LET ME OFF AT THE TOP! Transformers, Ninja Turtles and RON BURGUNDY!

For the last three years or so I’ve focused on collecting Transformers.

Over the last six months I’ve re-focused on collecting some various TMNT toys and figures as well as a select few TF toys.

And my focus is changing again in 2018, away from just toys back to video games, books and other media such as comics (in collected editions).

I might even just finish reading the most stylish autobiography in existence of a fictional TV Anchorman – Mr Ron Burgundy – with help from little Ron – the classiest and sweariest man doll in existence (yes it speaks voice clips from the movies).

The Anchorman doll was a surprise gift from my Mrs one year, he comes with cloth clothing in a Barbie style large box and says many offensive phrases including the infamous “smelly pirate hooker” line. It is one of my favourite toys of all time.

People have often commented when they see him mixing it up with Optimus and other Transformers in pictures shared online “Is that an Anchorman toy?”

Yes…….yes it is San Diego!


There are several reasons for this move away from Transformers toys.

1. I’m out of space, and have storage tubs out the wazoo – not so much a joke as an unfortunate medical condition. I don’t see the point of continuing to collect anything new that just goes straight into a storage tub with no hope of being displayed. I might as well just flush hundred dollar bills down the toilet with a  mad Joker grin on my face.

2. I’ve bought/traded for/acquired the majority of Transformers toys from all of the various lines that I really wanted to get when I started out. Loose G1 Metroplex and Scorponok? Check. CW Combiners, check? Various Unicron Trilogy and pre-cheaped out plastic TF’s, check!

There are more essential Transformers yet to collect – G1 overlord, Power of the Primes Terrorcons, Dinobots and Predacons, a few more 3P Bots – but I’ll likely buy small amounts of new and classic Transformers stretched out over several more years – such as the fantastic Transformers Animated line of toys.

And I’ll wait until I have a display space available for them, rather than forever have not enough shelves and be shoving everything hastily into storage tubs so I can actually move and walk through this room, rather than be surrounded by 5 foot high piles of boxes that threaten to topple me over and end my collecting ways.

Some people’s puzzle box nightmares are hellish, my nightmare is ordinary boxes piled to the ceiling of un-displayed collectibles.. It makes me feel too many box related emotions.


I’m still collecting Transformers comics in trade form, and have a nice space for them so need not fear the dreaded overcrowded syndrome. The Hachette collection will finally give me the full run of 80’s Marvel TFUS and TFUK in nice hardbound volumes.

Admittedly I’ve hastily shoveled some other crap in there too, but it’s just temporary until I segregate the other comics and stuff.

And I still continue to watch the various TF shows, and will have plenty more articles relating to transformers media old, new and Cybertron blue appearing on this blog for the foreseeable future.

I may do some capsule comments and photos of my existing Transformers collection.
Something I did not care to do when I started this blog – preferring to focus on original content, rather than “hey, here’s a fucking bland picture of a toy you can see on literally dozens of other websites”.

So expect hopefully Not Fucking Bland pictures of toys, and more non-reviews. I’m more interested in the media and characters the toys represent than how much fucking plastic they used at the crap factory to make it.

I’ve enjoyed doing brief photos and comments on the Ninja Turtle stuff I’ve collected in recent months, so perhaps will do the same with Transformers, focusing on a toy or two at a time. It will give me a reason to look back over every toy I’ve collected. Still a good few Mega Bloks sets to assemble and talk about. They are quite amazing, I’ve recently acquired the Mega Bloks Technodrome, and it’s a real beast of a toy that I have yet to assemble.


I’m not done with 3P Transformers yet, my most recent one was the Fans Hobby version of Powermaster Prime, who manages to look a lot more like his old design sketches that preceded his G1 PMP toy.

Fans Hobby Powermaster Prime below is gigantonormously HUGE!

I had to make up a new word just to describe him. He’s basically the size of Armada Unicron, and very heavy with a lot of strong robust plastic used in his parts.
He truly feels like the first Powermaster Optimus toy to live up to the “POWER” part of the name, he just embodies this colossal titan like look, he’s a tank on legs really. A Japanese super-robot powered up to his final form in the grand tradition.

The design sketch has Roller transforming into a headmaster. The Fans Hobby version does not do this, but has the Ginrai style transforming chest grill/engine. Other than that, the Fans Hobby version is very faithful to the old design sketch with its incredibly chunky proportions.

