SUPERIOR ATTACK! Ju-Jiang Jet Commander Oversized Superion

superion ju jiang combiner aerialbots transformers bot mode jets 2

Fresh from ebay another big ass combining robot thing. The Aerialbots this time around, a lovely oversized version of the Combiner Wars Aerialbots that combine to form Superion.

This Ju Jiang Jet Commander is a really nice knock off, it’s not just oversized but has some improvements and slight differences to the smaller official toys. Joints are strong and tight, so he can hold a pose, and he comes with all new hands and feet that give him great stability and super-loud clackety-clack ratchets in his feet. I combined him with ease, and the plastic is good quality and stands up to being played with.

superion ju jiang combiner aerialbots transformers bot mode jets 3

Oversized Ju-Jiang Jet Commander Superion arrived here on New Years Eve. I mucked about with the robots out back while sipping on whisky and reading a book on Kindle.

I left those objects in there and fetched Hasbro Brawn so you can get some idea of the oversized scale. There are of course plenty of videos around on this dude with the usual comparisons. This is just a short fun post about a new toy I’m rather enjoying.

superion jet concorde

The Aerialbots arrived in a rather gigantic box full of smaller large boxes. It’s very rare to see any of the knock off packaging here, as most toys like this are sent loose in a smaller box direct from China typically saving $50-100 on shipping/ total price. So it was a bit of a novelty to see all the boxes and inserts.

oversized ko silverbolt sky lynx transformers aerialbot.JPG

The bots are between Voyager and Leader scale, and their cowardly leader Silverbolt is huge and very impressive in his alt mode too, comparable to G1 Sky Lynx’s shuttle mode.

superion ju jiang combiner aerialbots transformers bot mode jets 1

While the deco is rather plain, being mostly plastic with some tidy paint highlights on top of the Jets, I don’t mind the look at all. I like animation style decos, and the bone white plastic with red and black highlights really suits these guys quite well.

superion ju jiang combiner aerialbots transformers bot mode jets 4

The jets all look pretty cool together, although I’m not a fan of things that fly in general.

superion ju jiang combiner aerialbots transformers alt mode jets box.jpg

I really like the robot modes. Sure they are plain – but this is an oversized Combiner Wars toy, I don’t expect lashings of details and paint.

superion ju jiang combiner aerialbots transformers bot mode jets 5

The joints are really solid, meaning you can pose them without falling over or the old FLS – Floppy Legs Syndrome. I quite like how close they are to the animation models.

The minimal colors have a nice contrast with the bone white that really pops in person.

jet superion model animation transformers.jpg

Superion is an odd duck, depending on what art you look at his limbs are constantly swapped around giving him different color contrast. Unlike say Bruticus and Menasor who tend to have the same iconic configurations across most media.

The aerialbots are kind of ho-hum as characters, but I like a good cohesive team and in that sense they are very cool with their flight modes and color schemes. It’s great to have any combiner and any of the Special Teams really, just such a cool concept.

Being a CW combiner you can swap his limbs around a bit, his lower forearms can be rotated to have the tail wing end up as the wrist or the reverse.

superion ju jiang oversized combiner aerialbots transformers multiverse.JPG

His legs can be reversed, but not as standard (which you could do with the official one). due to the new feet, they only fit on one way – which is very secure.

However there is a mod you can do, dis-assemble the feet, reverse a piece inside and then you can have the backwards legs, which give you the G1 look of the toy and cartoon – jet canopies on rear or legs – instead of forward facing as pictured above, but you do lose some of the articulation. I’ll probably do the mod eventually, it’s pretty quick to do.

I’ve added a screen grab here from BensCollectables so you can see the difference.

Overall this is a fantastic large scale combiner at a budget price that goes well with Combiner Wars Devastator – and that is who I will pair him with. You can find Ju-Jiang Superion really cheap currently on ebay, (Dec/Jan 2019) but it has been out for a few months so don’t expect that cheap price to last forever.

aerialbots optimus autobots ride


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