IRON ASS Iron Hide – The Old War Horse – Prime’s Right Hand Bot


NAME: Ironhide

FACTION: Autobots

QUOTE: “Let’s go already Prime, when are we going to start busting Deceptichops?”

Iron ass Ironhide, the old war dog, the good old Bot, mentor, soldier, friend to all Autobots.

Old ‘Iron Ass’ Ironhide is one tough customer. As Prime’s right hand hand Bot, he’s the go to guy for training new recruits during war time, and a square shoulder to lean on for practical advise in times of crisis.

Ironhide is like the elder brother and mentor to many of the younger Autobots. His hackneyed expressions and battle worn scars, his impatience for actions over words and “never say die” attitude earn him instant respect from all Autobots. Even if his brothers love to make fun of the “old timer” to his face, it’s out of appreciation and love for their elder.

Ironhide is one of the oldest and crankiest soldiers in the Autobot family, seemingly as old as time itself and crankier than a Sharkticon at feeding time. Ironhide always has Prime’s back, and supports the Autobots as a loyal soldier, even when he disagrees with Primes orders or the direction of his brothers.

The first Bot on the battlefield, and the last to leave it – Ironhide is the soldier that all Autobots aspire to be like, or would hope to have at their side, or in command of their unit. Ironhide has seen more dead Cybertronians and and saved more sparks than any Autobot can ever remember.

While seemingly average in intelligence, strength and skill, his combat experience is unparalleled. Ironhide could win most small battles by himself while powering down or about to go into Stasis Lock… with one arm riveted behind his back, and he’d be happy to do it, just as likely to complain his enemies audio sensors into submission as beat them with his bare hands.

A combat veteran who is just as capable in charge of a large or small group of Autobots – Ironhide is at his best when calling the shots as one of Prime’s lieutenants, but even Prime knows to ask advice of old Iron Ass Ironhide in a tricky situation.

“I’m itching to kick some decepticon butt, kick some cans, come on Prime! Let’s go already”

ironhide-transformers-kick ass art by Livio Ramondelli


“Old Man Ironhide” (first image) art pencilled by Guido and colored by Ha-Hee Prime

“Old War Dog” (second image) pencils by Livio Ramondelli


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