KFC Mugen Robo a.k.a Not-Diaclone Microman Perceptor (Black Version)

Mugen Robo john desk 3


My second toy from KFC is “Mugen Robo” a fun little homage to the Micro Change Series Microscope Robo in the Diaclone toy line that was later released and recolored as everybodies favourite nerd scientist Perceptor in Transformers.

KFC also made this same toy in red as a Perceptor look alike. It’s fun to get a cool variant of a toy like this, the original (Diaclone) one is expensive, even the KO versions can be pricey. So I’m pretty happy with this little KFC Mugen Robo bastard.

G1Perceptor_toy vs mugen robo vs micro change microman diaclone

He’s got some sweet light piping in his chest and eyes, and a real mean streak evil look about him, an almost Cylon look to his eyes and his massive rifle and handguns suggest he’s a Robo not to be messed with. You can see above the G1 Perceptor toy in red, the Micro Change toy in glorious black chunk, and the skinnier leaner meaner Mugen Robo to his left.

His articulation is off the planet, and normally I hate that, as it means often toys can’t stand up. I prefer monolithic bricks that can never be toppled vs the modern “let’s put a ball joint on a fucking ball joint on a ball joint just because we can flimsy McTipsy Fallover” Transformer toys.

But unlike some of the super-floppy-loose arthritic joints you get on modern ball-jointed toys, the joints on KFC Mugen Robo are about damn near perfect. You can pose him in just about any position, and he is very stable. No floppy limbs so far. He is similar looking to Generations (CHUG) Perceptor, and when I dig him out I’ll no doubt take some pics of the two together.

For now here is stock shot of the red IDW comics style Mugen Robo and Generations Perceptor together. Yeah, I’m not a fan of the red Mugen Robo at all. He looks lame!

kfc mugen robo red vs generations perceptor

Mugen Robo is a great looking toy with lots of nice little details, check out the highlights on his gun and arms in the below image. I snapped him up on ebay recently when I saw him on sale at a significantly cheaper price than usual. I knew next to nothing about the toy, have not looked at any reviews, I just love the color scheme from the Diaclone / Microchange toy and am keen on a bargain when I see one. I would still like to get G1 Perceptor AND the black Diaclone version as well at some point.

Mugen Robo john desk 1

Mugen Robo likes to kick the day off with a little bad ass cleric style Gun Kata.


Mugen Robo john desk 2


Thanks to Seibertron.com , KFC and Collection DX for the comparison pics to G1 Perceptor, Generations Perceptor and Microchange Microscope Robo. Images copyright their respective owners.





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