Cyber Battalion Shockwave Bows to no Inferior Lifeform

cyber battalion voyager scale shockwave box1

Cybertron Battalion Shockwave just arrived today and he’s a looker, a rather dapper gent. I’ve been chasing one for about a year with no luck. It was never released in Australia- leaving my only option to buy online from ebay scalpers.

cyber battalion voyager scale shockwave box2

His box has that ever so comforting Generations Logo along with the usual bland stock photography and uninspired ho-hum graphic design.

Open the box up, and he’s bare bones and already staring at you with his malevolent Sauron-like one eye and classic Team Con colors.

cyber battalion voyager scale shockwave box1a

Cyber Battalion toys are a low budget range of toys aimed more at kids, less breakable with their old school thick chunky plastic and are overly simplified.

No knees for example, no waist swivel, in that sense he’s a modern brickformer – and he looks delicious in his grape purple. It’s not like I expect Shockwave to bow down to anyone, so his lost articulation is not  a concern. His flat purple and grey colors give him a lovely cartoon-ish look that I really like.

cyber battalion voyager scale shockwave e

The gravy train for scalpers must have run out of biscuits, as one year on a bunch of Shockwaves turned up all at once… in their boxes on ebay for non-scalper prices around RRP. Shockwave cost me $35 AUD delivered, compared to the previous cheapest option being AUD $60 (not including postage) or the early scalper ones that were listed at AUD $100 (not including postage) when it was first released. At those prices, I said no thanks.

Shockwave is a rather simple toy, he won’t be transformed at all – but will look the part of G1 cartoon-ish looking Cons, with the rest of the my motley crue of mish-mash mostly Voyager Cons.

cyber battalion voyager scale shockwave close up

Poor old Chuggers McChugginton Energon Shockwave has got the boot, and the Cyber Battalion Shockwave shows no mercy, usurping his brothers place in the ranks.

cyber battalion voyager scale shockwave energon 3P comparison

SIEGE / War for Cyberton Shockwave looks decent, but I prefer the cartoon deco of this simpler toy by a longshot. He fits with my Constructicons, Ratbat and Insecticons.

Pretty tempted to get the SIEGE Soundwave however, but I’m still looking for a decent Voyager scale Starscream that I’m happy with.

con crew 333.JPG

Things are still a bit of a mess in the Con ranks, as I’ve been looking for some type of suitable risers for about two years now with no luck. Oh well, fortune favors the patient I guess.




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