TANGENT COLLECTIONS: TMNT Out of the Shadows 11″ Bebop

beboppery small.JPG

Another short post this time with 80’s icon Bebop, in his Out of the Shadows movie 11″ scale figure form.

If you like pork belly, or pork butt – then this is the toy for you. He’s got plenty of both spilling out of his pants, and he ain’t got no shame about letting it all hang out.


A mix of his classic punk rocker look with some Biker elements thrown in there, it’s a really stunning figure, and full of cool details like his Brudda from Anudder Mutant Mudder  – Rocksteady.

rocksteady plus bebop tmnt out of the shadows toysI don’t know what it is about that belly, but it reminds me of Kung-Fu cinema legend Sammo Hung. With the addition of some nunchuks, old porkbelly becomes another Fatty Dragon. He’s just unstoppable, if not his half assed Kung-Fu kicks, his bad breath will kill you for sure.


Like the large scale Rocksteady figure, there is just the right mix of menace, mayhem and mischief to this Bebop figure. He’s part 80’s cartoon goofiness, but with a bit more of the movies realism that makes him more menacing. I think the sculpt is a really nice middle ground that is pleasing to fans new, young old and indifferent.


I could not ask for a nicer large scale toy of my favorite dumb and dumber lunkheads really. I have no interest in expensive statutes, I don’t like model kits and I like to be able to pose my toys in different displays. And for that he’s perfect. 

bebop bling ring crowbar.JPG

The hair, teeth, shades and nose ring are killer, they look great at any angle. Like Rocksteady, Bebop has some leather and metal studs (on his pants rather than vest). A big bling ring, a spiked wrist collar and his weapon of choice is a meaty thick crowbar for smashing ‘dem Toitles shells like a pinata.

The bone necklace is a nice nod to his old school cartoon appearance, while the extended hair down his back shows off his movie likeness, and is closer to some real life Warthogs choices in fashionable back hair and wild mohawks.

pork belly back bebop.JPG


If you want to pull off some half-assed Big-Belly-Kung-Fu- poses like the smaller scale figure, large and in charge Bebop has the same articulation. He can do a near full split, and his legs have a good range of motion, and his pork belly rotates nicely allowing for some dynamic poses, or slovenly ones – the choice is yours.

kung fu bebop 2.JPG

If you’re looking to start a Rocksteady Crew – then look no further – these two mutant mofo’s are full of 80’s style and attitude, mixed in with the Out of the Shadows aesthetic. I just love both of these figures, eventually I’ll have a nice shelf of TMNT only stuff on display and these lads will be taking center stage for sure.

rocksteady crew bebop soundwave blaster tmnt transformers.jpg



Bebop and Rocksteady animation image from http://www.comingsoon.net/article/features/881881-bebop-and-rocksteady

Warthog image courtesy of http://www.nhptv.org/wild/suidae.asp


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