KFC DAI Commander Stack – E.A.V.I. Metal DAI Commander Stack a.ka. Diaclone Commander Battle Convoy

eavi metal dai commander stack diaclone colors magnus john 1.JPG

Today I had the pleasure of unboxing KFC’s DAI Stack toy, the Diaclone variant of KFC’s Citizen Stack. I don’t know how these 3rd parties come up with such consistently terrible names for their toys – and I really don’t care – as the EAVI Metal DAI Commander Stack toy is beautiful.

diaclone kfc magnus 1

To buy a vintage Diaclone Convoy – the blue truck cab, with Transforming power suit trailer that would be released in the US as both Ultra Magnus in blue/white and Optimus Prime in red with a new grey trailer would cost a small fortune.

Thanks to collectors like MAZ who write in depth articles about vintage Diaclone toys (and others who photograph then, talk about them, hunt them down etc) over at TF-1.com I can post a picture here so you know which toy I am talking about.

PoweredConvoy1_MAZ TF-1

I would love to own the original Diaclone Magnus/Optimus toy. I used to own the G1 Magnus years ago and really enjoyed that toy. So much so that I will pick up another one, or one of the high end KO’s at some point.

Dai Commander Stack is relatively easy to transform, but I used a Youtube video, as I was not going to risk breaking anything on an expensive toy like this one. Once transformed, I put him on the shelf next to Wei Jiang’s oversized MP-10 Prime, and the RID Magnus/Prime toys that combine together into a super-powered up version of the two brothers (Magnus and Prime are brothers in the RID cartoon).

dai stack KFC head close up.JPG


Dai Commander Stack’s truck cab and trailer mode is decent looking, but not that impressive. Due to the weird spacing of his trailer kibble, you can’t really fit vehicles onto his trailer properly which is disappointing. but the bot mode is all I care about. And he looks lovely. Nice face sculpt, big chunky adjustable shoulders with a clip that holds them in position so they don’t fall down (like every version of Ultra Magnus that has these style of arms)

diaclone kfc magnus 2 SMALL

This is my first toy from KFC, and I’m really pleased with it, the chest, big beefy arms, face details, paint, joints are all top notch. Fan reviews mentioned some issues with the earlier models (as Citizen Stack in Magnus colors) but I’ve had no problems with my Diaclone / Dai Commander toy at all. The joints and hinges are all nice and tight, the paint is lovely and no defects to speak of.

diaclone kfc magnus RESIZED small.JPG

I also ordered KFC Mirrorverse Transistor (a variant of Blaster) and am pretty excited for that toy to arrive, and as I was writing this post KFC Mugen Robo arrived at the door, so will post a few sentences and pics in another post.

Until then here’s a couple more pics of Dai Commander Stack with his IDW style Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus brother from another mother.

*He doesn’t come with anything in his chest, I just put a Titan Master in there for fun. The empty space if for an MP style Matrix. But you have to get your own, Prime don’t share!

*KFC also has an add on pack with alternate heads for Dai Commander and Magnus, you can swap out face plates and give him different expressions, but I am more than happy with the stock head.



diaclone magnus x3 3 grid plus magnus.jpg

*TF-1 Diaclone Powered Convoy image copyright MAZ / TF-1.com



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