First up some cool Masterverse figures with Hordak and Trapjaw

Hordak is nice in his animation deco, but a little lacking compared to the old Classics figure. Trapjaw is a decent figure, but has a weird head and face. I’ve seen some nice prints online with better actual classic heads and would like to get one some day.

The only two Origins figures I have ever found at retail I picked up Rattlor and Kobra Kahn, and I love them. Excellent figures.

Another Origins pick up with Snout Spout who comes with accessories and a second head that mimics his vintage toy water pack gimmick.

Showing off the second vintage toy style head on the right with comic Beast Man on modelling duty.

Next is Masterverse Two Bad. A giant of a figure, taller even than New Eternia Beast Man and a real stand out in the line for me.

Still enjoying my classic 90’s and early 2000’s rasslin’ DVDs and online – The Rock says shut your mouth, and know your role! Classic Rock vs Triple H in a budget combo pack with two decent figs for the price of one.

Another value combo pack I picked up mainly for Booker T a WCW and later WWE fan favorite.

Classic Wrestlemania era Mr T with Hulkamania shirt, boxing style entrance robe, two heads and those bright red tights. Oh, and animation deco Scorption.

Out of package and Mattel’s face scans and sculpts have really improved over the years. Booker has a good face, but weird over painted ghost eyes. While T has a very realistic face and better finer details thanks to innovations in action figure manufacturing that give us more of what the sculpter intended.

From early in the 2000’s there was a very average modern Astro Boy show, PS2 game and a GBA game. And apparently this bed cover and pillowcase that I picked up second hand on ebay for a fair price.

Random buys on ebay picked up the villainess from the original Yatterman (1977) Tatsunoko anime and a boxed set of the softcover Tintin books that is only missing one book – that I already had. Sold the ones I already had – all fifteen of them for almost give away price, as cheaper to buy the box set than get the other 8-10 books I was missing.

Couple years of hoarding my Spidey villains has finally paid off with recent releases. 

Got them out of their tubs and packages and onto the shelf for the first time all together.

Another Jurassic dino for the collection with this wicked red dude. I put my Deadpool figue on his back and he looks cool.

Deadpool and the last Dinosaur. He’s his friend and a whole lot more.

Jada diecast random find at the local shops. Small size delo from BTTFII. I already have the larger version of the car from PART#1 so don’t need another.

At the op shop picked up this miniature Hungry Hungry Hippos McDonalds toys. Goes about right size for some Muppet Babies, Bluey or Sylvanian Families figurines.

More op shops finds with this Hello Kitty, and a vintage Barbie music box. I picked up the box as a gift for a friend.

Last of the month Tsukino Usagi aka Bunhead aka Sailor Moon. They seem to be reissues of older BANDAI cheap plastic statues but minus the circular bases the previous releases had. A shame as they are impossible to stand up without basese like most BANDAI plastic statues. I do love them and have nearly all the Sailor Scouts, but no Chibi Moon yet.

That’s it for this toy haul.



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