keeping in the vintage style.


I opened up the box dwellers this month including my second Battle Cat allowing for the display option of Adam with Cringer and He-Man with Battle Cat. I’m in the process of finding or building some risers to open up this display space.


From the old Garygoyles toy line… wait GARGOYLES toy line (sorry about that Gary)  is this red version of Goliath who goes well with the Origins figures.


I also chucked my MOTU 200x Whiplash in there why not.


Merman is one of favorites from this line so far, he has a great look. The Mr Freeze from the Primal Age line goes great in his MOTU inspired incarnation. He just looks like a blue ice Barbarian dude and I love it.


From afar it’s already getting a bit crowded, but with some more risers etc this display will come to life as I add to and change it up in the coming months. No stores have any risers, so I expect it will take months and I will be cutting up some bits of wood with the saw out the back.


Having fun with these goons  the big blue dragon from ZURU goes great in the MOTU Origins line, and my dark Beast from the ML line is riding my Panthor while Skeletor is on the purple Dueback inspired beastie.


I’ve got a Hordak on order next, so hopefully that dude shows up as he is one of my most wanted from the whole line.

skeletor joker beast motu origins mattel funko

That’s it for for this month’s toy haul.

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