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Defender of the Digital Streaming Universe: Playmates 16″ 2018 Legendary Defender Voltron [aka NETFLIX Voltron]

voltron brotthers blog.JPG

So I finally paid off my other big ass super combining robot. He’s an amazing toy (on the left) but I admit the combined mode doesn’t photograph too well.

The 1984 big and boxy one on the right above looks great in photo, his proportions just sing out manly 80’s Voltron. While his Netflix counterpart is more spherical and rounded all over, giving him more depth from the side and back, but from the front looks a little odd.

voltron team shot netlix and voltron 86 playmates 2018 B blue lion

In hand, he actually looks great. I’m super glad I picked up both at the same time. But it took a while to complete as the black lions from both sets were not available at all in my home state, so I ordered them from Amazon USA before they permanently shut down shipping anything to Australia. Those fuckers.

bad kitty climber 400

Good thing I grabbed my TMNT Mega Blox collection earlier this year. If I had not, I would be right royally screwed now with the option to not buy any of them, not to mention it would have been impossible to complete either of these Voltrons, as TRU / Toy’s R Us was one of the very few stores to get the Playmates Voltron toys in, and not only did they sell out in the first week, but the stores have now closed down like the US and UK TRU stores (despite not being related to them debt wise).

bad kitty 5 yoshi voltron gumby.JPG

Anyhow, I’m pissed off about the amazon now being off limits for buying cheap (as in non inflated) comic book trades, action figures and transformers. FUCK YOU AMAZON from down under. We get royally ripped on prices for so many things in Australia, I’d love to be able to shop local, but so many things we don’t get here at all, or if we do they are 2-3 times the normal recommended retail price, and woefully understocked.

Yeah they opened an “OZZIE AMAZON” but fuck me it’s a joke of  store.

1. The shit still ships from the US.

2. Items listed by asshole sellers are the wild west of prices. If you think ebay has gone to shit with scalpers and con-men, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Okay, so the other Voltron is finally assembled and the above rant is done (you could have just skipped to this part….stop complaining….)


The Yellow Lion was the first toy I bought from the line to try out and see what the quality was like. Very happy with him. Poses great, wonderful features, detail etc. He’s got Gumby in his mouth if you missed that last photo above, showing off his spring hinged jaw gimmick.

yellow lion 1

I put the other Lion Limb-bots on layby/lay-away to pay off, then ordered both Black Lions online from Fucksville. By which I mean the store that is now dead to me. Except for digital books I guess? Damn it…….is my Kindle now useless?

The Netflix Voltron aka Legendary Defender toy released in 2018, based on the show that premiered in 2016 and has being going gangbusters ever since, with many seasons of episodes to enjoy. I’ve only watched the first and some of the second seasons. It’s on the backburner while I power through the Japanese Transformers shows and various 70’s/80’s Super Robot Anime. I’ll get to them all eventually, no rush.


I really dig the packaging of both Voltron sets. I was going to take some more pics, but finally chucked the boxes yesterday as they were just taking up too much space. Fortunately I snapped a couple the day I got them home.

voltron netxlflix playmates 2018 red yellow green lion toys combine

The logo, background, brief copy blub on the right, diagram of how they combine and features laid out in a way that is both functional and stylish. It still amazes me how so many modern toys get their packaging dead wrong. Bad fonts, shitty logos, poor color choices, poor color contrast –  not telling you about basic features etc. It’s clearly an afterthought for budgetary reasons, but still sloppy and horrible on many modern toys.

blue lion box art back 1

Yellow Lion photographs real well. Here is the Netflix version with his eighties counterpart and a little yellow Last Knight Squeaks for fun.

Classis Legendary Lion voltron 84 Playmates yellow lion 2018 comparison

Back of the box for the Voltron ’84 version, again shows off he features well, and nice product shot with that classic space-grid I love from Tron / Voltron / Genesis games of the 80’s. The articulation on the Netflix Lions is just great. Compare below how I was able to pose Yellow Lion (left) in a downward slinking posture, like when cats stalk things to kill.

The joints are good quality and he really is quite poseable, while the retro 80s set is the opposite. Big and boxy, nigh-unposeable. I love both for different reasons.

Classis Legendary Lion voltron 84 Playmates yellow lion 2018

Here is the whole team together in their lion modes. The faces look great, but hard to get a decent photo of them due to how bloody big they are.

netflix lion group shot front on1

Side on with Blue and Yellow lion, note how many places the legs can bend.

netflix lions group shot 1

Close up of Black, Green and Red lions front on. The only one that look a bit odd is black lion, as he is just so damn big next to the other in Lion/cat mode. Oh well, the real world has its giant robot cats in many varying sizes I guess.

netflix lions group shot faces up close

The two big ‘n burly bastards together. I love them both. Sheer awesome. Feet are a bit robo-derpy on the Netflix one, but fuck me who stares at robot feet?

voltron brotthers blog

Yellow and Blue make up the legs and have more natural physique / shape to them that mimics real world cats/lions. The Red and Green lion for arms have an elbow joint in their waist, which makes them look a little odd, but not so much that it ruins them or anything. The jaws have a spring gimmick, so you can get them to hold small things if you like.

voltron team shot netlix and voltron 86 playmates 2018 B red lion

The Netflix Voltron team in lion mode in front of their older brother.

voltron team shot netlix and voltron 86 playmates 2018 B sideways

My plan is to have the Netflix set in lion mode on a shelf at some point, as I like them better that way, and the old school version in combined robot mode. Check out Black Lion below, so wicked. Would you mess with him? No way!

voltron team shot netlix and voltron 86 playmates 2018

Well, not too many words here. Great voice gimmicks – 50 phrases in each Black Lion with super crisp audio samples – sturdy strong plastic, cool design and a great budget price. What is not to love? Apparently there was a later release a month or so after these ones as box sets, so be on the lookout for those if you are after any of them. I never saw them, as they were small in number and all sold out again pretty fast like the first lot.

So happy with both of these  sets. So much so that as a non-fan I’ve just finished downloading GOLION to watch on my tablet on weekends with full english subtitles.

netflix voltron shelf22

I highly recommend both sets for kids or adults. If you’re a Chogokin collector, into diecast etc then this is not what you are looking for. But then Chogokin’s are like $500-, $600, this set is more like $150 all up.

netflix voltron shelf11

Great play value, great cartoon aesthetic, awesome voice samples and just look brilliant with other big robots, transformers, or cartoon themed toys in general. Both sets can’t be beat for sheer shelf presence and fun. Kids can even play with them without breaking them in five seconds. How many modern toys can you say that about?


Classis Legendary Lion voltron 84 Playmates 2018 group shot