PLAYMATES Nick Era Fishface – TMNT

Of all the NICK era TMNT villain toys, Fishface is upper tier for me. He is such a fun cool design. The bright almost neon colors scream late 80’s/early 90’s gross out toy. Fishface could fit in with vintage TMNT villains or Toxic Crusaders any day.


For a budget priced figure he has some nice sculpted scale details, and a white highlight running under his jawline and down his belly. The robo-legs really look the part.

The Nick era TMNT line really manages to capture the onscreen likeness of the villains very well. The turtles themselves are nice, but very off model to the in show appearance.

I like Fishface a lot, when I found a later wave variant loose on ebay, I picked up the green deco too. I could happily troop build either color as Fishmen, but never found any more of either of them.

Fishface tmnt nick playmates figure green variant2

The green version is mostly identical in sculpt, but he now has black legs, and silver around his chest and wrist bands, with a red rather than yellow eye. It’s a great re-use in my book.

Fishface tmnt nick playmates figure green variant1

In the TMNT 2012-2017 Nick show Xever Montes starts out as a criminal working for Shredder along with Chris Bradford. Both characters as punishment for their perceived failures are mutated by New York crime boss and all around complete bastard The Shredder.

TMNT - S01 E09 - The Gauntlet Fishface Xever Montes1

Bradford gets mutated into a Hulk-like strong dog called Dogpound. Xever meanwhile gets mutated into a fish. He can’t walk on land, being a fish so is confined to a small pond beneath Shredder’s feet.

TMNT - S02 E05 - Mikey Gets Shellacne Fishface and Dogpound1


Later robotics are added and Xever truly becomes Fishface, who can walk with his robot legs, but is still the most pathetic mutant in Shredder’s rogues gallery.

TMNT - S02 E20 - The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto Fishface close up1

As a character design the Fishface toy and show CG model are cool. In contrast the reality of living as  a mutated basically helpless fishman, you can’t help but feel sorry for Xever Montes. At least as a human being he could have left Shredder and done something else after enduring so much physical and psychological abuse from his boss.

TMNT - S02 E20 - The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto Fishface nick grid1 tigerclaw rahzar baxter shredder foot

 As a fishman, Fishface is basically the Shredder’s slave and The shredder openly mocks his now further degraded Lieutenants, who become lower tier villains in subsequent seasons as new characters gain Shredders favor such as Tiger Claw and Karai. Fishface is only one step above Fly Baxter in his pathethicness and routinely is further abused by The Shredder.

The Nick show had a few tie in show based comics from IDW of varying quality. The art was mostly good and the writing was definitely aimed at a younger audience than their later ongoing IDW TMNT title. I like how the shows cast translates from three dimensions to two on the comic page, their designs hold up well.

Fishface tmnt nick idw new adventures1-vert

A lot of the NICK 2012 TMNT show characters were manufactured into different toys that we typically would not see from a Turtles toy line. Lego had the license for a few years, and then later Mega Blox so we got a version of Fishface from each of those companies.

Fishface lego t machine half shell heroes figure toy tmnt nick playmates

Also in the small scale were toys such as the diecast car T-Machines line of vehicles and playsets. Fishface also got a mini-figure in the Heroes in a Half Shell Line aimed at younger children. The character of Fishface was memorable enough to inspire some great fan art such as this lovely piece by Garvals on Deviantart.

Fishface by Garvals Deviant Art TMNT Nick 500



Fishface fan art by Garvals

T-Machines product box image



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