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Ninja Turtles Hand Made Canvas Wall Art

tmnt faces 1

HeyHeyKids! It’s another TMNT find on good old FB Marketplace. This time around the Technodrome it’s some hand made art on canvas mounted on your basic square wood frame.

These radical dudes were about a forty minute drive (one way) from my home, and luckily the person selling them held them for me until I could afford to pay for them. The proportions are rather generous, check out original Playmates line Mikey below for scale.

tmnt art 2

I had no idea where to put these suckers, as I’m out of room in my PC room which is filled with shelves, window on one wall, door on the other so no wall space at all.

tmnt art 3

My Mrs rather kindly suggested they could go in the hallway / entrance to where we live, which has quite a bit of space.

tmnt art 4

I’ll need to go buy an electric drill first, to drill some holes in the brick walls to put in a mount for the TMNT art.

tmnt art 5

When I got the fab four home I could not stop looking at them, they don’t photograph too well but in person they are to die for. I love the simple black and white with colored headbands.

Here is one spot where they may potentially go.

tmnt art 6

I love all four of them and I have no idea why Mikey is yellow, but it does make it unique and interesting. If I had to guess I’d say the paint was a shade darker looking and dried leaving a lighter looking yellow. But who knows, still looks cool.

tmnt faces 2

I can’t wait to get these up, but with not much work on lately will have to wait a month or two until I can afford to pick up an electric drill at the hardware store.



Splinter Albearto package1

Rise up and find those action figures. This time around it’s Splinter the lazy and Albearto the crazy. This version of Master Splinter is a little chubster who looks like he either trained with or ATE the Ancient One

Splinter RISE TMNT Ancient One cannibalism.jpg

The back of the package for Albearto has the old Wave 1 figures on there, with the new Foot Lieutenant and Albearto added on and squished in with the villain product shot.

Splinter Albearto package2

In the show, Splinter is voiced by Eric Bauza who stars in dozens of shows such as the modern Duck Tales, Robots in Disguise 2015, Disney’s The Three Caballeros, Guardians of the Galaxy and Muppet Babies.  Albearto is voiced by Tom Kenny who is also in most of those same shows along with Powerpuff Girls and Ben 10.

Out of the package and these chubby funsters are none too posable, but are full of character and attitude for sure.

Splinter Albearto in hand1

Splinter comes with his walking stick, despite the back of the box mentioning entirely different weapons and Albearto comes with a piece of off pizza and a …. mallet club thing? A rolling pin for pizza? I guess it’s a kitchen utensil of some sort. And of course his hands are freakish metallic claws.

Albearto is a parody of those Chuck E. Cheese old school musical animatronic shows for kids. Those lovable robot things are also famous for malfunctioning and doing weird crazy shit. Like this Duck one that keeps on singing like a champ……..after it’s entire lower jaw falls off. Sorry kids, don’t have too many bad dreams tonight.

chuck e cheese duck.jpg

In Albearto’s RISE TMNT episode, the animatronic bear catches on fire, starts melting – then comes to life with some A.I. tech but due to the fire etc his brain is scrambled making him rather deranged.

His hands are claws as that is the robot bits underneath where his stuffing/clothing has melted off from the fire.

Splinter Albearto in hand2

From the back and Splinter has a decent tail.

Splinter Albearto in hand3

Albearto’s face is disgustingly melty. I can’t help but think the popularity of those Five Nights at Freddy’s merch having something to do with the existence of this character.

Albearto claws close up face

I love those freakish claws and robot arms. He’s like a Melted Bear Terminator.

Albearto claws

With his accessories, that he can hold a bit better than most other figures in this line.

Albearto solo

Splinter’s walking stick has a deadly surprise – pull it out to reveal a hidden blade. Best toy accessory so far if you ask me. It’s really nicely done. How many action movies have I seen a version of this weapon in, very cool.

Hajime 800

Up close with the tubby little chubster. I’m pretty sure he did eat the Ancient One, then went back for seconds.

Splinter face close up

Slice ‘n Dice action Zatoichi style.

splinter weapon 2

Splinter has a really nice sculpt and the cane sword tucks away rather tidily.

splinter weapon

Sweet Jesus Donny, you do not want to be eating that…. pretty sure that’s prop pizza.

Splinter donny group1

Showing off to his older wiser selves (or younger? who knows) with the previous NICK Shredder and the old early 2000’s era Splinter from the long running show and CGI movie.

splinters group 1a

splinters group 1b

Overall, two really nice figures. Pretty happy with them and looking forward to collecting more from the Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Playmates figure line.

splinter Albearto final.jpg



Another Facebook Marketplace find, this one was only about a ten minute drive from my home. I love picking up bargain priced toys people no longer want.

If there is one line of toys that has stayed consistently cheap and fun to collect, it’s the Ninja Turtles toys. From when I was a kid till right now, prices are about the same – average AUD $15 per figure. It’s refreshing when so many other collectibles cost the price of a cheap computer these days.

This lot is a mixed bag of NICK 2012-2017 era TMNT show related toys from various Waves.


I mainly wanted this lot for the villains. I like all of them, but Fishface, Dogpound and Leatherhead are the stand outs here. All three figures are awesome. I also got Rat King, Robot Baxter and Cockroach Terminator. If I bought these loose on ebay, the current prices are at least 5-10 times what I paid for them, proving that many ebay sellers are still dicks.


Check out those Beefacke arms on Dogpound. Fishface is awesome with his weird colors and awkward robo legs. I love it!


The other figures are a bunch of weirdo turtles with various gimmicks. I have no interest in these ones, so may pass them to a thrift store or give away to someone who wants them etc. As usual in these mixed lots, little to no accessories. But at a bargain price, can’t complain about that.


All up I’m super happy with this lot at a bargain price, I spent around twenty dollars to get what would have cost years ago at local retail here around two hundred aussie dollars.



nine hundred dollary doos 700.jpg