BIGHORN PROFILE -The Passion and The Fury

Bighorn Profile Beast Wars Second Transformers Multiverse_1

NAME: Bighorn

FACTION: Cybertrons / Maximals

QUOTE: “Shut it… This is called passion!”


Beast Wars II’s “Bighorn” – a rampaging comical character who gets angry to smash some Destrons, but is kind to his friends and passionate about Squidformer romance.

Bighorn takes a similar role as characters like Grimlock, Bulkhead or Rhinox. He’s a big bruiser who’s always eager for a fight, and his temper is constantly getting him into trouble, often his uncontrollable passionate rage making him the butt of his friends jokes.


Bighorn Profile Beast Wars Second Transformers Multiverse_3

Bighorn is fierce and loyal. While he may look and act like a Bull – his body is that of a North American Bison (covered in hair, as opposed to the smooth Buffalo of Asia and Africa). Never the less, if you mess with this bull tempered Cybertron, you will certainly get the Horns! ??!

In contrast to the bigger budgeted original Beast Wars TV show, the smaller scale Beast Wars II (Beast Wars Second) uses traditional two dimensional animation, a cheerful bright color palette and some lovely backgrounds with lush forests and rivers. It’s a beautiful show, and like RID/Car Robots 2001 – shares various themes, comedy and style of that show with a lot of big laughs and big action. The stories in Beast Wars II are smaller in scale, but no less meaningful or personal, with plenty of character development. Bighorn is given a lot of screen time, and his various sub-stories are both charming and hilarious.

Bighorn Profile Beast Wars Second Transformers Multiverse_2

Bighorns temper tantrums and passion know no bounds, his longing for a space pirate squid Transformer (part of this universes Seacon combiner team) being one of the most hilarious story tangents in the show. Bighorns temper makes him impulsive, wild and unpredictable – but often he is just as much a threat to himself as the Destrons who get in his way. Throwing himself into battle without any plan or common sense, Bighorn is a beast of passion.

Despite his best efforts, his attacks often fail or miss their target. Likewise he is unlucky in love, the object of his passion having no interest in him at all, making his story both comedic and tragic in that we feel a bit sad for him, even while laughing at his antics.

On the rare occasions Bighorn manages to focus on something for more than a few minutes at a time, he can be quite effective and dangerous in battle, but lacks any sort of planning or strategy – literally rushing headlong into just about any situation.

His fellow Maximals value his friendship and curious inquisitive nature. Bighorn doesn’t look at the big picture, but rises to meet each day with unbridled passion and fury, it’s his nature and unlikely to change.

At any moment, Bighorn’s passion and fury may overwhelm, it’s these times that get him into trouble, but he always has the best of intentions and is a good friend to his fellow Cybertrons / Maximals.

Bighorn Profile Beast Wars Second Transformers Multiverse_4







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