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COLLECTORS SPOTLIGHT: Transformers Generation 1 to Masterpiece and Everything in Between with Michael Vella from Sydney


M Vella optimus prime.jpg

Q. Who are you, where are you from and what do you collect?

My name is Michael Vella, I’m from Sydney and I collect pre-TF, G1,
Masterpiece, Generations, RID 2001 and Beast era figures.

m vella collection 1

Q. Do you collect anything other than Transformers?

Not particularly. I have a bit of Powers Rangers stuff, bit of Lego, few
Digimon tamagotchis, but really my passion is Transformers.

Q. How does collecting fit with your lifestyle, family, friends etc?

My family and friends have all accepted my obsession with collecting.


m vella collection 8 modern tf

Q. Do you ever go to conventions, are you involved in any social groups or collector clubs etc?

I don’t go to conventions, but I have been to plenty of Transformer meetups which is something I really enjoy. Having a conversation in real life is so much nicer than behind a computer. I am a member of TCCA and former NSW rep. I also admin a group called
Transformers BST Down Under which is going really well so far.

m vella collection 9 combiners

Q. When did you start collecting, and do you remember your first ever Transformer toys? Was it something you bought yourself, or a gift from family etc?

I had a few Transforming toys beforehand, but I want to say I started really collecting around Beast Machines, and my older brother was showing me episodes of G1 around that time as well which is why I love the older series despite those toys not being on shelves when I was a kid. The Commemorative reissues that came out a couple years later were great for me though. I have very vague recollections of G2 toys, but the first Transformers I remember ever buying were Beast Wars Scarem and Air Hammer.

m vella collection 5 diaclone convoy

Q. Do you have any specific collection goals in your lifetime, or any specific “exit strategy” eg a point where you can see yourself stopping?

I’d love to own a Diaclone PC DX set one day, but I can’t see that happening without winning the lotto. Ha! My biggest goal for right now is getting a Milton Bradley red Tracks. I keep saying after this or that I’ll stop collecting or take a break, but I don’t think it will happen for a long time realistically.

m vella collection 2 starscream

Q. Do you have an all time favourite line of Transformers toys, what makes this line so special for you? And what line do you like the least out of everything we have had so far?

My favourite line is easily G1. I find the aesthetic of those vintage toys so wonderful to look at even though they have the articulation of a brick, but there is just a certain charm about them. It’s hard for me to say what I like the least out of all the different lines as I tend to not buy stuff that doesn’t look appealing. I can say that the Titanium line is the worst I’ve actually gotten into, thankfully I no longer own anything from that line.

m vella collection 10 astro train g1 omega supreme

Q. Favourite Transformer characters and favourite Transformers toys? 

Favourite characters are G1 Bumblebee, G1 Starscream and Beast Wars Blackarachnia. One of my favourite toys is the G1 Bumblebee mold of which I have a few variations, I think it’s well designed for it’s era and fun. My most favourite toy above all is my Diaclone Powered Convoy as that is something I have wanted for a very long time.

m vella collection 3 minibots and prime

Q. Of all the Transformers fiction out there, what is your favourite?

In terms of fiction I have to say Beast Wars is incredibly well written and put together for its time. I do love the G1 toys more than BW toys, but the BW show beats G1 show quite easily.

m vella collection 6 mechabot 1 mp valkyrie

Q. What would you like to see for the foreseeable future of the brand eg more toys, comics, cartoons, films, games, media etc? And what would you like NOT to see for the brand?

This answer may be odd as I feel we aren’t getting enough G1 Masterpeices quick enough, but in terms of Generations I am starting to want something a bit different than the same G1 characters over and over. After POTP finishes I would like to give Generations collecting a break unless they heavily focus on other eras like BW or RID 2001.

m vella collection 7 RID 2001

Q. Any unique, rare or special items in your collection?

Yeah I have a few rarities. At the moment I’m focusing on Prime variants
and I collect pre-TF as mentioned previously. I’d say my rarest figures
are Diaclone blue Fairlady and G2 Breakdown.

m vella collection 4 max g2 stunticon


rid ruination






omega_supreme_by_livio27 omegas last stand movie


FACTION: Autobots

QUOTE: “My Destiny is the Ocean of Stars”





One of the loneliest Autobots. A living monolith of existential angst.

Loyal Autobot warrior, last of the Omega Sentinels.

Omega is a war time relic. One of the Guardian Robots of ancient times.

A piece of outdated technology who wears  the scars of battles millions of years long since past on his stoic face.

Omega  speaks in short factual sentence fragments – like orders / commands / binary. Often calculating his responses in certainties and probabilities.

Omega Supreme stands alone, but fights with the Autobots when and if they should they call on him in their darkest hour


Even when outclassed and outmatched against overwhelming odds – Omega Supreme fights with all his spark – his loyalty and courage never in question.

As an Omega Sentinel, he performs his duty wherever he may be stationed.

Often relegated to the status of a giant space taxi, Omega remains ready should the Autobots need him – having forged an uneasy friendship with Optimus Prime.



Gigantic. Strong. Courageous. Logical.

…painfully alone and beautiful.


….not just a legendary name, but  a statement of fact.

On the battlefield Omega has no equal, taking on all comers. Even cons who may be more powerful than him fear his wrath and total commitment.

A fearless titan, a brick, a wall , a literal immovable object, Omega Supreme stands silently – forever watching and observing the stars and his fellow Autobots – as is his unending vigil –  as the last of the known Omega Sentinels, perhaps the last of his kind to survive the ravages of war and time.

Seemingly as old as time itself, Omega’s Autobot comrades appear almost as children to his ever watchful eyes, and he will do everything he can to protect them.

Like the ancient titans of greek myth, who moved heaven and earth and warred with the Gods – Omega Supreme is an unknowable primal force – million of years old- alien and unfathomable to the human mind.

His destiny is truly the Ocean of Stars.

Omega Supreme stands along silent vigil.png



Transformers.Animated. OMEGA SUPREME POWER UP ATTACK BIG.jpg