SAY YA PRAYERS TOITLES! – Classic Collection Bebop and Rocksteady (2013)


After many months of hunting around in 2017, I finally found a good non-inflated price for Classic Collection (2013) Bebop and Rocksteady . It was beginning to look like these two could not be had for a sensible price due to asshole sellers on ebay who artificially inflated the after market prices of these two lunkheads for no reason other than greed. There is no shortage of these toys out there, so why over pay for them?

Over the last 8 months or so, I picked up the Classic Collection TMNT toys, and Gokin Shredder last month, a Splinter from the 2007 animated movie toy range, and now Classic Collection Bebop and Rocksteady. They go together pretty well, other than Shredder being a giant – but I kind of like the idea of him being super-shredder thus explaining his giganticism, plus he just looks more threatening towering over the Turtles.


Sadly the Classic Collection only made it to six figures. No April, Splinter or Shredder – making it a really odd sub-set of ninja turtle toys.

I’m still chasing after the Krang GOKIN toy, yet another amazing collectible that has gone crazy on artificially inflated aftermarket prices. He’s the one on the right below in this image from the Virtual Ninja Turtle Museum (a great TMNT toy reference site)

Some wicked pics and a review of Gokin Krang over at Ninja Turtle Virtual Museum if you have not been there, stop making excuses and check out the site.

GOKIN KRANG virtual ninja turtle museum.jpg

While I’m hanging out for that Krang Gokin figure it reminds me that there’s always another carrot dangled two feet in front of you to keep chasing after, it never ends. But right now I’m real happy to finally have one of the all time best action figure incarnations of these two feral mutated morons in my small TMNT collection. Here they are living it up with some of the other lads.

classics bebop and rocksteady arcade.JPG

Like the Ninja Turtle figures in this same line, these guys have loads of points of articulation. They can pull off a good range of actions, but the type of plastic they used in the figures makes them rather stiff, and sometimes it feels like you have to force the joint somewhat to get it to move.

A bit of heat would probably help to temporarily loosen up the most stubborn joints. They kind of go from too stiff (and risk snapping off the arm if you are not gentle) to too soft once you rotate the joint and warm it up, mainly the legs go floppy. Even at the best of the times Bebop and Rocksteady’s legs are floppy, making them top heavy and Topple Worthy, collapsing at the hips and/or mid-section which is damn annoying.

raph and don vs bebop and rockstead classic collection tmnt

The sculpts on the faces are much more modern action style comic book art, than the classic animation look. At first I found this a bit off putting.

raph and don vs bebop and rockstead classic collection tmnt 2

It’s kind of annoying that to date the ONLY animation accurate collectibles for toon Bebop and Rocksteady are expensive non-moving statues or tiny tiny scale Mega Construx.

Rocksteady Foot Ninja TMNT animated mega bloks set on shelf

But once you get a good look at them, they are beautiful beautiful toys – and while this  take may not be for everyone – it’s simply the same two characters we love interpreted by a different artist in a modern style.

BOSS BATTLE 1 bebop and rocksteady shellshocked don

Their clothing however is very close to the cartoon models, and their weapons are based not on the cartoon, but their old original action figures from Playmates.

The weapons while not too exciting, are pretty damn slick. Rocksteady has a large gun and knife – that seems to have grown into a machete (I miss his old laser pistol), while Bebop has a nod to his old weapon, some kind of screw gun thing. Probably has a name on the old original version… let’s see.

TMNT-Bebop_back-1988 tmnt dot com shell drill bebop.jpg

Yup, the “Turtle Shell Drill” that’s pretty disgusting and VERY specific. I lost the weapons and clipped profiles from my old figures years ago, it’s good fun being able to re-read these profiles thanks to the high resolution scans over at

I do miss their old metal looking shields, would have been nice to have those too, but whatever.

If I have a nit-pick with these guys – despite their size and bulk their scale is off in comparison to the turtles. Basically the Turtles are too big standing next to them. Which doesn’t matter too much if you are mainly a fan of the Fred Wolf cartoon turtles. But if you like other versions, where they are consistently smaller in height (like their first appearance in the Mirage comics) then it’s a bit jarring up close.

raph and bebop watching transformers text 800.JPG

But at a distance I don’t really give a fuck. Once on a shelf you don’t really notice too much that up close Mikey is oddly taller than Bebop. The other issue is that despite their articulation, because of their bulk a lot of poses make them topple over, even when on their manhole cover bases, while the Turtles in contrast have some of the issues but are lighter in weight and don’t fall over as much.


That combined with the loose legs on this whole line of figures means if you try to get creative with dynamic poses, they often end up doing the unintentional splits or toppling over backwards as the plastic warms up in your hands or hot weather as it has been here lately, it’s summer now here in Perth. When they are cold, they hold a pose better, but their top heavy nature does make it a bit frustrating.

turtles figures classics vs bebop and rockstead boss fight.jpg

But come on, fist world problems people. Overall these two are fantastic figures, and fit in great in a variety of collections. If you do want smaller turtles, just about any of the mainline NICK turtles will fit with them just fine.

Once Bebop and Rocksteady are set up in a display their minor issues don’t really matter, unless you are nitpicky as fuck and never satisfied with anything and like to complain about every stupid thing under the sun. Hey, we’ve all been there. They are just fucking toys, get over it man.

It’s the kind of nitpicky bullshit I can do without, better to just enjoy awesome toys for what they are, than buy something and spend forever complaining about what it ‘aint’, rather than what it am.

moe wisdom.jpg


Tmnt Musuem Gokin Krang image

Bebop Bio Card – TMNT Ninja Turtles

Moe Syzslac – from The Simpsons



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