SUPERIOR SOUNDWAVE – Communications and Intel specialist – Megatron’s Loyal Servant


NAME: Soundwave

FACTION: Decepticons

QUOTE: “Autobots Inferior, Soundwave Superior”

Soundwave is perhaps the most loyal of all Decepticons. Not just loyal to lord Megatron, but to the Decepticon cause. Whoever is in charge, Soundwave is a loyal follower and advisor, the opportunity for Soundwave to lead the Decepticons has risen in some rare stories, but while he will lead in the absence of any truly powerful ruler, his preference as as an advisor, chief aide and intelligence / ops specialist for whatever campaign the Decepticons are waging.



While Soundwave and his cassettes are recon specialists gaining enemy
intelligence by stealth and cunning, when confronted on the battlefield or
one to one, Soundwave is a dangerous and capable combatant.

His hand to hand combat skills and unorthodox arsenal of weapons – including sense shattering sonic sounds and audio amplifications that can bring even the most powerful of Autobots to their knees instantly.

Those who mistake Soundwave as just an intelligence agent, are bound to
fall before his might and Superior skills both on and off the combat field.
That Soundwave is always in the background, appearing to do little or nothing is
part of his modus operandi. Well versed in the are art of Deception, Soundwave
is the prototypical Decepticon. Where others may falter in their beliefs,
attitude, or fall prey to their own ego (such as Starscream), Soundwave is
busy making the Decepticons the best they can be as a true loyalist.

soundwave d.jpg


Soundwaves minibot cassettes appear weak and powerless, but this is part of their deception. Laserbeak and Ravage specialize in stealth and observation, but when cornered can prove just as deadly as Soundwave himself.

Rumble and Frenzy on the other hand are all about total devastation and discombobulation, the terrible two use their pile drivers to shake the ground apart beneath the feet of their enemies, while their ultra-sonic audio output can temporarily cripple all but the most powerful of Autobots. Rumble and Frenzy constantly run their motormouths not just to taunt their enemy, but to further confuse and distract them. Though tiny in size, they are deadly combatants that only a fool would underestimate.

soundwave and cassettes toy art.jpg

Megatron trusts Soundwave like no other Decepticon, and likewise his minion Ravage is also trusted by Megatron implicitly, perhaps more than most other Cons who fall in line due to Megatron’s dominant strength and mercilessness, and less out of personal allegiance to the cause or feelings of friendship toward Megatron. Soundwave and Ravage not only think of Megatron as their leader, but perhaps as their friend, that is – if such a thing as friendship can ever truly exist in the Decepticon ranks, where only the strong and cunning shall survive.

Whoever should ultimately claim leadership of the Decepticons, (Scorponok, Starscream, Shockwave, Thunderwing, or any other pretender to Megatron’s Throne) Soundwave will be there to back up that leadership not with bravado and heroic nonsense, but with a Cybertronian lifetime as VP to the head honcho, with the incomparable time tested skills and intelligence to turn the Decepticons from a group of rag tag outcast rebels into a well oiled engine of pure destruction and domination.

Whether in times of peace or war, expect Soundwave to remain true to his values.

“As you command, Lord Megatron”



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