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SHOCKWAVE PROFILE -Resistance is Futile

all_hail_shockwave_by_pinkuh deviantart S.jpg


NAME: Shockwave

FACTION: Decepticons

QUOTE: “Logic dictates that I Shockwave… am Superior to all forms of life”

Cold, calculating, ruthless, logical.

More concerned with conquering the galaxy than any single planet, Shockwave plays the long game, his machinations taking a millenia to reach fruition, while comrades are none the wiser to his duplicitous nature.

If there is any Decepticon with both the strength and determination of Starscream to rule, and the brains and loyatly to the Decepticon cause of Soundwave, then Shockwave is the one CON who could rule them all.

TransformersUniverse Shockwave back cover image.jpg

Using Megatron as much as being used by Megatron, Shockwave reluctantly performs tasks for the Decepticon cause like an obedient dog, because it is logical, and also serves his purposes.

The best seat of power for Shockwave is as an indispensable aid and chief Scientist to Megatron. Along with Soundwave and Starscream, these three Lieutenants help Megatron keep his merciless grip over the Decepticons and any worlds they choose to enslave.

In a power vacuum, Shockwave would not hesitate to step up and take his rightful place as leader. It is after all, only logical. The greater danger however is not Shockwave’s allegiance, but his curiosity to know the secrets of the universe. Not content to merely rule, Shockwave desires to be a techno-god above all natural forces, in domination of the Universe. He seeks ultimate power, no matter the chaos and destruction it causes to organic and metallic life.

“I am the only logical choice to lead the Decepticons”



All Hail Shockwave by Pinkuh https://pinkuh.deviantart.com/

Shockwave from Transformers Universe published by Marvel Comics

Shockwave Profile by Alex Milne



KNOCK OUT PROFILE – The Handsome Devil and Narcissist by Nature

knock out _by_ai_eye deviant art.jpg

NAME: Knock Out

FACTION: Decepticons

QUOTE: “A little torture, a little mayhem, CONS just want to have fun”

Narcissistic by nature, Knock Out is only out for Number 1.

Knock-Out has both a sadistic and a playful side, the two of which seem to mix at his leisure. While aligned with the CONS he is not a loyal patriot, and does care about the Decepticon cause so much as being on the winning team.

Like Starscream, Knock-Out is selfish and his methods ultimately serve only himself, but he will fall in line when a Boss Bot like Optimus or Megatron is around to give him an order or a threat.

While Knock-Out’s hobbies include surgery, torture, driving fast and looking at himself frequently in the mirror – he has no sympathy for his patients. A bedside manner that regularly involves torture and interrogation, Knock-Out uses his surgical skills to extract information, or to patch up battle damaged Cons under orders from Megatron.

knock out transformers prime saw hand.png

Knock-Out enjoys surgery just a little *too* much. He’s a Decepticon that is ultimately selfish and not to be trusted. He’s vain and egotistical  and small minded. He’s a prima donna narcissist more in love with himself and his paint own job, who ultimately cares for nobody, except perhaps his friend Breakdown.

Knock Out’s ability to be two faced or weasel out of something gone wrong he is responsible for is second only to Starscream. In any situation where  something needs cutting, buffing or ironic sarcastic caustic comments, he’s the Con for the job.

“All Surgery and No Torture makes for a Dull Day”

transformers__knock out.jpg


*Knock out by Ai Eye


* Knock-Out saw hand screen grab from Transformers Prime

*Knock Out by Marker Guru / Alex milne


knock out narcissit by nature transformers prime dark energon sword1.jpg



SCORPONOK PROFILE – The Nigh Unstoppable Mighty Master of Chaos

scorponok_by_vzmk2-deviantart Transformers.jpg

NAME: Scorponok

FACTION: Decepticons

QUOTE: “Your life is too trivial to be worthy of my mercy.”


Scorponok has the might and strength of a colossus, the ego and ambition of
Starscream and mad science of Shockwave all rolled into one.

A dangerous foe in any arena, Scorponok is as strong as he is intelligent. Preferring to remain in the background of larger events, Scorponok lets his enemies fight each other, and steps in when the time is right to seize power over the Decepticons.

Not by trial of combat or because it is logical. Beacuse when there is nobody left to oppose him Scorponok simply takes what he believes to be rightfully unopposed. No single Decepticon is able to stand up his strength of character and will.

His will power is second only to Megatron. In combat he is nearly unbeatable, his size reminding any who oppose him of the Titans of old hinted at in Transformers myths and legends.

“I am Scorponok, the mightiest of Decepticons!”

Scorponok Marvel Transformers Comics 1.jpg

Left to his own devices Scorponok is a power hungry mad scientist. Like Shockwave, he seeks power and knowledge for its own sake, to satisfy his own quest for endless evolution and increased strength. Drunk on his own might, Scorponok believes he is superior to all races and forms of life. All life being beneath him, he will not hesitate to torture, kill or experiment on anyone or anything that may lead him to greater knowledge and strength.

Scorponok is truly a monster to be feared. He is most dangerous when lurking in the shadows, observing the larger power plays and struggles between the Decepticons. He strikes without warning, seizing power or killing his fellow Decepticons should the mood inspire him to do so. He is ruthless and amoral, infinitely adaptable and will stop at nothing to succeed in his ever shifting mysterious goals.

“I’ll rip you to pieces with my bare claws, tear your circuits out with my teeth and spit your diodes back at you!”

Zarak (Scorponok) by ~MinohKim on deviantARt.jpg


Scorponok (G1 Headmasters style) by VZMK2


Animation Model Scorponok from Marvel/Sunbow courtesy of TFWIKI http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Scorponok_(G1)

Zarak (Scorponok) by MinohKim on deviantARt





omega_supreme_by_livio27 omegas last stand movie


FACTION: Autobots

QUOTE: “My Destiny is the Ocean of Stars”





One of the loneliest Autobots. A living monolith of existential angst.

Loyal Autobot warrior, last of the Omega Sentinels.

Omega is a war time relic. One of the Guardian Robots of ancient times.

A piece of outdated technology who wears  the scars of battles millions of years long since past on his stoic face.

Omega  speaks in short factual sentence fragments – like orders / commands / binary. Often calculating his responses in certainties and probabilities.

Omega Supreme stands alone, but fights with the Autobots when and if they should they call on him in their darkest hour


Even when outclassed and outmatched against overwhelming odds – Omega Supreme fights with all his spark – his loyalty and courage never in question.

As an Omega Sentinel, he performs his duty wherever he may be stationed.

Often relegated to the status of a giant space taxi, Omega remains ready should the Autobots need him – having forged an uneasy friendship with Optimus Prime.



Gigantic. Strong. Courageous. Logical.

…painfully alone and beautiful.


….not just a legendary name, but  a statement of fact.

On the battlefield Omega has no equal, taking on all comers. Even cons who may be more powerful than him fear his wrath and total commitment.

A fearless titan, a brick, a wall , a literal immovable object, Omega Supreme stands silently – forever watching and observing the stars and his fellow Autobots – as is his unending vigil –  as the last of the known Omega Sentinels, perhaps the last of his kind to survive the ravages of war and time.

Seemingly as old as time itself, Omega’s Autobot comrades appear almost as children to his ever watchful eyes, and he will do everything he can to protect them.

Like the ancient titans of greek myth, who moved heaven and earth and warred with the Gods – Omega Supreme is an unknowable primal force – million of years old- alien and unfathomable to the human mind.

His destiny is truly the Ocean of Stars.

Omega Supreme stands along silent vigil.png



Transformers.Animated. OMEGA SUPREME POWER UP ATTACK BIG.jpg