Later versions of PMP art for packaging, advertising and the Marvel Comics used the typical toy based art. A shame as it would have been cool to see the above version of Optimus PMP in the Marvel Comics or cartoon instead of the awkward looking illustrated robot we got below.

With my  self-imposed selective restrictions on Transformers toy buying, I’ve been picking up more 80’s and 90’s themed toys . TMNT, Thundercats, Care Bears, Disney Afternoons animation and other stuff.

The contractually obliged picture of gaming related paraphenalia.

A lot of the other stuff I’ve been getting into has a certain TOON aesthetic to it. The Disney Afternoons Uncle Scrooge has to be one of the nicest looking toys I’ve bought in years. It’s small and its cheap, and it’s just stunningly beautiful.

Modern Transformers are fun to mess around with, but often severely lacking aesthetically. If you want premium paint and details, you have to basically buy MP or 3P MP. It’s nice with some of the toys below to get great looking toys that pose well and go together for fun displays – without breaking the bank.

The NECA comic-con set from 2017 themed around the old cartoon is just a jaw dropping big old box of awesome.

Sure the box art is dodgy as fuck, (did somebody break Shredder’s legs…?) but it’s what is inside the damn  box that counts!

Breaking out those lovely lovely detailed NECA TMNT toys was one of the best “toy moments” for me in several years. To finally have a toon style Shredder, and some absolutely brilliant looking pizza loving toon style turtles put the biggest smile of the year on my face.

The other toys that gave me the most joy recently were the big NECA 1990 live action movie based toys. The ones based on the Henson Workshop puppets with Golden Harvest ass-kicking martial artists pulling off crazy flips and jumpkicks – giving us not just silly puppets, but the most realistic looking version of the Ninja Turtles in existence.

Collecting all four of those pricey giant super heavy turtles was something I did not think would happen. I sold old video games, got one as a present for Christmas from the Mrs, and was JUST able to afford all four over several months. Those party loving dudes along with the Disney figures below (Chip and Dale, Darkwing, Scrooge, Baloo) reminded me of what I love about collecting toys. It’s the characters more than any gimmick or slick paint scheme that matter to me.

It’s the lore and the stories, their world, their values and what those characters mean to me in my daily life and to others around the world. Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Mikey, Darkwing Duck – you can’t go wrong with those characters man!

So for upcoming Transformers content, I have several long winded articles about various Transformers fiction that I’ve worked on for over six months, some as long as twelve months – that are long overdue to appear on this blog due to the usual time / work / offline life commitments.

I have two big articles on Megatron coming up, such as the one above, and another one on Marvel Comics / cartoon Megatron and another article on WTF! happened to post-movie Galvatron in S3 of Transformers, when he went from being THIS GUY…

to THIS guy….


S3 Galvatron joins the search party that is going out to look for….himself

If you want the short version of my Galvatron article, here it is in 3 images. But the actual article will have ideas, theories and other bullshit that I totally make up and attempt to justify.

Hmmm what else….
Some more silly lists about fun / odd stuff in the classic Marvel Comics run of Transformers by Budianksy and Furman. An article on Giant City Bots, more articles of me watching complete runs of various Transformers show (Hint: Masterforce, Robots in Disguise 2002, Beast Wars), and an  article on the art of The Notorious Floro Dery.

Also coming along in the near future: an article on Why Starscream can’t seem to Stay Dead, an article on Primus and Unicron (including their convoluted contradictory origins and influences). And some more Q&A’s with various fans / collectors that I very much look forward to reading as well as posting here.

What you won’t be seeing is Bayhem Movie related articles, (unless I talk about a toy). Speaking of the cartoon devil, in a recent explosion fueled announcement, Mikey did reveal the source of all his good ideas…


…If you’ll excuse me I have scotch to drink and a NEWS-TEAM to ASSEMBLE! 😜

This post was brought to you by “Ab-Crunch Motion” and “Lazer Swordology”. If you would like to buy the home version of “Ab Crunch Motion” send $22 Cyber-Bucks to Fuck Off City c/o Cybertron.

NOTE: This version was updated due to un-changeable formatting issues in wordpress of the previous version. I’ll leave the old version up for a while, and then delete it in a month or so, otherwise the folks following the old link will get a “broken link” instead of the blog.


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