Big Vintage Playmates Donnie and some Tricera-Goons

Big Donnie 1.JPG

Today’s Treasure’s in the mail were Big Donnie from a Facebook toy group, and two NICK era Tricera-dudes loose from China. I paid $30 AUD for Donnie (no belt, no weapon) and $5 AUD each for the Triceragoons delivered.

Already had one of the NICK Triceraton figures, but at that price they make for nice cheap henchmen. Or henchcreatues.

mozar and goons.JPG

Would have liked more of the other Triceraton soldier dude from the same older toy line, but they are more expensive and harder to come by than the most recent cheap NICK cartoon one. Plus it makes big Mozar look more imposing so whatever.

tmnt_triceraton soldier 1.jpg

I have no way of getting a replacement Staff weapon for Don, and I bet anyone selling one would overcharge me for sure. So I’m gonna try picking up a piece of cheap dowel at the local hardware store, give it some color then wrap a bit of fabric around it in the middle. I don’t give a crap about original parts or any of that stuff, as long as something looks decent on display I’m happy. I mean if someone wants to sell me a cheap Staff I’ll take it but vintage accessories can be a pain to find loose without the figures.

Now I’m off to get some of that….stuff …what was it again?

Big Donnie 222 the right stuff

Oh yeah, thanks DONNIE!

Coming up soon, mini-post on Big NECA 1/4 scale Leo – if I can fight my way through the boxes and clutter to unboxify him this week. He looks amazing!

big neca leo1 800.JPG


Triceraton Soldier photo image from –

Donnie Right Stuff McWahlburgers image from CBS –


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