The Transformers Fandom – The Greatest Fans on Earth


The Transformers fandom is filled with a great variety of people from all walks of life.

It’s one of the things I love about connecting with other fans.

It’s also filled with some Grade A Internet Jerks. I don’t mean to be that type of fan, but *sometimes* I am. Part of it is that if I can talk with someone in person, or hell even on something old fashioned like a telephone, people can get the subtlety and nuance of things I may say.

I have a pretty caustic / black sense of humor. So often I’ll say something online and people don’t know I’m joking and get offended or whatever. Emoticons help a little, but it’s a problem that I don’t think is ever going to to away with online communications such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

When you’ve met someone in the “real world”, they tend to understand you better, and then later if you do say some off color remark online, they know you are taking the piss.

Is there a simple solution? Like don’t make any comment ever that might offend, or never make any kind or joke, or don’t communicate with people you don’t really know?

Yeah, that’s a big waste of time in my experience. You can never please all the people all of the time, and really why should ANYONE try and change their personality to suit someone else? It’s a pointless endeavor. How many online things have I been banned from (or removed myself) just for having an opinion on something?

It’s a bit silly. You either get along with people, or you don’t. The folks you become friends with like you fine just how you are, and the ones that want you to change to suit their agenda, are not worth talking to. It’s an unrealistic goal to “get along” with every person you meet in life, and it’s one the most Politically Correct pieces of Bullshit that really irks me, it’s a form of Organised Human Stupidity in my opinion.

Peace Through Tyranny Onslaught Six Metal Industrial kick ass album 500.jpg

We should be “civil” with one another in any medium, but at the same time, you can’t cramp and distort your personality or who you are to suit some club, job, company or whatever. and that means there are folks you are gonna get along with, and folks you are gonna piss off no matter WHAT you do, or how you do it. It ain’t worth losing sleep over.

If your values don’t match those in the group, job or club you are in, then it’s time to move on. Every human being has their core values, and it’s downright ugly to attempt to make someone conform into something that they are not suited to.

I’ve been in jobs that I ultimately had to leave as the values of the company didn’t suit my own. I’ve been part of social groups, clubs, (toys, yoga, martial arts) whatever both around my hobbies or other interests where at some point I had to politely excuse myself and move on.

We all grow and change. Sometimes our values change, sometimes the groups values change, and it can be hard to “let go”. A social group or club can be like a relationship, you hang on to the good bits, even when things are bad and hope they can get better, like they were in them Golden Days. And it can be hard to have the maturity to know what is good for you when folks are all around you are telling you something different.

There’s a time to fight for what matters to you, and there’s a time to move on to places and people that match how you are NOW, rather than how you were a decade ago.

I can think of some job interviews where I got up and walked out the door, and told them flat out that the companies values did not match my own, and that continuing any further would be a waste of my and the interviewers time.

transformers-mark-wahlberg GTFO.jpg

Nobody likes that sort of thing, and some will take offense even when it means you are both better off.

Transformers is a funny thing. Like Batman or Dr Who or Trek Or Wars…. it inspires a certain kind of rabid devotion to the brand, the characters, the mythos and lore. A certain kind of passion and sometimes malice or miscommunication seems to happen frequently online. And I feel that part of it is the medium of online communication itself. And sometimes it’s people talking across each other, not actually communicating, but throwing out bits of information and not really connecting with each other.

If the “content creators” or brand holders do something too different and new the old fans will hate it and those that created it. Do the same thing over and over, and it becomes boring and stale and people will lose interest. Keep everything “pure” to the “original” thing and several decades later no new fan has any chance to catch up.

As a fan of many things I often keep to myself, and only voice my REAL opinion on something if someone asks. Despite appearances to the contrary online, I’m a very private person, you won’t see me at any kind of fan convention or things like that. It’s hard to get me out of the house unless it involves going for a nice walk, to the gym, to get food or go shopping for toys. Most of my old friends are in different countries. That used to be my #1 reason to go anywhere, to see mates. But priorities change.

FightSuperRobotLifeTransformersManga dd.jpg

I’m so mouthy and opinionated that I started doing multiple different blogs on different topics, as a way to satisfy my own curiosity about niche interests like Transformers or Batman or movies or whatever and go deeper than just surface level conversations. I’m always hungry to find out more.

Even then, it’s just my opinion (not fact), and on any given day of the week I might feel a bit different about any particular topic depending on the mood I’m in.

I thought the art style on Transformer Animated and Transformers Prime was horrendously ugly and stupid. Until I watched them all and came to appreciate the genius of those shows. there are still parts of those shows that bug me, but on the whole, I love 90% of what they do.

Rarely do I meet anyone in real life who is interested in the same hobbies etc beyond just “here’s the cool toy of the movie of the thing” and that’s it.

Great, I love the passion. But who made it? Who designed and created it and WHY? What are their values? What are THEIR interests? What else might I enjoy that is similar to this sort of thing? What is the history of the hobby, or the character or the product? etc etc

I’ll finish up this ramble here, as no doubt I have more to say, and will do so in some sort of addendum to this brain fart of a post, but I don’t want you to fall asleep before we get there.


Transforming Fan

Peace Through Tyranny Album cover from Onslaught Six

Marky Mark GTFO image from Transformers: The Last Knight


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