SCORPONOK PROFILE – The Nigh Unstoppable Mighty Master of Chaos

scorponok_by_vzmk2-deviantart Transformers.jpg

NAME: Scorponok

FACTION: Decepticons

QUOTE: “Your life is too trivial to be worthy of my mercy.”


Scorponok has the might and strength of a colossus, the ego and ambition of
Starscream and mad science of Shockwave all rolled into one.

A dangerous foe in any arena, Scorponok is as strong as he is intelligent. Preferring to remain in the background of larger events, Scorponok lets his enemies fight each other, and steps in when the time is right to seize power over the Decepticons.

Not by trial of combat or because it is logical. Beacuse when there is nobody left to oppose him Scorponok simply takes what he believes to be rightfully unopposed. No single Decepticon is able to stand up his strength of character and will.

His will power is second only to Megatron. In combat he is nearly unbeatable, his size reminding any who oppose him of the Titans of old hinted at in Transformers myths and legends.

“I am Scorponok, the mightiest of Decepticons!”

Scorponok Marvel Transformers Comics 1.jpg

Left to his own devices Scorponok is a power hungry mad scientist. Like Shockwave, he seeks power and knowledge for its own sake, to satisfy his own quest for endless evolution and increased strength. Drunk on his own might, Scorponok believes he is superior to all races and forms of life. All life being beneath him, he will not hesitate to torture, kill or experiment on anyone or anything that may lead him to greater knowledge and strength.

Scorponok is truly a monster to be feared. He is most dangerous when lurking in the shadows, observing the larger power plays and struggles between the Decepticons. He strikes without warning, seizing power or killing his fellow Decepticons should the mood inspire him to do so. He is ruthless and amoral, infinitely adaptable and will stop at nothing to succeed in his ever shifting mysterious goals.

“I’ll rip you to pieces with my bare claws, tear your circuits out with my teeth and spit your diodes back at you!”

Zarak (Scorponok) by ~MinohKim on deviantARt.jpg


Scorponok (G1 Headmasters style) by VZMK2

Animation Model Scorponok from Marvel/Sunbow courtesy of TFWIKI

Zarak (Scorponok) by MinohKim on deviantARt




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