BULKHEAD PROFILE – If we can build it, he can SMASH it

Sari and Bulkhead by J_666


NAME: Bulkhead

FACTION: Autobots

QUOTE: “I’m still picking shrapnel out of my backside!”

Loyal, goofy, charming and constantly aware of his clumsiness, Bulkhead has a child like innocent personality. He’s a fierce fighter, but sometimes his own size and strength works against him as he is still learning how to move around in more confined spaces on earth after his days in wide open spaces as a laborer-bot

A wrecking ball unleashed, Bulkhead rushes headlong into battle, with little thought of plan or strategy, if he gets his hand on any of the Cons, look out as he will smash them to smithereens. As a former laborer, Building stuff and Smashing Stuff is all Bulkhead knows how to do. His arm contains a tethered projectile wrecking ball, that comes in hands for smashing buildings of smashing cons, or can also be used as a mace like weapon up close and personal.

Bulkhead is a loyal friend, and often under estimates his own abilities. While seemingly of below average intelligence, he has an almost idiot savant ability when it comes to building space bridges, that even he can’t explain nor understand.

“I’m just good at Space Bridges”

Bulkhead is best friends with Bumblebee and Sari, and they bring out his most playful side, while his mentorship under Prowl brings out his attempts to focus him combat abilities, and use some strategy and smarts in his battles. Bulkhead may be  a bit simple, but his brute strength and giant robo-heart make him an asset to the Autobots, his courage and determination know no bounds.

Bulkhead always supports his Autobot brothers, he has their back on and off the battlefield. Just don’t ask him to do chores around the base if you want the walls to still be standing afterward.

Bulkhead is a fierce fighter who loves smashing stuff, but would probably prefer not to fight at all, and spend more time playing video games with his friends Bumblebee and Sari.

A gentle giant who loves building stuff and smashing Cons, Bulkhead would rather stay at home and laze around, but once he’s on the move, there is no stopping him. Bulkhead has an interest in various creative earth leisure activities such as music and art. While Bulkhead is big, tough and very strong, he has a soft emotional center at his core and a reverence for all forms of life.

“Look Miko, before I became a warrior I was a laborer-construction. I can build stuff, I can break stuff, and that’s it.”

bulkhead_and_grimlock_transformers_animated_by_ailgara- RESIZED
Bulkhead and Grimlock by Ailgara http://ailgara.deviantart.com/gallery/



Sari and Bulkhead (top image) by J-666


Bulkhead and Grimlock (lower image) by Ailgara




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