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Orion Pax and Stealth Bomber Megatron GENERATIONS DELUXE FIGURES

Orion Pax vs Bomber Megatron 800

Megatron and Prime (or young Prime eg Orion Pax) are forever at war. So I figured why not pair these two stylish looking Generations figures together.

Orion Pax is pre-war era robot who later became Optimus Prime. This version of Megatron I tend to call IDW Stealth Bomber Megatron as he made his debuted in the comics as a black bomber plane, before the design was re-appropriated by Hasbro and made into a toy and later still by third party Generation Toy who made an MP style version of this toy.

Both Orion and Megs have exceptional paint and color schemes going on here. And both are rather tiny as they were made during an era when the budget was cut back, making them some of the smallest Deluxe figures we’ve seen.

And yet almost ironically, the paint looks quite lavish compared to toys in recent years. While Megatron lacks in many ways, Orion is the stand out figure when it comes to fantastic articulation, great balance and a fun cohesive transformation and decent cybertronian alt mode.

orion vs megatron

Love those faction logos, so crisp! While Orion poses well in almost any position, sadly Bomber Megs can barely stand up. I had to mess around for several minutes to get him to stand up at all.

orion vs megatron full

Pax has great knee, hip and foot articulation and both toys have nice knee panel-covers so you don’t get unsightly joints staring you in the face. It’s the kind of stuff you see on 3P and official MP figures these days, and it’s hard to forgive the downhill slide of mainline modern figure that have gotten cheaper and simpler over the years.

orion kneeling2

Megatron is a real looker, even if he does lack his purple panel line highlights from the comic art (that were present on the Takara version). It’s not hard to add them in yourself if you have a fine tipped brush or pen etc. Without them he is a bit plain, as the flowing purple energon look was like his lifeblood just isn’t there.

megatron full view

Yep, you can see how the comic art really glows with those highlights.

megatron bomber comic art CROPPED 800.jpg

Back to Orion and while he could have done with a wrist cover panel, otherwise he is a pretty amazing figure.

orion side view close

The sculpting and detail are beautiful, so much personality to these two figures.

orion side close up face

He may lack in highlights, but Megatron is still a classy looking figure overall.

megatron close up front

Orion can bust out just about move you can think of. And he is the one of the most stable deluxes I’ve messed around with. Exceptional balance and joints that are just tight enough to hold a pose, but no so tight as to cause un-necessary wear and tear.

orion kneeling

The waist swivel and hip joints are great, he’s very stable.

orion kick close up middle

I put him at these angles JUST to see if he would tip over. Nope. Poses like a champ.

orion kick 1

Bomber Megatron on the other hand, it took me several minutes to pull this one off. He fell over perhaps 20 times. The thing is, he can’t stand up normally. Topples over. But if you monkey around you can get him into this ridiculous position. And it’s weirdly more stable than just standing in a neutral position. Still – if the wind blows Megs is going down without a fight.

megatron double kick

I have not messed around with these figures for a while. I was surprised to notice that not only does Orion have the knee cover panel, his leg bends in more than one spot and he even has some basic ankle tilts. Not bad for a TF toy released around 2013.

orion close up 2

So why does Megatron look great , but have trouble doing much of anything? It comes back to the nuisance feet and lower legs. They just don’t contact any surface properly. So it throws every thing off, the rest of him is quite stable.

meg sit

Pax comes with two cool guns and a really cool energon axe that I gave to a Sharkticon.

orion close up 1

These guys are beautiful, but really tiny. Here they are with duocon Battletrap

megs orion duocon1

From the back and Orion is relatively tidy, just a gap in that wheel well in his back – while Megatron is hollow just about everywhere, another issue affecting his balance.
back view orion and bomber megatron

I love the clear bit on Orion’s chest, and how the faction logo is just underneath it.

orion waist swivel

His face sculpt is really nice. Classic powder blue prime eyes, darker blue helmet and nice metallic forehead crest and face plate.

face bigger orion.JPG

Some official art that shows off Megatron’s fusion cannon (also seen it referred to as a rail gun) and Orion’s energon axe.

