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Another month on its way to the cosmic abyss, time for a toy haul you can’t dismiss.

First it’s Kingdom Rodimus. Better later than never especically as I picked it up at a sale price. He’s a decent representation of the three modes the rather awful uninspired G1 Rodimus can do, with the usual bells and whistles added.


There is nothing “wrong” with Kingdom Rodimus – he is just adequate. He does the job. Nothing new or exciting. For his modes, other companies and even Hasbro have done better versions in the past.

What would have made this release special to me, would be if the trailer not only does the open in half battle platform thing, but if it came apart like other Magnus and Prime trailers do for a robot super mode. But it don’t. It’s just Super-Boring as a toy. and the transformation has extra steps it in now way needed- as in to up the parts count and justify a Voyager size figure sold in at a Commander Class (aka Huge Jetfire Class) price point. At full price it’s a fucking rip off, on sale its’ JUST okay and better than a leader class in value for the parts, weapons/accessories it comes with.

The previous POTP Rodimus did a half baked super mode, but I hated that combined mode, and was hoping we might see an improvement with a new super mode – NOPE. The trailer is a box, and it opens. That’s it. BORING!

Good for slavish G1 accuracy, sure to make Rodimus fan boys happy, and at least the basic modes it does are adequate and not compromised for another half baked gimmick I guess.

rodimoose2 rear box kingdom transformers

Some DC love with Aquaman for five smackers and Batman White Knight trade – one of the most enjoyable Batman stories in recent years with some stellar art, and its sequel trade Curse of the White Night comes out in a couple months.

Batman White Knight trade softcover1 aquaman bd

Picking up new stock of older Marvel Legends – not sure if reissue – but they popped up at multiple places it’s Ant Man and Wasp. Both are lovely lovely figures and the faces are still pretty decent for slightly older figures. I watched the movie again this week and damn it’s still good fun, if bittersweet.

ant man wasp legends

More Merry Marvel Legends madness as I picked up the BAF Falcon Cap wave to get the damn wings they parted out to 6-7 figures? Extremely shit thing to do Hasbro. Previous releases had a Falcon figure with his damn wings as a single figure. Making the bits BAF is just garbage. 

I was going to boycott the whole wave, but once seeing some in a store, decided I wanted at least 3/4 of the actual figures so got into them. I did some head swap with TV Loki onto the Charles Xavier brown suit, and picked up Magneto the White just to put the alt movie McKellen unmasked head on it, after seeing a picture of exactly that online, and I’m very pleased with it.

combo final ed

Out of the box and Falcon Cap’s wings look decent, are fairly posable with multiple bends in them but sadly pull apart REALLY easily. Not break, just pop apart as they are a very loose friction fit.

falcon cap unboxed1

Another late comer with Miles Morales Spider-Verse in the house, and Predacon Scorponok from the Kingdom line. Both are excellent!

miles and kingdom scorpo

miles spidey1

Never been into Power Rangers of any sort, but I do love super robots and respect both the rangers place in Tokusatsu history, and the new figures are pretty damn nice as stand alone pieces I can put next to some japanese style giant robots.

power ranger blue egon falcon cap odin legends ghostbusters figures1a

Picked up another Ranger, and you know you can always bet on black. Stylish and just iconic to look at – it’s just a marvel legends body with a coat of Ranger paint, but it does the job in a pinch.

p ranger black1a

While toy hunting I always check out the video games and kitchenware sections as you never know what you will find. This month it was these two adorable his and hers style Mickey and Minnie Mouse coffee mugs. They have the large handle which I need for my large hands, so yes I will be using them, they are not for display – but would fit right in with any house of Mouse collectors secret stash.mickey minnie mouse mugs1

Pre-ordered this little baby several months back, and probably the thing I am most excited about this year in printed form. Yes, it’s a brand new English edition of Fist of the North Star / Hokuto.

The book size is *just* slightly bigger than digest, it has a hard cover and GORGEOUS cover design. And it’s CHEAP, no more than a regular manga digest price from VIZ. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hokuto in all it’s forms, but for me the Manga is superior to any of the animated versions and craptacular videogames I’ve played over the decades and I look forward to completing the entire Manga run. VIZ is very reliable with their products, and the quality is ever consistent, so you know you are in good hands – unless well… YOU… are ALREADY dead!

hokuto1 magna viz 2021

Inside it’s the typical black and white out of sight art and story, pages are a tiny bit thicker I think than standard digest, so the paper stock is a step up by maybe 10%. The whole thing is just so damn classy and well made in hand, and I love it. VOL#1 was out a few weeks ago, and VOL#2 ships in another month or so this year.

hokuto3 manga viz 2021 vol1

Coming in just in time for a bad rhyme is Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and Nick Avatar toys from McFucko toys. That’s my affectionate name for them, I like 70% of what they do.

avatar aang appa mcfarlane

The Harley Quinn figure I am so pleased with. In reviews it looked a bit chalky and seamy on the joints – but in hand nothing stands out – it’s just a damn nice looking movie Quinn and the first recipient of my totally just made it up now….


harley quinn toy of the month award mcfarlane toys

I genuinely love this figure. The flash is on for the picture below, the skin tone is more pink and normal looking in hand, she is not chalk white like the old comics version.

harley quinn suicide squad mcfarlane toys red dress 1

The only thing I didn’t care for was the stupid spear weapon she comes with. It’s a piece of junk, so I just went to the accessory tub and gave her an old fashioned six shooter and a big double axe thing instead.

mcfarlane harley quinn suicide squad front back egon odin figure

The only problem with my toy of the month, is that their is ANOTHER……

Coming in at equal shared first place it’s only APPA from Avatar, the most goofy lovable flying Yak you ever did see.SDC17493

It’s mostly a giant chunk of non moving plastic. His tail wiggles about, some turn on the head, the mouth is articulated just like King shark with upper and lower jaw moving, and the mouth opens and closes. But the SCULPT!!! The details are sublime, it’s just such a beautiful piece and it is HUGE. Appa is also from McFarlane Toys. The Aang figure is a piece of cheap crap by comparison.

I knew that going in, but I only wanted him to go with Appa, and for that he does the part. Appa is a vehicle rather than a figure, just think of it that way, and a micro collection of my beloved Avatar with just the three main characters and Appa will go down a treat on the shelf.


The saddle has some holes, so I put a shoelace in for reigns. Later I can replace it with a brown shoelace or some kind of fake leather thing if I can find something cheap and synthetic.

That’s it for this months haulage. 

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