Big Apple 3 AM – CITY PIZZA LEGO SET with special TMNT Guests

rocksteady wants a slice of pizza tmnt york.JPG

So I was browsing away the toy aisle in Target this week when a particular toy caught my eye. City Pizza – a basic Lego set consisting of a van, small table, scooter and two lego figures.

LEGO City Pizza set.JPG

Normally I don’t give a crap about LEGO (and I still don’t give a crap about LEGO right now…) but I’ve been getting into these TMNT Mega Bloks / Mega Construx toys lately – for the cool mini-figures more than anything else.

I’ve never bought any of the Mega anything sets before – but as recent posts here will tell you I’ve been on a Ninja Turtle toy buying kick lately.

For $20, I thought what the fuck – take a gamble and see if this van can be re-purposed from boring ass LEGO land and brought into the world of kick-ass TMNT Mega Bloks.

flip out over pizza TMNT lego mega bloks.JPG

It works pretty well , I randomly stuck a big pole on the roof of the van from one of the TMNT sets – and Raph flipped out to get some of that high flying pizza.

Not to be beaten, the pizza chef dude had a go on the gymnast (or ninja stripper) pole and all while holding one of Leo’s Katana’s. He had his helmet on – he’s a professional after all and can’t afford to miss a day of work.

zoo york1.JPG

Raph chills out with the Slice that Satisfies and Rocksteady has a go at being the world’s worst delivery driver. For some reason his customers always pay even when the pizza is cold, late and soggy.

Leo carves up a slice in style – wearing his stupid goofy sunglasses that I can’t help but love. Leo, Rocksteady and his bike (not pictured) come from one of the Out of the Shadows sets, while Raph is the NICK toon version.

zoo york the slice that satisfies.JPG

Later after mucking about with the van and mini-figures in various poses – I added the LEGO stickers to the van. The small bits of pizza and the stickers really stood out on the box – and once applied looked pretty cool. Overall I’m happy with this set re-appropriated as part of one of my new TMNT centric displays.

I showed these sets to my Mrs when she got home from work, she liked the scooter and got pretty agressive with it, and we both had a good laugh really. We tried putting the Lego lady figure (in the drivers seat above) on Rocksteady’s big bike – and she was impressed with the cool LED light up function on Rocksteady’s chopper.

baxster bebop rockstead samurai leo mega bloks construx figtures toys.JPG

The side bits on the van can hinge up and down, and the wheels roll really smoothly. I’ve just got a whole bunch of other Mega Contrux stuff from Amazon this week, and also ordered the Turtle Van / Party Wagon so expect some more of these short muck about posts soon in between more full articles on Transformers.

flip out pizza stickers van tmnt.JPG


Ninja’s totally flip out all the time while being awesome

flip out pizza raph black and white bw.JPG


2 thoughts on “Big Apple 3 AM – CITY PIZZA LEGO SET with special TMNT Guests

    1. Yeah those ones are awesome. While on clearance in loads of place in the US, it’s quite pricey to get them posted here to OZ. But I will likely get that He-Man/Skeletor ones if I can find them at a good bargain price. Thanks for stopping by.


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