Heroic Coca-Cola Transforming Robot courtesy of the Mighty Rob Kindleyside

In today’s world we don’t get enough corporate logos plastered all over our toys. Yes, back in the day the big eighties toy properties were not afraid of a few product tie ins, with Optimus Prime himself being featured in ads for Coca-Cola. Kind of ironic as now we associate him more with “Pepsi Prime”.

In addition to these Heroic Habit Forming Robot product tie ins, Coca-cola also made it’s own changing robot. The “Coca-cola Can Robot” and  a Cherry Coke variant. So lovely!

coke transforming 80s robot cherry the old robots

How would one have squired such a mysterious and magical product placement as this? Why, by drinking Coca-Cola of course. But don’t throw those cans out just yet children of decades past. Spin them around, and you will be find quite a lucrative offer sure to enrich your life and impress your friends.

Send in four can pull rings (as proof of purchase) along with a few Dinero, and you two could be the proud owner of one stocky beefcake robot can.


Below is a picture of the Coca Cola robot’s box and you can see his transformation is very simple and effective. Not to mention stylish.

coke robot transformer instructions the old robots

But let’s get up close and personal with this chubby chubster with some great photos courtesy of Transformers fan and collector Rob Kindleyside. Check out those proportions, that unique style, that brilliant face – this simple little Robo turns out to be quite the looker.

Quicker than you can say onset diabetes, he changes back to his rather lovely cylindrical form. You will never find him…. unless you’re thirsty? Simple, yet effective. About now I know what you are thinking. You’re getting hungry right? Well, we have a solution.

Yes, Robo Rob has prepared some rather tantalizingly delicious vintage Burger-bots. Oh man, my mouth is watering even as I type………….

But watch out, these weirdos have taken on another form. It’s a takeaway Robo-palooza,  always good to enjoy a meal with friends.

But wait, just when our lovable coca-robo was enjoying some friendly company, his deadly Nemesis has turned up. It’s…. PEPSI-PRIME!

Better call for back-up Coca-Robo! Looks like Cherry Coke Robo and his Bodyguard have turned up. Oh you’re in for it now Pepsi-Prime! Their long standing rivalry has been building up to this. Nothing can withstand the mighty power of Coca-Cola Bots combined! (*disclaimer: coca-cola robots do not combine, please do not attempt to combine nor drink these robots. Robots may spontaneously combust or attempt to enslave humanity, please do not resist).

cherry coke robot transformer 1-tile.jpg

It’s a good thing Pepsi-Prime turned tail and ran while soiling himself with oil before their pal Cobot the Droid arrived. He’s so jacked up on sugar and caffeine you never knew what he’s going to do. And he has that evil Cylon eye, so you KNOW he means business


Cobot coca cola robot.jpg


Having once again saved the day from his evil corporate nemesis Pepsi-Prime, Coca Cola Can Robot (or Coke Robo to his friends) takes a limited articulation bow. Bless  you Coca-robo, we salute you and your brave product endorsement!

Disappearing back into his giant glass tower, Coke-Robo transforms and powers down for the night.


coke robot vending machine


*Up close and personal photos of Coca Cola Can Robot were bravely used with permission from collector and all around tops guy Rob Kindleyside

*Additional images (boxed image, Cherry coke and vending machine coke robo) were sourced from one of my favourite websites “The Old Robots”. A fantastic resource on many types of eighties toy robots. Please stop by and browse the amazing galleries with hundreds of images and the odd video of restored robots.


coke themed 80s robots the old robots website



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