Another month claimed by time and I’ve got a new old autobot – one of the three that rhyme. (Wheelie, Jazz, Blaster)

While I’ve had a beat up G1 Blaster since I was a kid, that one was second hand missing its handle, ears and gun to start with. I still loved it and treasure it to this day. Getting a nice shiny reissue with everything pristine is neat and can’t be beat.

blaster reissueOut of the box and I found there is a transformation step I never even knew about.

My old beater one was so floppy it sort of automorphed some of the steps, but with tight new joints there is a whole extension on the shoulder before you rotate that I never even knew about. Mind blown, on a toy I have literally transformererered several hundred times over 30+ years.

A chance restock of MOTU Rise of Evil 2 pack means the kick ass Keldor/Skeletor figure I missed out on earlier in the year is now in my hands. It’s possibly my favorite figure in the line. The other dude I have no interest in so sold off cheap to another collector brudda  from anudda mudda.


I now have three different ORIGINS skeletors and a total of four heads, the Keldor head being the 5th option. The glowy red eyed head and the Johnny Tight Lips one from the battle-armor pack being my favorites.

motu origins skeletor adam heads

Keldor is a bad mofo any day of the week, for now he’s on this bone chopper digging through the ditches and burning through the witches – because for him… it’s Tuesday.

motu origins keldor bone bike

The much delayed OZ stock of NECA Krang – originally due around January this year is FINALLY fucken here. My one was even further delayed due to some mix up with the retailer, so I won’t be shopping at that place again, as it was the same experience last time.

krang box rear neca

I have yet to open it, but will this weekend. The box design and presentation is excellent, showing off the gigantic Krang when he bigged it up and attacked New York like a Kaiju baby sumo android man.

krang iron stark1

The front velcro flap opens to reveal Krang, stupid kid Shredder (blegh!) and Krang’s Android body, a figure I have wanted a modern version of for many years. I missed the unofficial Gokin EX Krang figure – superior in every possible way to this NECA fluff, but I’m grateful to have any version that scales with my other TMNT figures. The original show and Konami arcade TMNT Krang boss battle are still vivid 80s memories for me.


On the Marvel Legends bandwagon I’ve been picking up older releases and bargains. Spider-Gwen I missed earlier in the year and is a lovely figure. Baron Zemo from the TV Falcon/Soldier show appearance is very nice also.


Out of the box and it’s web-slinging villain face punching time for Spider-Gwen. I’ve seen some folks put the unmasked head on the cuckoo X-body, which works great as it mostly matches her school uniform look from the animated movie. If I can find one at RRP I’ll do the same.

spider gwen webbing1

At the local shop till ya drop – they got their obligatory one or two waves per year of ML shit.

Shang Chi and Wenwu look fantastic. Face sculpts, solid clothing and patterns are brilliant. I even recognise the face on the blue/black costume dude from the Infernal Affairs (2002) movie. I found that film really boring, but was impressed with Tony Chiu-Wai Leung. It’s not a bad film I just don’t like most films of that genre. And I do love HK films of all genres.

legends shang chi wenwu

I’ve shuffled about my Marvel Movie shelf as I wanted to get Shang-Chi in there, stylin’ and profilin’

movie legends 1

Picked up Vision and US Agent to complete my wings for Sam Wilson Captain Ameria. Both are nice but I have no use for these so hopefully I can get something back for them. Prices are up already on Legends so it really stings overpaying to get two little bits of wing plastic. Fuck you Hasbro you dodgy cunts for parting out the Sam wings to what 6-7 figures? Fucking re-DICK-ulous. Not that anyone there would ever read my obscure blog, but it needs to be said.

legends usagent vision

Spider-Pig from the Gwen pack has found his new best friend because why not.

Go meta, or go home!

spider pig deadpool

Further over the already crowded movie shelf are some Porkvengers? Re-vengers? Whatever they are they look damn cool.

movie legends 2

Right in the middle Spidey, Shang, Deadpool and other goons from movies what I done watched several times.

movie legends 3

From one side to the other, it’s a bit crowded. Hopefully I can get some flight stands etc and have some more dynamic poses later on, this is just my loose jumble for now, to tinker with  and refine later.


Well that’s it for another month, now back to finishing up my Mighty Mutanimals / TMNT article I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks.  A quick preview you say? … damn it Jim, I’m an internet doctor – not a wordsmith!

Totally not a sneak peak at my next article……

mutanimals preview

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