MISERY OF THE FLYING SHARK – Sky Byte/Gel Shark Profile

Jaws Torpedo Attack.jpg

NAME: Sky-Byte / Gel Shark

FACTION: Decepticons / Destrons

QUOTE: “I’ve been crushed flat, body and spirit”


Gel Shark is a Destron loyal to Megatron who is always seeking to advance his rank. It’s not his fault that most of his well intentioned plans go to pieces due to his own incompetence.

gel shark seal shark mode.jpg

Accidentally helping out the Autobots/Cybertrons from time to time and his sympathies to humans make him a conflicted character.

Gel-Sharks’s sense of duty is to the Destrons, but his nature is that of a whimsical Haiku spouting protector and nature lover. He’s also a flying shark. And destined to be the butt of everyone’s jokes.

Gel Shark 1.jpg

Gel Shark really just wants to be appreciated and advance his rank the Destrons… or at the very least not get fired. Black Convoy is his main competitor for Megatron’s / Gigatron ‘sNumber Two, and unlike Gel-Shark Black Convoy’s plans usually succeed.

Gel-Shark is timid and incompetent, but now and then he stumbles upon a good idea. More talented at impromptu haiku poetry and saving human lives than mass destruction or combat, Gel-Shark’s choice of career seems dubious.


Quirky, odd, lovable, mischievous, whimsical and a bit a of wastrel. Always the butt of jokes and misfortune in the show, his bad luck seemingly never ends. Despite all these qualities, Gel Shark keeps trying to win favour with the Destrons, his persistence is admirable he best to be good at being bad.

Like Smithers or Starscream, he’s a sniveling under-confident toady who can find no fault in his superiors even when they are clearly to blame for at least some of his never ending misfortune.

gel shark 111.jpg

Gel-Shark somehow keeps a positive cheerful attitude, even when his co-workers basically can’t stand him and his loyal friends are equally as useless as he is in combat.

Despite these qualities, Gel-Shark possesses the whimsy of an artist, he’s better suited to appreciating life and the beauty of mother nature through impromptu songs and Haiku’s than the ways of war. But he does his best for the cause, even if it means disguising himself as a race car, or pretending to be Optimus Prime/ Fire Convoy should the need arise.


How could you three Robo Car Brothers possibly understand my problems?




Gel Shark shark art from official Takara promotional image

Gel Shark Screen Grabs from Robots in Disguise / Car Robots

Gel Shark Haiku fan art by Greg Sepelak https://msipher.deviantart.com/




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