Orion Pax vs Stealth Bomber Megatron.jpg

On to the alt modes. Orion turns into a compact little vehicle that is a little odd, but cool in hand. I assume it’s meant to be Cybertronian.

orion alt mode grid1

Bomber megs looks really cool. As with most Jets etc hard to get a decent picture without a flight stand. Just don’t turn him upside down, it’s rather unsightly, as with most Jet-formers.

Orion megs alt mode1

Next to each other, these guys are great. Both have classy alt modes and nice little details that make them stand out.

Orion megs alt mode2

Legends scale Beachcomber for size shows you just how small but impressive these guy are.

orion megs alt mode 3

Well that’s it. Hope you enjoyed a quick look back at two classy Transformers toys that I really love, flaws and all. One day I might get that Generation Toy Megaton as it really does justice to the original design.




THE MIGHTY MIGHTY MEGATRON – Cyberverse “Whatever It’s Called” Megatron – The Big Grey Evil One

megatron big fucking tank

Yeah, so I think the Transformers Cyberverse line of toys is a big load of old cobblers.

Cheap and nasty!~!

Not for me.

The cartoon also looks rather bland and uneventful.

But then I found this Megatron what turns into a tank in the store……. and I didn’t like it.

cyberverse leader megatron fusion mega shot.JPG

But then I watched a video review and he kind of grew on me (’twas Baltmatrix). So I went back next week and picked it up and it’s pretty cool. I like it. Mind changed, or warped? Both good options.

least shit box art.JPG

Then I ate my hat, because what else do you do when the week before you rubbished the whole line on social media on Transformers FB pages?

batfan007 eats his hat



He’s a rather lovely BEEFCAKE-ATRON, and turns into a hefty tank that would certainly crush my enemies without mercy. In a line up, he looks like Megatron and that’s good enough for me. I’d pick him for villain of the week for sure.

mighty mighty megatrons 4

Manly shoulders, shitty limited articulation, but fuck me he looks mean and would kill you as soon as look at you. His fusion cannon is a fuckload of chunk and that sneering face just says “Don’t mess with me son!”

mighty mighty megatrons cyberverse vs animated leader class
mighty mighty megatrons cyberverse face

The box is rather fetching for once (most modern TF packaging is criminally banal) check out that side profile action. Megs is all leaping into action while a faction logo weirdly hovers above his head and we get the business end of that mighty fusion cannon.

box side cyberverse megatron leader destron destroyer.JPG

Over on the rear of the box, the usual showing of the phallic pink lipstick fusion cannon in tank mode as we’ve come to expect from our glorious despot leader. He’s so manly, *sigh* Optimus is on the back of the box too and seems to have been shrunk down by some sort of shrinking ray. Oh, wait. That’s perspective.

megatron cyberverse leader rear box kill you all.JPG

Rather pink, the old “Fusion Mega Shot” gimmick. The button is on the flipside, it flips back and forth and is in no way phallic by any stretch of the imagination. Please keep jokes about “one more shot” to yourself you damn perverts.

This post is about good clean safe toys for kids like evil alien tanks that used to be guns, and I’ll thank you not to degrade yourself with such demented thoughts that might arise from such imagery as lipstick fusion cannons. I for one would much rather see kids these days driving tanks down the street firing the canon at the neighbors than fucking about with toy guns, those things are dangerous.

megatron cyberverse tank action fusion mega shot gimmick

Cyberverse Megatron is a fun toy, the tank mode rolls like a boss bitch cruising down the interstate crushing the skulls of enemies beneath their heels while laughing with an evil menace. This one is “ultimate class” I call it “Leader” because “ultimate” is fucking stupid, confusing and redundant like a decade ago. The plastic is hefty and this kid-centric toy feels like it might actually stand up to being played with for more than five minutes before it breaks.


He’s large and in charge, costs just a little more than your average Voyager size figure and he has some mighty shelf presence and one of the coolest cyber-tank modes I’ve yet seen. He’s not for everyone, but I’m damn pleased with his merciless if controversial ways. DEATH TO THE AUTOBOTS!